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MLM Growth is not an accident.  It is a by-product of hope.  Hope does not really mean what you think it does.  At least not to the successful networkers, in the true sense of the word.

Learn what hope means and act out on it like Ann Feinstein and her MLM application… and you’ll have the remarkable growth she experiences.

In this ongoing series about the roots of our good fortune in network marketing, we’re looking at the people who took the time, free, to help me.   I’m sharing one or two critical pieces and each of them is “poem worthy”… meaning the 11 poems the greatest coach ever, John Wooden, used to build winning character in his players.

MLM Growth

So I get a call one day.  I’d been living on Kaua’i for about 4 years when I got the call.


Talking fast.

Confronting me.

Asking me who I built with and can I prove it.

Barely waits for an answer before she’s on to the next question.

And the next.

To you, she may seem suspicious… to me?  It says East Coast, these confrontational, staccato questions.

To me? Music.  I can tell … east coast… New York or Jersey… love people on Kaua’i and love it here but I miss the speed and no bullshit.

Ann’s got no bullshit in her.

We finally get around to the reason behind her questions… she’s thinking of buying our MLM training course, Go90Grow which only opens for a week once or twice a year.

She says, “I understand when you say it’s closed, it is. Is that true?”

“Yes.”  There’s a pause.  I can finally ask something without her feeling like I’m not paying attention.

mlm growth
Winners ask tough questions but once they commit? Nothing stops winners like Ann

“Why are you considering this course?”

“I’m kinda embarrassed to let you know.  I’ve been at this several years and my group is only about 80,000.”


“Please don’t share that, I should be doing much better.”

80,000?  Embarrassed?

I’m thinking she may be embarrassed but I am impressed that she’s that humble about her performance.  80,000?  Most people would give up a kid, pet or limb [or toe?] for 30,000… let alone 80,000.


Love the last line of Casablanca… “… the beginning of a beautiful friendship” and with Ann, it was and still is.

So late in my career and she rocked my world with her actions and her heart.

She buys the course after I explained that the skills in Go90Grow will help you help your teammates recruit more and it will be easier, the real value for someone of here level is in the Think and Grow Rich 14 week bonus… 14 weeks on the 13 steps to riches.

She does not go for it.  She goes for it… and I’ve been facilitating Think and Grow Rich for 3 decades… she goes for it harder and with more effort and enthusiasm than I have ever seen… to this day.

MLM Growth
Ann pushed herself harder to master Think and Grow Rich to surpass the help Randy gave her so they’d both win

Ann did it all.  And, without an online presence, she got that rolling.  And changed companies. And grew bigger.  And…never made an excuse.

While I’ve learned 100s of things from Ann… the number 2 thing I learned was that legends like her [egoless, rare, for sure], are legends for a reason.  The don’t TRY harder… they work harder.  Ann demo’d how to lay your ego down.  Asked her about it one day… “I’m not here to impress you or the other people in the class. I’m here to be of better service to those in my organization.  My sponsor, Randy Gage, has delivered for me what I need when I need it so I can grow and improve and do it without him.  I want to be all that to my team and a little bit more.” Followed by a wink.

So just that alone… the most successful MLMer to ever buy the course worked harder and smarter at it than anyone has in 3 decades.  Think about that.  This is a person who not only had 80,000 people in her group but she had something bigger… humility.


It was wonderful watching this master push herself to the next level and raise her consciousness… but it was something she offered everyone that blew me [and them] away… and changed the game for a lot of people in a positive way.

“HOPE,” she offered one day during the Think and Grow Rich 14-week intense study… “Hope, I believe holds the key to the vault in recruiting, building and improving.  In everything.”

I started to say “hope is not a strategy” but she cut me off.

“I know what you’re going to say but let’s try it this way.”

“We offer others real hope.  We Help Other People Evolve.”


Advice.. when some hits the bulls-eye, shut up.  I did.

Each day that went by, it made greater and greater sense… that class did better, I did better… I facilitated like never before.

Ann, what a great lesson.

Ann’s not thinking about sponsoring… her check… if they will do it… just how she can be of service to them evolving personally AND professionally.

It’s why she succeeds everywhere… and why this poem of Wooden’s 11 great poems for greatness belongs to Ann.

“At Day’s End”

By John Hall

Is anybody happier because
you passed his way?
Does anybody remember
that you spoke to him today?
The day is almost over,
and its toiling time is through;
Is there anyone to utter
now a kindly word of you?
Can you say tonight, in parting
with the day that’s slipping fast,
That you helped a single brother
of the many that you passed?
Is a single heart rejoicing
over what you did or said?
Does the man whose hopes were fading,
now with courage look
Did you waste the day, or lose it?
Was it well or sorely spent?
Did you leave a trail of kindness,
or a scar of discontent?
As you close your eyes in slumber,
do you think God will say,
“You have earned one more tomorrow
by the work you did today”?

We all know how Ann does with this daily… how about you?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

PS  Ann, another thank you for suggesting this idea of thanking the people who made a difference in my life for no reason.   So grateful to you.



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