No, not suggesting divorce is a requirement of building a big organization.

As early the Greeks, civilization …….

odd term when you think about it……how come the more ‘civilized‘ we become the more kids come home in body bags?

Let me digress for a moment …..

My Dad was one of those kids, sort of.

He was a Marine pilot, flew over 100 missions in a Cosair in WW2 off the USS Shangrila and was recalled for Korean ‘Police Action’ …..killed on 47th mission.

What the hell is a ‘Police Action’?  The bullshit in Washington did not start with Bush or Clinton… started wy before those guys.

I would think when ‘Leaders’ of a country ask young people to get dressed up in uniforms, give them guns and bombs, ship them overseas and tell them to kill young people in the other people who think differently and have the ‘wrong’ unifrom on that they’d have enough respect to call it what it really is.  War.

Mom raised 2 kids on her own.  Never remarried, still brings flowers to the grave…….

And we think making prospecting calls is tough?

…anyway, way back to the Greeks …..we find this concept of survival and mastery.


Your lost in the woods, [ahem….lost in MLM?] and even though you’re not hungry, you are beginning to think about food [ahem, you just got started in MLM and you’re worried about the who to talk to, small list, etc.].

This is fear and it prevents us from thinking about being our best.  We are in a survival mode.

Had a big repair on car out of the blue the day after you pre-paid a vacation, non-refundable, of course.   You are worried about rent….survival mode, fear based.

There is NO WAY we can get the best out of ourselves when we are in survival mode.

Excellence and success is nothing more and nothing less than doing, NOT THE BEST WE CAN, but doing our best with the talents and gifts we have been given.  To maximize our potential.  To stretch it to the limit …..not hit the ‘sweet-spot’ once in a while but to LIVE in the ‘sweet=spot.’


The Sufi’s teach that we already know everything we need to know and we already have everything we need to have to have a life we love.  Right now.

The problem with mastery is SURVIVAL THINKING.  We simply cannot have that laser focus on the tasks we need to execute to obtain the objective… said the Greeks, the Sufi’s…..Einstein …..Hill, [Think and Grow Rich]….the Buddha …..thousands of other individuals and cultures……including the Master Teacher, my friend the Carpenter…….who spoke often of not serving 2 masters, the Single-eye ……

Mastery is the only road to achievement……..and success is nothing more than mastery…..

We cannot find, develop and master our gifts, obtain Mastery, when we are in survival mode.

How do we get in survival mode?  Other people’s ideas about success …..mix in socio-economic unrest, greed, thinking ‘wants’ are actually needs [advertiser’s are really good at that], and whether it’s MLM or worldwide political struggles…..and the outcome, in principle is the same…..

Got to go to WAR…..indviduals and societies alike.

Gotta protect our turf and anything that may be perceived as a threat….oh, boy.  Real War.  Dead kids.  How do they get kids to put on a uniform and put their life on the line?  Make us think we are in a fight for long term survival……and there it is again…..SURVIVAL MODE……preventing socities from Mastering its collective potential.

Can we even fathom the ‘collctive’ potential of a group of diverse cultures focused on service to fellow man instead of teaching each culture to fear one another?

MLM is the same…..ever read the ads for all those stupid magic recruiting systems?

Explosive….Explode Orgainizations…….Bury the Competition……Massive Attack…….Blow Up the Competion…..If you don’t get this XXXXX your business will perish…..Old School ideas will KILL your chance of success….Traffic Generation that will CRASH servers…..

….all war terms…..the list is endless…..all telling us we won’t survive is we don’t get this and that….and a lot more stuff……..ALL these terms play on the survival part of us.

Ironic, isn’t it?

The method to get us to take action guarantees one thing….by creating a survival mind-set, we can NEVER move into Mastery….which, ironically, is the only environment where achievement and, by extension, success can occur.  Sort of like War creates Peace……same minipulative baloney.

MLMers cannot succeed in mastering their personal gifts, their individual elegant resources…..and neither can countries…..unless they are single…single minded in focus on Mastering themselves.

Tools, systems, affliate programs …..the ‘weapons neccessary in your MLM arsenal’……to crush others OR get crushed…….takes us further away from Mastery……just like killing takes us away from peace.  Same principle and if we think one is ‘accecptable’ [‘cuz it’s just business], and the other isn’t, maybe we should think again.

Using fear, getting us in ‘survival mode’,  to minipulate the masses is using fear to advance a personal agenda at all costs.  It is selling out.  And let’s not kid ourselves here…..those f-ing bean counters in DC, coldly calulating and calling it ‘estimated casualties’ and measuring it against ‘opinion polls’ is about as dispicable as it gets.

“It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.” Albert Einstein

How does it happen?

The brilliant thinker also gave us a solution…..”Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all  endeavors. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations”

Funny, isn’t it?  The words ‘never forget.’   Countries do.  And we do as MLMers…..

All our achievement is by putting the interest of others before our own.   We forget.  We draw diagrams and buy ‘weapons’ to ‘attack’ our businesses.   Just like countries forget their fellow-man is on the other side of that imaginary border……he’s got kids, a wife…..a life.

Do we know what our personally sponsored people want and why?  Or did we just ask them for a written goal statement?   …..or worse……just told them to write it out?

Are we buying techno-weapons and teaching your people to do that same thing…..or talking an authentic interest in the lives of others and forgetting our own agenda?

Consider the rights of others before your feelings and the feelings of others before your rights,” my favorite, John Wooden.

Most, if not all, of the illuminated ones encouraged us to look to nature for answers…’s one of the reasons I am looking forward to moving to Kauai this Tuesday.

My Dad died when I was 3, never knew him except through my Mom’s stories and other folks who knew him.  Like all his fallen brothers and sisters he went to war so the idea of peace for his children could be a reality……..and if leaders of nations, would respect the rights of others before their own feeling and look to nature for solutions…….maybe it can happen……peace.

While we need to remember their sacrifice, wouldn’t that memory be served better if the nonsense stopped…….the survival thinking was replaced with Mastery over our potential, instead of each other?

Embracing the difference …..

How come a dog and a orangatang can get it ….but as MLMers and as Nations we don’t get it?

Get what?…..what an elegant existence we can have by playing together and sharing …..instead of fighting and taking….

War is hell.  And the guys who sell it to us don’t care.  It to over 50 years to get a memorial in Haverhill, Massachusets for teh 30 plus sons that died in Korea.  The money came from old vets standing on the street in traffic with cups.

My Mom draws a small pension because my Dad was killed in combat.   They ask her every 2 years if she has remarried, to get her off the books!  They send someone around every few years  and talk to the neighbors to find out if she’s lying…..WTF……she’s 88 years old.

6 years ago they tried to move her [and everyone else] into a ‘better program’ …..told her she’d be helping them close the books on Korea, she’d be doing a service to her country.   Fine print?  Would have cost her abut 150 bucks a month to be in the ‘better, Patriotic program.’  She told them to stick it.

And we think MLM is hard or tough?  Absurd …..but once we out of survival mode, once we realize these minipulations are parallel and we DECIDE to have SINGLE eye  and shift from survival mode into mastery….everything changes….

Take a look at this…..if you like, it’s only 4 minutes…..Good lesson for Heads of State…..and for MLMers…..

Just some of the lessons are

  • have fun
  • play well with others
  • hug
  • take an interest in others instead self serving
  • embrace the difference.
  • be in the moment
  • share

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