MLM Leads have become, sadly, an addiction with the inexperienced and the fearful.

And, like all unhealthy addiction, it’s costing millions and losing so much time.  I want to be pissed at the marketers and lead peddlers but I just don’t have it in me.   When common sense goes out the door, so does money and time.

MLM Leads

Read an email today about legends and another dumb mastermind event.   I don’t know all the speakers but two of the 10 were getting credit [including $400,000,000 in sales] that never really happened.   I mean if someone works in lower management at a company that does $400,000,000… how does a guy write advertising copy that implies [fancy way to lie] this guy actually drove the $400,000,000 in sales?

See, I was at that company.  Know the guy.  He loves my wife.  He ran events for the company.  Not a rep, not a distributor…

So how do people get away with counting on people not doing some fact-checking?

Go ahead, take a guess…

Give up?

How do they write the copy so it sounds like he drove $400,000,000 yet is not “lying”?

They are counting on the “hook” hitting the target.

The hook?  In this case?  In MLM today there are 2 big hooks designed to lure the inexperienced or fearful into reaching for their credit card.

  1. Unlimited leads
  2. Sponsor 20+ a month.

Unlimited Leads

Everybody who actually built a successful, self-perpetuating network marketing business knows that only a moron needs “unlimited leads”…

We built six of these to top-tier pay… all from scratch.   The last 5 all off cold/lukewarm lists.  Never needed to contact more than 200 people to have a winning team in place, make lots of money etc…

There are 2 reasons for this.

  1. Practice what works [gets you a yes 90+% of the time] before 9:00 am and after 9:00 pm
  2. Apply what I practiced, made notes, and continued to via practice
mlm leads
Behind every winner? Most of it is practice, the rest of it is work

Still a pet peeve of mine… people simply do not practice.  Blows my mind, really.   But let’s save that for another day and save you and your team some money.

These lead peddlers are really good at hustling your team out of money… and of course, they’ll “train” you a bit… and before you know it you and your team are spending more time on shit that doesn’t really work and promoting their stuff instead of your business!  Ut-oh.

Common Sense

CS #1 If your friends, associates, and relatives did not like what you had to say, why would a total stranger?

I had to learn it is not the “possibility” I was talking to… it was me!

CS #2 If the leads really worked why would they sell “leads” … meaning swap their time for money creating leads that are opposed to swapping time for money!

CS #3 The average person knows 1500 people.   If you know just 15% of the number of people the average person knows, you have more than enough leads to get rich.  In case your up-team didn’t tell you, we bring people in the business so we can get their list.

CS #4 The beauty of this model is I bring you in, get your list and give you the skills.  I demo the skills on your list…. we get in 12-24 out of 100 we call, pretty average.   Of that 12… 6 will play along for awhile.  So we build a list with them, each of them.   At 300 per person [so easy, the average person as 303 contacts in their phone]… that is 1800 leads.. the best leads in the world.  The price?  Free.

List building is a skill… here you go, plenty of MLM leads and all free.

Just one generation of MLM leads?  The 1800 would lead to 80-120 reps… say 40 play for a while.   40 reps times 300 names?  12,000… and you’re seriously thinking about buying leads?  Don’t miss the bigger point here.   Now that you’ve reclaimed your common sense… look at the ads again.   You’ll see the “misdirection” [aka, con-job]… and save you and your teammates a ton of money while actually making money!


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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