Blog   MLM Holiday Recruiting is Easy If You Know The Skill


Don’t let it happen…’s all in our head……

How does it get in there?


Instead of a variety of excuses we hear all the other months of the year……we hear the same excuse over and over and over and over.

A lie.

And, unless you know better, you believe the lie.

The same 20%+ come to the table as always with a huge difference.

The difference?

Time and money…..or the lack it… something prospects are never more aware of.

And, the huge difference is…drum roll please…..they are easier to close.



They have had ‘enough’…….the trick is figuring out how to ‘clean-up’ like the pros……

It is a network marketing skill and we explained ‘how to’ during a recent webcast.

No sales pages, pitches or up-selling you stuff……content only.  Get the Holiday networking skill free here.

We appreciate you as readers, contributors and for spreading the word about the content we provide free at the site.

Learn this and be a leader during the next 6 weeks while everyone else makes a massive mistake.

They let prospect determine the growth of their business…..instead of leadership skills.

One thing……I’d like you to leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Oh, yeah…..almost forget…’s a video below so you’ll know ‘how to’ close all those prospects you’ll know how to get once you view the webcast.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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