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Most of you are at the blog to leave a comment on videos you’ve seen so far, your feedback is crucial to us and it maintains your eligibility.

[Scroll down to comments and click comments….scroll down again and find comment box]

Leave a comment ……they’ll appear back on the video site later today.

The next and final video will be out in a few days ……I am excited about it because the bonus stuff to help you build, brand yourself and grow is in it…..

What is really cool is that at that point you’ll be IN CONTROL

It’s been all me but when the 3rd and final installment breaks, you’ll decide if you are going for it 🙂


We figured 50, maybe 75 folks would want to take engage in the 26 week Master Key Mastermind Alliance course…..since the subscriptions were closed already, we figured we make a few spots available.

The success of last year’s class was something I forgot about and when I let them know…..and their groups had grown as a result of the MKMMA……they spread the word.

Networkers are amazing…..sharing good things happens fast.

We are stunned – over 300 folk have said yes…..YIKES

So we shut the site down for the first video about 9:00 PM Kauai time…..and the emails we are getting from folks who just found out about it today……are, well…..GIMME SHELTER

We want to thank everyone for their support and say we are sorry to those who missed eligibility.

The Fabulous Davene and myself simply refuse to compromise the level of personal attention and coaching each member has earned.

We have moved up a class we were going to teach next August [a 90 all out blitz] to the spring and folks who got shut out of this class will have first crack at that class and we’ve set up a special waiting list.

So for those of you who made it this far and are eligible, believe me, almost as many folks have been shut out.  I want you to feel tremendous about each and every decision you’ve made regarding the Master Key Course, you’ve taken swift and affirmative action.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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