Is Money a Bad Thing?

It is for new people.


No, not to make it.  It’s the thinking about it that will mess new reps up.

Worse yet is the habit of thinking about the money gets ‘set in stone’ in the subconscious.


The bad habit of thinking about volumes of money gets established.  Ut-Oh.

And you thought thinking of a BIG vision and the BIG money that goes with it was a good thing, eh?

You know, all that ‘why’ chatter.

Money is a bad thing to think about, not in and of itself, but the volume.

In 20 years I’ve noticed the bigger the money need for the vision, the more complicated reps make their initial approach.

Why is that?

We’re All Conditioned

You enroll someone, call her Sally, who makes, say, $35,000 a year on her job.

We make a big mistake.

Too Big Too Soon Is Too Bad

“Why?  Why are you doing this business?”

And then it begins.

Gotta have a BIG dream Sally!   It’s safe to dream again.

You need a BIG why Sally.

The biggest reason people fail is they don’t dream big enough.

Blah-blah-blah…pushing Sally’s why.

We even tell people that is the biggest reason people fail.  No ‘why.’  What a crock.

Anyway, Sally wants you to believe in her so she extends her dream.

And to get all that ‘stuff’, to get the ‘why’ Sally needs to make ‘why’ money, big money.

What’s Wrong With Why?

Bad?  yes.


We’ve got Sally thinking about making 6 figures and that is so far from what she is used to she thinks – rather she believes she has to do something bigger than she is to make that kind of money.

We are all conditioned, for decades, that big money requires something big.  We associate the income with the task, incorrectly, because of what we’ve all been conditioned to believe.

Sally stops being Sally.

Before all the ‘why’ nonsense Sally had no problem telling people about a good Doctor, a good book or a great new recipe.

Sally, like all of us, had been doing network marketing since she was 6 years old.

But, because the ‘volume of money needed’ to meet the ‘why’ is so far out of Sally’s belief level, she stops doing what she’s done since she was 6.

You’ve Got Kids?

Remember when they were about 6?  They’d come home and tell you about a new ice cream shop, pizza place or a new game.

Where’d they get that information?

We’ve All Been Doing It Our Whole Life

Yup, their friends.

And when you brought them to Disney World they couldn’t wait to get to school and tell their friends.

Both of those are network marketing…your kids do it all the time.

You did it too.

You weren’t afraid.  Rejection?  What’s that?  I’m just telling my friend about a new golf course and barbeque sauce.

I don’t even think about it.   It was fun, easy and I did it all the time.  So did you.

So did Sally.  And we turned her into a salesperson.  Good Grief!

Until us ‘well-meaning’ uplines told them they need a big ‘WHY’ and made this bigger than it really is.

Poor Sally, she thinks to make big money she’s got to change.

She forgot how to tell a story to someone that she thought they might benefit from hearing.

Why?  We forgot to tell her that she’s been doing network marketing her whole life.

This network marketing skill will help get Sally, and you, back to basics.   It’s called “How to be a great story teller

It’s a free networking skill that will lead Sally to herself and networking success.

Let me know what you think of it.

In the meantime, relax, you’ve been doing networking your whole life.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


About the Author

  • Mark,

    Here is the image I have in my mind about your training. Most “experts” are bragging that they know the best trail to get over the mountain and down into the land of milk and honey.

    You’re smirking as you stand next to the tunnel entrance.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,

    Tom Doiron

  • Thank you Tom. It is really about people like you carrying the message of ‘common sense.’

    Our passion as networkers is great but occasionaly we are irrational, abandoning, without realizing, we’ve lost our common sense.

    Keep carrying the message as you do so well Tom and thank you for stopping by.

    mark j

  • Hi Mark,

    Your approach is friendly and does not make me feel “how could i be so daft”….Am in Africa and I am dying to make it in MLM! Looking forward to making it big in MLM.

  • Mark….
    mucho appreciado sir ~ thanx aging and again for ALL your info …right on.

  • G’day Mark,
    What you have written about makes so much sense. It sounds silly but it is so simple to remember that we all crawled before we walked. In any profession you don’t start out being the “Big Kahauna”. Plumbers start out as apprentices and brain surgeons start out as interns or residents, all learning the skills necessary for the future. To improve success in network marketing we need to teach our reps the basic skills first.

  • Great blog post. I think some of your rational is why I have never been extremely comfortable with promoting MLM the way I was “taught” LOL. I disagree, just in principle, as I completely understand the stance that you are taking on the “why”. I beleive that we all do need a why, otherwise, most of us would simply refer our friends to our other MLM friends instead of becoming distributors ourselves. I like you don’t think the “why” should be a six figure a month income dream (or even a year for that matter).

    I don’t think I ever really had a why before I started with the company I am with. Probably because the “why” was always presented as some huge amount of money. This is gonna sound corny, but my “why” is simply to help others become healthier. If your “why” doesn’t make you cry, then you really havn’t found it. When I have a customer come to me, hug my neck and thank me for helping them get started on a path that will improve their health with tears in their eyes, I get my “why”.

    I think we all need a why. It just needs to be bigger than the simple monetary crap that most people and companies for that matter are teaching.

    Thanks for listening to my rambling!


  • Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

    The ‘why’ thing can be debated for 1000s of hours….and new peeps need on…..but my experience is to ‘wait’ about 30 days or so before opening up a real {Think and Grow Rich} type of serious, definitive DMP [Definite Major Purpose]…..

    Get them checks, build trust and their vision will go…..BANG, now it’s time.

    We don’t disagree at all…’s the timing we MAY have a different approach. Too much pressure when they first enroll. We teach a DMP class [goals are a waste of time without a DMP] and you’d be shocked at how many weeks it takes to get them to really formulate an authenic DMP and then goals that support the DMP… experience is people dream much better and bigger once they know how to get checks and you are going to be there to support them……try it out with the next 10 you enroll for yourself and others……5 with ‘WHY’ right away and 5 you wait until they’ve got a couple checks. I believe you will see a difference with just that small number.

    Let’s be honest, most people, if you really look at the ‘why’ they write out……create statements that are aimed at getting them back to zero….get rid of bills, meet monthly needs etc……once they get a few checks and hear a few success stories…..the “Why not me?” has some substance behind….they are getting checks, growing and – Ut-Oh….their imagination gets sparked… the DMP/Goals/Why are coming from ‘what may be possible’ not fear and stress.

    In either case, I really appreicate you stopping by and again, thank you for your thoughtful comments.

    mark j

  • BINGO!!

    Walk before we run…..a few steps of success enlarges the idea of what is ‘possible’

    Thanks for checking in Damian

    mark j

  • Mark,

    Ever since I have logged onto Worlds Laziest Networker I have learned SO musch. I have learned “why” I failed over and over. I would talk down to people and I was talking the talk but not seeing any fruit. I would continually be told that my “why” needed to make me cry. I believe now that my “why” needs to make me try and learn the skills needed to help people get what they want….not what I want. I am amazed at how these skills are working. What is even more amazing to me is that many people continue on and on with the same old mantra of “Your why needs to make you cry”…..”You just need to talk to MORE people”….”Every no leads to a yes!” I am so thankful that you have made this available to us! I still want to speak with the minister you had on from either North Carolina or South Carolina. I believe more ministers need to hear his message!

    Thanks Mark!
    Ray Reynolds

  • Fantastic! Thanks Mark, and now learning a few simple skills to ensure success.
    Renae Massey

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