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MLM Growth seems to be such a mystery.  That’s exactly what the tool peddlers, lead prostitutes and “social media” pros [gimmie a break] want you to feel… like winning at MLM or getting MLM growth is some mystical thing.

Why would that be a good plan?  Confused people don’t commit, they tend to buy “secrets” and “shortcuts” and other such nonsense.  While we all want to get it right, the thing we fear [foolishly, like I did too], is looking bad to others… embarrassing ourselves.


Nothing mysterious about MLM success.  Nope, piece of cake.

I’m going to lay it out for you and exactly what to do over the next 3 months so 2021 becomes a breakout year for you that is beyond your imagination.  Best part?  It’s really easy.

MLM Growth
The Simple 6 taps the remarkable primal power with you and provides skills. Cost? Zip

Step 1  You are entitled to your opinion, you are not entitled to your “version” of the facts.  Is what you are doing working beautifully for you? We all tend to defend what we are doing [even though the results are not there] when faced with new ideas.  As you read how easy this is, notice if you drift into “yeah, but” or “my sponsor/upline says” or quote one of the liars talking about sponsoring 20 people a month. Remember the facts of your time in the business and current income… so you stay open minded.

Step 2 Winners who are currently not winning are going to work now on 2021.  Do you have a plan for the 4th quarter to alter your game and master it before January 1st?

Step 3 Ditch all your ideas about what you need to be successful, to explode and manifest your dream.  Leads?  What to say?  Social media? Compensation plan?  Product?  Company?  Think any of those matter?  The do not. The pied-pipers of prosperity what you to believe that so you’ll buy stuff… you don’t need any of it.  What do you need here, at this Step 3?   Knowledge or acknowledgement of where all success flows from… thought.  Until it is right in your mind and framed with words correctly?  You got no chance.  Don’t feel back, I had no chance till I got this part correct.

And, let’s get real clear here, ok?  I’m not talking about the nonsense stuff like “read your why until you cry”… no, none of that.  There exists a no-fail-formula… it’s created more millionaires than all other books and formulas combined.  And, it begins in the mind.  It echos the illuminated ones across centuries… the ancestor of everything is thought.  Is that where, about your business, you start, live in and end each day?  My answer was no.  What is your answer?

Step 4 Once the mind is right, we only do 5 things…

  1. Get names and numbers [you won’t need more than 200] [a skill]
  2. Invite them to look at your stuff [A simple skill 90+% say yes]
  3. Show ’em your stuff [leave out comp plan, company history, product details etc] [ez skill]
  4. Collect a decision [a skill]

Now for the big money step

5.  Teach the ones that say “yes” how to do the first 4 and do it hands on.  [Duplication is “caught” not taught]

MLM Growth
The pied-pipers of prosperity are great at exploiting fear. Stand Tall, you don’t need ’em

To get the mind right and learn this formula and master the skills is going to take about 8 weeks or so.  The key is not learning this stuff, its simple and clear… the key, the money shot?  The dream-catcher?  Application.


Hill, who wrote Think and Grow Rich, was laboring in obscurity until he met W.Clement Stone.  Stone made hill rich and famous.  And they wrote a few bucks, 2 classics together.

Mr. Stone was my trainer back in 1971.  It was from the great man [built the most successful and largest sales force in history.  He gave me [and everyone in the class] 3 books.  Think and Grow Rich,  Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude and The Success System That Never Fails.

When I was failing at MLM, I reached for T&GR and remembered Stone’s words… “These are not books, they are exercises.”   I took it to heart and over a period of a year, extracted from those great books the formula, applied to MLM.  The rest is history… success after success.  Very simple formula that, for MLM with all my teams, we called, The Simple 6.

A few years ago in Paris, I taught the Simple 6 for the first time in history to people outside my groups.  It was so effective, we’ve been invited back, first class, to do it again.

And… the Covid and the explosion of guru-garbage I decided with wifey that we’d teach this free, live… and help people have 2021 be the breakout year.

You’ll learn it in November, master it in December and while everyone else is making feint attempts to get back to work in January… with their bogus resolution already broken, you will be in momentum.  I’m also going to share with you why December is the best month of the year to recruit and we’ll help you break records in December.

So, it is on baby.   4 live sessions, 4 hours each… over 4 days.  Recorded with workbooks, easy access and nothing to pay.  You will learn and master the Simple 6… so stay close to this blog for updates and make sure you hop on the email list.  Let me make it really clear.  We’ll run the Simple 6 on Facebook Live… with worksheets and mega interactions for 4 days.  We are not charging and we are not leaving stuff out so we can sell you the “full version” …

MLM Growth and this business is just not that complicated.  From 1999 – 2010 [when I retired from MLM] I never showed a compensation plan and all I ever said about product was “try it, I think you’ll like it” … I can show you how to recruit rejection free, close better than 90% of the people you show your offer to and do it all while having fun, being relaxed and confident.  That’s all coming within a month.

Prep for the training in October, November learn and apply what you learned.  December, master it and hit January with new people, new mindset, killer skills and no dent in your wallet.

So do me a quick favor… take this quick 3 question survey, OK?


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