MLM Keys and Secrets

Are there MLM keys and secrets to success?


And, absolutely not.

Confused?  Don’t be…

MLM Keys and Secrets to Success

If this is your first time visiting, Mahalo, (it’s how we say thank you here on Kauai).  Long time readers know that our position about “MLM Secrets” is clear and blunt.  There are no secrets in MLM.  Anyone telling you that is a liar.  Period.  Beware of these “pied-pipers of prosperity.”

We’ve all been doing network marketing since we were 4 or 5 years old.  Telling people about things we like or enjoy, [the new pizza place, when Little League sign-ups begin, etc.], is really part of the human experience.

You kid comes home, tells you about a new ice cream shop… you bring the little tyke to the shop and buy a couple of ice creams.  Where’d he find out?  Her friends at school.  Her friend told her about a cool place, she told you… you went and spend some bucks.  That’s network marketing.  And guess what?  You did the same thing too.

We’ve all be doing MLM since we were hanging out with other kids.

Then why is success so elusive? 

8 kids, single Mom, top 1% earner… Don’t use time excuse 🙂

Are there MLM keys and secrets to success?   No secrets and, really, only one key. I hope that clears up the confusion.  Now the one key is nothing I invented and it certainly is nothing new.   Been around since, well, 4000 years at least.

You’ll need some skills that will seem counter-intuitive to what the industry has preached for years.  And you’ll have to let go of the nonsense “that you just have to find the right people”, but without the Key, we’re only going to go so far … and nowhere near both our individual potential and your company’s opportunity.

The Key?   I met Dawn Anderson about 3 years ago.

8 kids (not a typo; e-i-g-h-t)

Single Mom

Financial pressure

Struggling and frustrated with MLM

Wondering if there were MLM keys and secrets that were being kept from here.

And, to make it worse, she’d been drinking the Kool-aid about MLM… *You just have to find the right people *Don’t quit and you’ll succeed *You got to want it bad, blah, blah, blah…

But Dawn had something wonderful going for herself.  She had … HOW        Honesty, Open-mindedness, Willingness

Worked hard to master the Key and today finds herself in the top 1% of network marketing earners… achieved global recognition with her MLM and maintains that success the way all great people, in all ventures, do.   Dawn just keeps giving it away, the Key.


MLM Keys And Secrets

So now you know.  You can join Dawn and about 700 others in the upcoming session this September on a scholarship (you can’t buy it).  Last year we turned about several hundred because each member gets a Certified Guide to help them with this 6-month life changer.

And let me say something about “life-changing” statements.  No one, including us… not companies, not gurus, not products… change people’s lives.  Her success and the changes she made in her mind were done by her.   I guess it’s a pet peeve of mine but the truth be told, no one changes anyone’s life.   Can people set an environment where you’re encouraged to change, shown some methods?  Yes.  But

in the end, we’ve got to do it ourselves, make the effort, repeatedly, to establish new habits.

MLM Keys And Secrets
Lots of Time with the Grandkids

I really love Dawn, magnificent woman, who did the work and knows she’s responsible for the changes within and understands the good fortune is a result of a team that trusted her leadership.  She earned it.

If you’d like early notification about the Master Key Experience, hop on the list and join Dawn and  700 other scholarshipped people from around the world this September.


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MLM Keys And Secrets
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