eliminate objections in 3 steps

3 Simple Step to Eliminate Objections

Building a big network marketing business is pretty simple if you know how… and a pride-swallowing siege if you don’t.

And… most people don’t… It’s not your fault just like it wasn’t my fault.

It’s tougher, today, than it was for me back in the ’90’s… you got this inter-webbie thing working against you.

Objections Got You Down?
Objections Got You Down?

Actually, the web isn’t working against you… it just is what it is –  a form of communication.   It’s the people communicating on it that are the problem… making it so complicated, then selling you on the idea that there are “secrets” to making a ton of money in MLM.

Add to this the addiction to conference calls and ego and… phew, no wonder most people, who are really trying, are so frustrated.

My KISS? Keep It Smartly Simple

I was never a big fan of “Kiss” defined as  ‘keep it simple stupid ‘…

It’s 3 simple steps, repeated over and over… and over with your teammates so they learn the right way to do the right things right.

  1. Strike Interest
  2. Show ’em your deal
  3. Collect decisions

And, most of us can understand that and begin… but then we hear “objections.”

And… the insanity begins…. trying to learn “how to” overcome objections.

Where in those 3 steps is “overcoming objections”?

This leads “Hard-working Harry” or “Really-Trying Rita” down the path of endless conference calls, searches for secrets, gurus, coaches… and so far away from this simple 3-step plan that it loses them.

How does this happen?

Mostly well-meaning and some so not well-meaning (the tool peddlers) repeating the same answers to “I don’t have the time” …”I don’t have the money” that never worked.

I realized this way back in 1995 at a Super Saturday… listening to the “out of town” expert rallying the troupes with smart-ass answers to eliminate objections that don’t work, and they don’t work for a reason.

That reason is the pathway to success or failure… because I knew back in 1995 why those answers never worked and never will.


I’d really love your thoughts down below….tell me what “objections” you think you run into [we’ll change all that] so I can address it on the webcast for you.

We’ll show you how to get the prospect to close for you, very cool.

No, it won’t be recorded.

Yes, we’ve heard you… I know, I go fast… so we’ve also put a PDF workbook together so you can listen, learn and share.

If you got shut out (capacity 1000) the last time we did this, “How Leaders are Born At Events,” then giddy-up.

Again, let me know what you think below, what you struggle with and then hit this to register for the webcast and get the workbook.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post


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