MLM Duplication is caught, not taught says good friend Tom “Big Al” Schreiter… also my mentor and part of my “Dynamic Dozen” that helped us succeed. No one makes it to the top alone… no way I get there without Tom.

In this ongoing series about the roots of our good fortune in network marketing, we’re looking at the people who took the time, free, to help me.   I’m sharing one or two critical pieces and each of them is “poem worthy”… meaning the 11 poems the greatest coach ever, John Wooden, used to build winning character in his players.

MLM Duplication

Let’s get to social proof so I can avoid the bully-pulpit and deep theories.

Pretty simple…

  • You go to a Super Saturday
  • Speaker is incredible… pours her heart out for 7 hours
  • Beautiful job on the basics and overall, magically keeps theming duplication… a real pro.
  • Next month?  The Seminar? About the same size
  • Male this time… amazing job to teaching duplication. People are laughing, crying, cheering and hugging.  Next month?  Same size
  • Conference calls… same thing.
  • Matter of fact, we see these all have a “shelf life” …

So if the speakers are so great, have great days and moves the audience… why is the attendance on the conference call or Super Saturday about the same?

Over and over?

Simple… duplication is caught, not taught.

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter came along at the perfect time in my career and helped my cut my hours from 30-40 a week down to 12… because?  I became contagious and people that worked with me “caught” duplication.

Seekonk Massachusetts

Guy by the name of Bill, a “recovering attorney”, calls me one day.

“Do you know Tom Schreiter?”

“No,” I say.  “Heard of him though.”

“He’s coming to speak, train.  If you’ve never seen him, you’ll want to come down and enjoy him.”

We were both with the same MLM and had supported one another’s events.

I get there and at the break, he introduces me to Big Al… a diminutive chap, belying his handle.

It’s love at first sight as Tom “big al” goes over colors.

We talk at the break… back around 2005 or so.  We’ve been talking ever since.

Human Nature

We quickly discover we both believe the business isn’t complicated at all… it is, however, based on human nature. Ut-oh.

It as a massive turning point for me for two reasons.

First, I left Seekonk Massachusetts that night knowing, really knowing, I wasn’t nuts.

Our business is not about leads, sponsoring, duplication, product ingredients, or pay-plans.  It’s is about people.  Felt that way, now I knew.

Secondly, Schreiter had made a lifetime study of human nature and how affects prospecting and growth, MLM duplication if prefer expression for growth.

MLM Duplication
People are funny so have fun with all of it. Having fun and making money is the greatest lead generator ever.

With Tom’s guidance about human nature, we created, defined, refined, and finally perfected how to get massive growth leveraging human nature.  Developed a simple skill that has made dreams come true for us and, more importantly, the teams we built.

MLM Duplication and Skill Duplication

And, over the years, we’ve had fun teasing each other about who stole what from who… wifey, The Fabulous Davene, loved those dinners that always ended the same way.  Human nature.  What Big Al really taught me was this business is about people.  Period.

Distributors know more about their plan, product, and company than they do about people.  So, they struggle.

If you’re aiming at the wrong target, does hitting the target matter?  Of course not.

Then the common sense bomb, “Who do you think will get more production out of a new person’s list?”

Duh? “Show ’em what to do and how to use the skills.”

But Big Al’s lessons, help, generosity with his time, experience, and kind nature was much bigger than I thought.

He constantly reminded me, and he still does today, to enjoy myself.  Says what I am doing, living the dream, really is an inspiration… but… to ENJOY Kaua’i!

And, we do. Everyday.  But it’s bigger than that and this isn’t about me, my good fortune and blessings from consistent work. It’s about enjoying every minute of it… all of it.

MLM Duplication
For pennies, you can learn how Tom turned human nature into skills that work, are fun and earn big bucks


I took that advice and that nugget [enjoy all of it] has helped me understand and appreciate that while the money is great it was the journey and people I got to work with, learn from and grow that yielded the bigger treasures.

“After all” he pointed out, “having fun while making money is the greatest lead generator ever.”

That turned out to be truer than true.  And it led me to the word, “collaboration” as the be-all, end-all when it came to sponsoring on demand.

I began looking for people to collaborate with… about what did we collaborate?  Their dreams.  Turns out this is the key to the vault.. meaning MLM Duplication

That’s it.

No mystery.

No confusing theories

No scripts and flow charts for responses.

Just easy, earnest dialogs that are so transparent, you don’t have to mention the word transparent.

If a guy like me can figure out that getting others what they want and then work with them hands-on so the “catch duplication” … we’ll get more than we can possibly imagine.

We got here, living the dream, two years early because of Tom’s influence and applying his skills; using human nature to get MLM duplication…  but I’m loving life for the great life council Tom gave me… “enjoy it”

So, as is the custom, here’s the poem from Wooden’s 11 poems that lead to personal greatness… Tom, thanks, this one is for you because you have never stopped gaining and sharing insights into the beautiful human mind and its beautiful quirkiness.

After You Know It All

By Swen Nater

Beyond the festive caps and gowns,
Beyond the PhDs,
Beyond the books that filled the minds
Of those who earned degrees,
A greater knowledge will commence,
For those who heed the call–
What counts the most is what you learn
After you know it all.
All graduated pedagogues,
When teaching, find in turn,
Those books on what to teach had failed
To show how children learn.
And they will soon discover that
Each child who owns a name
Is different and unique, and so,
They all don’t learn the same.
The class roomed coach
who learned, the boys
Are Xs and are Os,
Become adept at leadership
The moment that he knows,
Those boys need teacher-shepherds who
Will guide their little lambs
To execute the truths of life
Beyond the diagrams.
Oh decorated graduate,
Once past that college wall,
What counts the most is what you learn,
After you know it all.

All keep learning what matters and sharing…

Here are some skills but…

Be like Tom and keep learning, stay curious, and share.


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