Blog   MLM Companies & Leaders Impeding Duplication?

MLM companies and leaders really are impeding duplication for the masses.


Duplication is a network marketing skill, not an accident or an act of God.

Let me be real clear here, no one is trying to ‘prevent’ duplication, no one is evil or bad here.  As a matter of fact, with the leaders, they are trying too hard to help… no one get their undies in a bunch.

We live in a ‘blame’ society…..and I hate that.  I mean I really, really hate that when something goes wrong we just have to find someone to blame…..good grief, sometimes things just go wrong……sometimes great quarterbacks throw a bad pass and get intercepted, Gold Glove fielders make errors…… this is not one of my rants.

Success Coach Kathy Zimmer [just released a great article on blogging BTW] and Social Media guru Doug Karnuth have me on a 12 rant a year limit….so this isn’t one of my 12 this year 🙂

After dozens of surveys to 1000s of people and hiring 2 sociologists and 2 psychological behaviorists …..the evidence is clear that since companies have abandon training the field and turned it over to the leaders at their companies…..well intentioned leaders are, in mass, undermining their objective, duplication.

Wednesday I’ll share the solution we found…..the hard way…..and save you lots of time and pain.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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