Blog   Master Key Scholarship Initial Process Ends in 96 Hours


The process begins…….and what a great lead sentence.

The 26 week Master Key Master Mind Alliance will not appeal to most people.

Neither will the process of obtaining and maintaining a scholarship.

People want magic.  The Master Key MMA is magic but the magic takes place within and requires work….Ut-Oh.

The absurd microwave mind-set coupled with the obsession people have for a ‘secret short cut’ ……and the inexhaustible supply of con artists and their bullshit will take most good people away from the Master Key Course… sad.


Ever wonder why Star Wars was so compelling?  The story is one we find repeated over and over and over from one culture to another.

Luke – the reluctant hero is …

Princess Leia?  – the damsel in distress…, gulp….you.   This represents your true self….trapped by limitation, circumstances….oppression of some sort we surrendered to.

Hans Solo?  Yup, also you…..the adventurer and the valiant part that is lurking within, waiting only for the Reluctant Hero, you….to beckon him.   You know that part of you that sometimes imagines yourself saving the day?  Rescuing some folks?

Obi – the wisdom…..yup, also you…….buried within all of us, from birth is this divine connection……to the wisdom we need for situations that are new or baffle us.

The core of the Star Wars Saga and its appeal is that the great adventure is the journey within….and that you really are, just like me, all 4 characters.

It is within the subconscious…..this adventure takes place for all of us……and we get to charge ahead [Hans], use the Wisdom, rescue ourselves from ….lives of quiet desperation.

But….despite the damsel in distress….the wisdom…..and the swashbuckeler at our side…..we must take the first step…..the journey within cannot begin without Luke…..that’s me, that’s you….taking the first step


Oh, baby, what an adventure……but…..most people will not take it.

Why not?

They think the fix for life, business, relationships is extrenal…’s easier to think that way.

No courage required.

So sad because the irony is looking for short cuts, quick fixes and magic recruiting systems makes the great adventure inaccessable…..and that is what we wanted, adventure, when we got started!

How wonderfully weird is that?

You know, in your heart and in the hearts of others there is a yearning and a longing to go for it…….just like we all know MLM sites that promise systems to be the solution for recruiting and sponsoring are all crap.

I know this….you know this.

EASY AS 1-2-3

Want to learn what it is about yourself that is holding you back….while others grow?  It’s in the Master Key Course…..the adventure of a life time and the chance to rescue….our higher selves.

Want true adventure, growth and success?

1. view this, share it with 10 people and opt in

2. follow the directions so you can get the next 2 videos

3. complete the application for a full scholarship

Those are the mechanics.  And you need to do them…..but…..

Here is what you really need to do…..decide if you want to keep looking around online for magic or learn how to access real magic, the power to change…..which comes from within.

One is real……and will release your potential.  It’s hard, it’s work and it will challenge you everyday.

The other will give you people to blame, soaring credit card debt and false hope.  It is easy, there is no challenge and nothing really changes.

So, life’s greatest adventure or surf the web and hope it will work out even though we all know it will not?

Within 36 hours the eligibility for scholarship application will be closed…..drum roll… make decisions.


Once Friday rolls around, those who have not opted simply will not be able to and not be able to apply for a scholarship…..nor buy their way in.

So, go for it, check it out…and really pay attention to the ‘blue-print’ portion.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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