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MLM Local Leads Are Free are better and if you build locally, the distributors last longer.   Let’s face it, our job is to keep them in the business until they see the light.  And converting MLM Local Leads into distributors lets you leverage a key truth in MLM.  What’s that you ask?  Local sponsees last longer.

MLM Local Leads Are Free

I’ve spent enough time expressing the insanity of buying leads, magic systems, and hidden “secrets your upline won’t tell you” the con artists constantly pitch.   By leveraging your fear and inexperience, these “I can make your dreams come true and you won’t have to bother your friends or relatives” hustlers want you to believe there is something going on that will solve all your problems.  They are lying.  And, they are liars.  I’ll spare you the bully-pulpit rap today.

The first truth that we’ve got to deal with is how did we move so far from the simplest, easiest business model that costs virtually nothing to start and run to the complicated waste of time with lead generation, social media, and the internet the make or break factor?

Why are people spending more time promoting generic trainers and their pointless, [don’t get me started], lessons on social media than their own businesses?

How many leads do you really need?

Here’s where it gets a little tricky.

When I came out of retirement [2 years off, I love this business] in 2004 I got my 3 teenage daughters together and invited 3 couples over for pizza and salad.  Told them I was starting a business and needed their help.  I knew … so I shared, they would not do the business so they could relax.  No pitch, no product to sell… just need your help.

One of the wives did not show up so it was Davene, Chelsea, Jackie, Dayna, 2 couples and a guy.   We played a word/name game.

We came up with 337 names and numbers [cell phones have an average of 303 contacts].  I had worked through about 100 names on the list and had sponsored 17 people,   5 were my aunts and uncles and my mom…[who was the best MLM trainer all time].

Local MLM Leads are Free
Only the lead peddlers will debate this… screw them

That group grew to 9767 active reps and by April of 2005 we were in the top 30 of 1,250,000 reps.

How many leads do you really need?

The answer is not many.  And, when you factor in the cost, what is there to even talk about?

Having more people to talk to, free and local… local lasts longer also duplicates faster.  I am actually hearing people whining now about spending more money on membership sites and coaching than on their auto-ship.  Insanity.

We’ve posted the skills here several times to get a “yes” to looking at your business in under 20 seconds with an open mind.

The lack of common sense can only be attributed to sloth, fear, and inexperience… the brain damage done on the internet knows no boundaries.

With 80-90% of the people saying “yes” rejection-free… you don’t need a lot of leads.  You need skills. And, yes, they are free here too.

The Model

It was not that long ago that 400-600 got you into a decent MLM and selling through that order would get the money out that went in and covered the autoship for the upcoming month.

Now we’re got a business with nothing out of pocket and we begin building monthly bonus checks a tad bigger each month.  Never reaching into our pocket again.   That’s the model.   Beautiful and easier today than ever before because of slick packaging of trail-sizes with MLMs.  And if you remember MLM Local Leads are Free you’ll help your team explode this remarkable model.


How’d we pull the leads?

OK folks, we’re going to play a name and word game.  I need some people who would like to pay less in taxes, make more money and feel better… in other words, everyone you know.

Let’s start with the word “house”

Anyone own a house?   Get name of broker

Any rent?  Get name of landlord.   Write the name of the person next to the name of the prospect.

Example, John Smith realtor [Sue Thomas]

OK, I promise I will call them, I give you my word. [repeat this 1 or 2 more times, it is key]

OK… who can think of a word or job associated with a house or the upkeep?

Plumber, Roofer, Electrician, landscaper…etc…

Who knows a plumber

I use Piccolo Plumming.

First name?  Dan

Anyone else know a Dan?

Anyone else know a plumber?

This house thing goes on forever.

Then move to other daily, weekly things.

Dry cleaner… name?  Tom?   Any else know a Tom?   I do, Tom Jackson.   What’s he do?  Insurance sales… anyone know their insurance company?  Car, house, life?

And the list grows and grows.

MLM Local Leads Are Free – The Next Step

When you call these people you’ll get answering machines about 84% of the time,

“Hi John, you know know me… my name is mark j and last week I met with Sue Thomas [that’s why you write down who they were referred by], and I promised Sue I would give you a call.   Here’s my #… [leave it slowly and clearly; we all rush our own number.  It’s a mistake you don’t need to make.

Each people you enroll will cough up 300+/- names and, bingo, you are on a roll.

Once you know MLM Local Leads are Free, convert much higher and lead to an endless flow of 200-300 new leads, you and your team are demonstrating just how cool our business model is.  And, truth be told here… you’ll be a lot happier pulling yourself any from what you hoped was a magical answer [that interwebbie thing], and all that time you wasted going down rat holes in search of success.  It’s right in your backyard… it is not staring at your screen 4 hours day.


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