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The next and final video will be out in a few days.  I am excited about it because the bonus stuff to help you build, brand yourself and grow is in it.

What is really cool is that at that point you’ll be IN CONTROL.

It’s been all me but when the 3rd and final installment breaks, you’ll decide if you are going for it.

Stunned With the Results

We figured 50, maybe 75 folks would want to take engage in the 26 week Master Key Mastermind Alliance course.  Since the subscriptions were closed already, we figured we make a few spots available.

The success of last year’s class was something I forgot about and when I let them know, and their groups had grown as a result of the MKMMA, they spread the word.

Networkers are amazing and sharing good things happens fast.

We are stunned – over 300 folks have said yes. YIKES

So we shut the site down for the first video about 9:00 PM Kauai time and the emails we are getting from folks who just found out about it today are, well…GIMME SHELTER

Thanks and Sorry

We want to thank everyone for their support and say we are sorry to those who missed eligibility.

The Fabulous Davene and I simply refuse to compromise the level of personal attention and coaching each member has earned.

We have moved up a class we were going to teach next August (a 90 all-out blitz) to the spring and folks who got shut out of this class will have first crack at that class and we’ve set up a special waiting list.

So for those of you who made it this far and are eligible, believe me, almost as many folks have been shut out.  I want you to feel tremendous about each and every decision you’ve made regarding the Master Key Course, you’ve taken swift and affirmative action.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

About the Author

  • Thanks again Mark, this reminds me of a story about cream. When I would stay with my grandparents on occasion they always had milk straight from the barn. I noticed in each bottle the color of the milk was whiter at the top. I asked my grandmother why and she told me the cream would come to the top which is whiter. Most of us know cream tastes sweeter. Your replies to your course are similiar, the cream is coming to top and saying yes, show me how to improve myself. (are they sweeter, who knows:)

  • Mark, knowing how much I have learned from you just “rubbing shoulders” for the last 6 years, I simply cannot wait to learn from you in a structured, methodical manner.

    Thanks for making this course available!


  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks, although I have read and practiced the Master key system on my own, I look forward to your master mind group.


  • I had picked up on something in several of the MLM Greats, true greats. Goals are destructive. You called them intents. Intents do not tear down but rather pull. Intents and dreams are very closely akin. Thanks for letting me see this. It is not something and many will expose to people.

    There is no TV or computer in the Bedroom! Hasn’t been for over 7 years. That is not the purpose of the bedroom and it’s purposes are too private, powerful, and important to delute with a TV or computer.

    As for the other two I am working on them.

    Appreciated the personal story here. Thanks


  • I’m excited for the opportunity to continue to grow! I need to learn to tap into that power of intention and look forward to you helping me learn how! I do have intentions, they just aren’t coming to fruition yet.

  • Thanks Mark.

    Am looking forward to learning and growing with the master key system. Sounds like this truely is the missing part of the puzzle.

  • Thanks Mark!
    This training was right on! I’ve heard most of this before, yet somehow today it became much clearer. I believe your training will make a difference for me. Thanks for all you do!

  • When I was a baby pilot, training to fly by instruments, I was required to wear “Foggles” (glasses that prevented one from seeing anything but the instrument panel). Today’s vid, Mark, brought into sharp focus the realization that I have lived MAJOR portions of my life as if I never took the Foggles off. I am reaching for them now…I want them off for good!

    I Think that my Belief will spur Action that will produce Result(s) that have eluded me way too often.

    Thaks for giving me(us) such a great opportunity to grow!

  • Wow! Sounds too easy. In my experience, true change requires a lot of effort, but I’m ready for that effort. I’m tired of trying and failing. Yes, I’m scared, but I am determined that I will succeed.

    I appreciate all that you already do to help those of us who are on the adventure trail of learning. I’ve already learned so much from you and anticipate learning even more.

    Thank you.


  • Mark, in looking over the notes I took while watching this 2nd video, I’m amazed at the timing of this opportunity to study with you.

    I have recently made some major life-style changes, and am in the process of launching my new life as a single, and vastly more successful, Professional Network Marketer.

    Much of what I’ve seen, heard & read so far has been familiar. As it should be, since we share at least one common mentor (Tom S.) But it’s interesting to experience the “light-bulb” effect of hearing some of the same concepts presented from a different point of view, and with a extra emphasis placed here & there.

    And the fact that I am at a different place in my life and my thinking is certainly helping, I’m certain. I’m looking forward to learning together.

    Now I believe I have some index cards to write. May today be your best day ever!


  • Mark,
    I am looking forward to learning and using your skills. I have received positive response when I use these skills and cannot wait until it becomes part of my life without thinking. I look forward to the first test of following your lead writing on index card, thinking of a simple things I want, and I don’t have a tv in my room so that one I do not have to do. Waiting your next video, and listening to them repeatedly. Thanks for letting us learn from a great master, free. I have spent many hours and money to get somewhere in my business and was getting to the end of my rope.
    Thanks again
    Wanda from Idaho

  • Mark, the video 2 for some reason stopped half way through on the meaning of impossible, thought maybe it was to prove a point about impossible to watch the rest. Loved the first half
    Our method of thinking is all powerful what we think is what we do…

    Have you had anyone else not able to view. I can try again later. Thanks Mark.

  • Mark,
    From the time stamps on these comments, it looks like you’ve got everyone staying up all night over this! 🙂

    Great video! Loved your compelling stories. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to hold the key and master the brain …

  • I love the fact that you are so good about sharing what you have learned. Hearing your story in the second video makes what you have to say about the Master Key System all the more believable. I am looking forward to learning and executing more.

  • Mark – Love the videos – I recognize how parts of my life work well and others don’t – I do what is comfortable!

    One exception this year that I have been working on is re-sculpting my body – so far, I have lost 51 lbs and my goals are in sight. When I stated those intentions in January at Elevation, I didn’t know how I would do it, but the method and the people suddenly appeared!

    I am intrigued as to how this system works and willing to put in the work if it becomes available to me. We’ve had some interesting conversations in the past and have seen it work for you.


  • Mark,

    Mahalo – what a great video, you are such a constant source of comfort and imagination and encouragement – can’t thank you enough – can’t wait to get started!


  • Nervous about the unknown, but excited about the personal growth I know will come. I feel I’ve been on this journey over the last couple of years and it’s been leading to this exact point for my future. I wasn’t ready till now. I’m ready and can’t wait to get started! Kauai is on my radar!

  • God’s timing is so perfect. This is exactly what I have been studying. It’s one thing to read about the possibility; the other to have practical steps to bring it to pass. Can’t wait till the next installment!

  • I am starting to understand that I am my own worst enemy. You are so right in what you said. So much of the failure I have experienced in my life can be put down to shooting myself in the foot. I do want to succeed and get the income I need but somehow I frequently do something that sabotages that. This video has helped me realise that I am NOT a lost cause and that I have the ability to change by repositioning my mind and focusing on my intent. Off to the shops to get some index cards.

  • Mark and the Fabulous Davene,
    When the student is ready the Teacher will come.
    I’m stunned with what I saw today on the second video and am looking now at my Intentions and the Methods that I’ve used to be where I am now.
    The section of being under “Stress” explains a lot, especially doing the same things that caused the stress to start. How True! Living life backwards!
    It was like getting hit in the head with a 2×4.
    I see where I need to make improvements already and am looking forward to this journey on learning.

  • Mark, I appreciate you taking your time to help us all by providing us this education.

    I am happy to say that a few months ago the TV exited my bedroom. “That much gather more… and loss leads to greater loss” hit home greatly for me because it is my experience, on both ends and I find myself saying the same thing, but a bit different – “and even the little shall be taken away.” I am looking forward to reactivating the power of thought in my life. Thank you – the time is right and I am ready.

  • Mark, I am really looking forward to expanding my knowledge with you and the Master Minds. Personal growth has always been extremely important to me and I want to be able use the new information and skills I develop to help others to success. Aloha!

  • Good day Mark. Waiting in anticipation. Would love to be at your event in Kauai. Its my understanding if I’m still getting emails I still have a chance. Looking forward to your webcast this weekend.


  • Mark, it is great to see you so fired up for this next course. Having been in one of your courses, I know how valuable they are and how much effort it takes from you and Davene. Thanks for always being so giving.

  • I recently read a book “The Answer” which discusses exactly what Mark is talking about here. Neuroreconditioning – retraining your thoughts. I’m looking forward to this opportunity to continue to apply what I’ve learned, not only for my business but for every aspect in my life.

  • Mark, thank you for all you do. Wish the best for you and WOW! PX90. I’m impressed. I have seen great results. Keep the faith.
    I was introduced to this philosophy through the late Bob Schmidt. He always said ‘get this book, read it.’ The first book I picked up I got at a thrift store for $1. Within those pages was a quote by A guy named Einstein. Kinda smart. ‘The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.’ Another,’What’s more powerful, changing what we do or changing how we think.’ I am ready. I am prepared to grow. It has been a process. Thanks again Mark.

  • Mark, I’m very excited about this course! I look forward to the challange with a bit of fear. I’ve experienced a lot of failure in mlm and life. I want to change that around!!!

  • Hi Mark!
    I loved the video, thanks for going into detail with more about what to expect. You sure know how to build anticipation! If this course is anything like the quality of your short instructional videos, I have no doubt there will be a lot of “meat”. I’m looking forward to a lot of good old hard work, learning, and growing! Thanks so much for doing this. Warmest regards, Mary

  • Mark,

    As usual, I enjoyed the latest video as well as your blogs. I have always enjoyed your ways of driving the point home via permission sought. I try to use ‘would it be okay with you if I….’ or similar whenever I am speaking with someone. The results are fascinating and fun. Looking forward to learning more and changing how I think and focus on my Intent.

  • Mark, Your second video was a killer. You have such great passion that you are willing to share freely. As always, Thanks. I am working on my index cards now…

  • I am so ready to open my mind and drink in the knowledge found in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance, and to harness the power that is within me. Thank you so much for your generous leadership and for making this opportunity available.


  • My favorite gift when I went to college after high school was a television set for my bedroom. I have had one in there ever since. STEP 1: Remove the TV. Even the little things that keep me moving backwards in life will be removed so that I can move forward. Thanks, Mark.

  • Hey Mark,

    I seemed to have missed the second video.

    Anyway, Thanks for all you do. I got on the waiting list for the spring class.


  • Mark I met you a few years ago in Buffalo NY and you inspired me. When I had the opportunity of learning the rejection-free prospecting I jumped and I am doing a lot better in building my business.

    Now with the 26-week Master Key System I know I will get where I want to go. Thank you so much, you and your fabulous Devine for what you are doing for us.

    A big hug,


  • MarkJ, great video, this is an amazing process and I can’t wait to keep moving forward. One day at a time.


  • Hello Mark,
    That was an awesome video. I could hear the passion in you voice when you spoke. Would you tone it down a little? Just kidding! 😀 I have removed the TV from our bedroom. Wonder what my hubby is going to think when he gets home?

    Thanks Mark and Davene for ALL you do.


  • It never fails to amaze me the wonderful information that is shared from you Mark. The video was truly worth spending the time to watch and hear the gold nuggets that can change my life. I appreciate your knowledge and willingness to share it with us. I look forward to the next video and everything else that is available to us to learn.


    Josh 🙂

  • Mark, Really enjoyed the 2nd video. I see I have a lot to learn. Well be taking those 3 little things to bed with me to night.

    Have a great day

  • Hi, Mark et al!

    I’m all in! My index card will be done this evening. I will concentrate on something I want. No TV has ever been in my bedroom. 🙂


  • Hi Mark,
    I am one of many who has read everything on the loa etc. Can’t wait to take it to the next level.


  • Mark, incredible video, and it is incredible of you to want to help so many people achieve a level of greatness in their lives they may not have had the chance to achieve without your, and Davene’s, help. You truly are an angel here on earth! I can’t wait for my acceptance (LOL) and to make the changes I have to needed and longed for in my life,,,financially, personally, and in every aspect! Thank you so much. God Bless

  • Mark, You amaze me!! Every time I talk to you or watch a video that you and Davene have put together, you provide another GEM that will allow me to grow and prosper even more. Your 3 things to do just before we close our eyes each night is brilliant. Guess what we will be thinking about all night as we sleep.I for one can not wait to become immersed in the Master Key System.

    Thank you again for being MY FRIEND.

    Your Colorado Buddy

  • Mark~

    I am looking forward to the upcoming videos! I only started learning from you recently however I can already see a difference in my business. I am sure with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance program I will learn how to develop an even stronger team.



  • I’ve known for awhile that who we become is the gift in any endeavor – but I got it really clearly here from you that the “be” in BE, DO, HAVE has to do with what we are becoming and less to do with trying to be something we’re not (in advance). I look forward to gift of becoming more so I can be inspired to DO and then HAVE!

  • Thanks for considering the course…..sorry…..about the stoppage… other problems reported…..try it again and you can use the bar at the bottom to get up to where you were cut off


  • Hi Ron

    their have been some ‘tech-no’ snafus….we think…..and don’t want anyone ‘bounced’ because of it

    here is video 1

    video 2 is

    just pick it up form where you need to and let me know if you do not get 3 [out this weekend….if you don’t have it by Monday, just let me know]

    After viewing 3 ….if you decide you want to go for it……you can opt in and apply for a scholarship simply by doing the things it asks you to do, follow the verification process and you’ll be in if you want to be…..sorry for any problems you had…..Good luck, keep growing
    mark j

  • Hey, Mark!
    I finally got the second video to play all the way through (though the video “burps” had me watching the video several times!). I’ve got my cards and all-caps going tonight, so will look forward to video number three. Sure would like to see that beach in person someday! Thanks so much,

  • Mark, First let me say I pray your health returns. Stay healthy and happy, you deserve it. I look forward to following the Master Mind Keys and building an Alliance.

  • so far so good Mark….enjoyed the video…….just please don’t send me hundreds of these comments…….I’ll just go to the blog and read what everyone is saying that way I can keep my email address ……..had to quit and re apply to fix it ……so maybe don’t post this……..

  • I am so stoked! I’m tired of the cycle: make a commitment….make excuses for why is not a good time and later will be better….feel guilty for not doing what I intended to do….feel stressed by my personal economy….and start the whole cycle again. But I start almost KNOWING that I’m going to give up…again.
    The MMMKA is going to teach me to harness my thoughts and move toward what I intend to accomplish.
    Let’s get started!

  • Thanks Mark,

    You always leave me thinking. The living life backwards really hit home. It’s funny how things work. Just before your first video came out had I started listening to Think and Grow Rich again during my drive to and from work. Things definitely make more sense and I find myself more accepting of the ideas this time around.

    Looking forward,

  • I always learn something from Mark’s videos. The master key was great. I have just begun my process to move forward and am excited, but scared.
    Intentions and Methods was very informative. I am excitedly waiting for the next video.

  • Thanks Mark,
    I can’t wait to get started. I have my cards and will get my ‘to do’s down. The TV is out. I’m excited to start writing a new chapter in my life.

  • Hope I am posting to the correct spot. I have enjoyed watching/listening to the skills videos! Was even more excited to hear about the Master Key Master Mind Alliance!! The one thing I want and will be thinking of tonight before bed is getting the Scholarship to the MKMMA. Aloha to all. Susann Holmes

  • Mark,
    First let me say our prayers go out to you. Get healthy and stay happy. Nothing else really matters. I am looking forward to putting together a Master Mind Alliance and following your teachings. Stay safe

  • 4 weeks …..2 on your favorite Island [at end of vacation and two weeks jumping around]

    Reason? Have fun, see everything….then settle into the real experience…. 🙂

    Kauai is far and away our favorite but each offers something completely different….and….you get to pick – as it should be….

    we’ll see you on the beaches of the world 🙂

    mark j

  • Hey Super Star…..thanks for checking it out.

    Keep doing all those good things…..still like your getting started videos the best, just outstanding Pat

    mark j

  • So sad I’ve been living my life backwards for so long – looking forward to getting it straightened out. Thanks Mark!

  • Great video…Looking forward to making my list and can already see where all caps will make a difference. Thanks Janelle

  • Mark
    GREAT INFO, WROTE OUT MY INDEX CARD! Can’t wait to get started moving forward instead of backward!!

  • I was given the Think and Grow Rich book in 1992, four months ago I rediscovered the book in a pile of boxes ready to take to Goodwill, I did something I never did before, I open the books cover which led me to Mark J and the skills.

    It is rare to find someone like Mark J who is willing to share the skills and the clues to the way people think, awaken clarity and focus from with-in, walk beyond the front gate of my continued failures, to learn the patterns to successful intensions. The two videos helped guide me one step at a time, taken me outside my comfort zone to assess the value of the alliance. Today, I take hold of the key, I make the ultimate decision to honor all commitments.

    When you explain the four boxes, I see to reset my blueprint, I will change the person I will become as I apply true knowledge from engagement in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. I have bounced around long enough in my business life which continues to fail me. My old self-destructive ways must change. Now with a mind opened, ready to change the way I think.

  • “When the student is ready….the master will appear.” At least 15 years ago, I first heard of
    the Master Key System, but I thought it too
    esotric at the time. Now I am ready to absorb
    the material that will prepare me for mental
    success, spiritual peace, and physical health!

  • Mark, my Sub-Conscience mind doesn’t stand a chance……No more Living Backwards…. Your efforts are much appreciated.


  • Mark:
    I am really excited about this MKMMA program. Have my index card and writing down the 3 things for tomorrow. I am regarding tomorrow as the first day of my new life. Thank you and Davene for the time you are putting in this program and for sharing it with us.

  • Thank you for your insights and your willingness to share what you have learned. I’m looking forward to the next video. Many thanks again.
    Enjoy your swim at the beach! Reading the comments below, I can say “ditto” to most of them!I liked the reference below to Romans 12:2 – “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” NLT

  • Three things on the card and reading aloud for the next week.
    Thanks for your service to the mlm community.

  • Mark, Thanks Again for sending the information out in baby steps so none of us feel overwhelmed that we can’t handle the next step.. Like the story of the bird that is still an egg we need to realize that we have to go through the incubation period before we can spread our wings. I feel blessed to have you as my friend and mentor. Thank you for what you do for so many.
    I do Believe

  • Mark, Even thou I am an airline stewardess and am up in the air 75 % of my time, I have found it easy to stay on track with this training and my fears of not being able to do it are fading away.

  • Mark,
    Thank you again for this great information. I have been journaling for years. It is unbelievable how we condition oursevles, but do not listen to ourselves. It is wonderful to know that little changes can make a be difference. Have my index cards and the TV is removed.
    Thanks Again, Can not wait to meet you,

  • Mark

    I know this is the beginning of something amazing, everybody says you are a true “alaka’i.”

    Just imagine this, only 26 weeks for most people that stick it out to change their lives forever.

    We are blessed to have you as our “aikane.”


  • Actually Mark, I had the same problem this afternoon when I tried to review the video….it kept stopping at the same point and would not move forward, even using the bar at the bottom 🙁 …….Luckily Chuck had played it in real player so we had a record of it and I was able to see the last 10 or so minutes again….

  • Had to refer to my notes 3 times before I got it right!
    I think I’ve got it right now. Never had a TV in our room. The TV is not a problem for me, but the computer can be a real distraction. Instead of saving the last hour of the day to think about tomorrow, it is real easy to feel compelled to check my email one last time before I hit the sack!

  • Hey Mark,

    I got so much out that short video that my excitement level is at an all time high about the possibilities of the 26 week course !

    It’s go time Brudda!

  • Mark,
    I am so focused and so ready for the 26 week course. This has come at the right time in my life – I’m ready for a change!

  • Hi Mark,

    I love your presentation — I studied the same group of gentlemen when I started as a stockbroker 42 years ago — how refreshing to hear you get back to the basics. It renews my passion!

    Ewa Boy, Jack Butler

  • Thanks, I am looking forward to learning the master mind secrets. I am making progress, spiraling upward! My mind is alert! My heart is receptive. I will never be the same!

  • thank you so much for tonites training,,,easy to understand,,,look forward to next training….

  • Hi Mark,

    I have learned more from you in the last couple of weeks then I have in the entire 5 plus years that I have been trying to make money using the internet and by direct marketing. I am so looking forward to getting started with the Master Key system. Honesty is a quality that is very hard to find these days both in the real world as well as the cyber world and I personally want to thank you for yours. Thank You, I Looking forward to your next video and I hope you had a great swim.

  • Thank You Mark, for your generosity in sharing your experiences and lessons learned with those less knowledgeable and experienced. I’m impressed by your candor and straight-forward approach toward the truth and the lies within the networking industry. I appreciate the opportunity to obtain a scholarship into your program and look forward to working with you and the other scholarship recipients on the Master Key Mastermind Alliance Program.


  • What a poignant story! Thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

    Mahalo and with gratitude,

  • Lately I have been searching things like ‘The Secret’ and listening to ‘The Power of Intention’ by Dr Wayne Dyer and attending meetings like ‘The Law of Attraction’ meditation group. This all seems to have a common thread so your/our journey that is about to begin can only have happened because I was looking for it (manifested). Wow!! I am just beginning to see the very edge of the universal intelligence that I read about many years ago.
    Thanks Mark,
    Jim Bailly MA

  • You hit the nail right on the head. The sermon was cutting me right down to the bone. My three intension are: 1) pray about my daily intentions at the last hour; 2) talk to one new prospect daily and 3) call/email/or text my business partner daily about my intentions and how they impacted me.

  • Hello Mark,
    Really enjoy your videos you give us all great tips and the much needed skills to succeed at our business.Im looking forward to the training on the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course.

    Thanks so much,

  • mark, i’ve wondered many times why i couldn’t ever seem to get things right. i have even given up on other types of business because of other peoples negativity towards what i was doing. i think now it was the way i was thinking. i have been listenening to your video for a while now, there great, the master key , i no will take me where i need to be.

  • Hello Mark,
    Just finished viewing video #2, made my list of 3, in CAPS, and looking forward to #3.
    Thank you for you time and training, and appreciate all of the other material you have sent. Trying to catch up as just got my computer back from repair. Have a blessed day all. Bye for now.
    Bill W.

  • Mark,
    I’m excited about discovering the methods that I need to learn and execute daily to achieve the intentions contained in my DMP. My subconscious mind better get the message: This is it, no more chances; this is why I’m here and what I am to achieve. Let’s Roll!

  • A huge Mahalo to you Mark for sharing your time and talents so freely. I am very excited to implement the Master Key System and know that the power of a Master Mind Alliance will be empowering.

    We have no TV in the whole house, yahooo!

    And I will be focusing on my 3 things on the index card, what a great way to impress the subconscious the importance of accomplishing a task. No more misdirection here.

    Having lived in Hawaii for 6 years, your videos also bring back a flood of memories, the sound of the ocean lapping in the background is just plain music.

    Aloha my friend.

  • mark, i’ve been waiting a long time for a chance to learn things right. the first two videos have already got my attention, i always wonderd if my dreams could ever become a reality. i’m ready to start.

  • Mark I hope this is the proper comment box? I am eargly awaiting the video etc. and also more videos. I truly enjoyed seeing and and hearing your story. Kep up all the good work that you do for everyone I appreciate all that you do.

  • mark, after waching the first two videos you have my full atention. i want so much in my life to really be able to live out my dreams. i’m going to my next exercise.

  • Mark, I am so excited about the personal growth I am going to experience and can’t wait to get going. Going to get started on my 3 steps now. Thanks for taking the time to help us.

  • I’m the little ant watching my dreams move away from me as I march towards them.. My elephant needs to turn around.. It’s scary to mess with the elephant.. however, doing nothing is an option I will not consider.

    Thank you Mark for this fantastic opportunity to help direct our elephants’ destinations. Look out dreams!

  • Hi Mark, I feel that I have a lot to learn, but I know that with your help I can reach the top. It will be a new start and I am looking forward to working with you. I have my cards in hand and am writing down my three objectives that I will complete tomorrow. Thanks for the insight. This will be tough but with your help Iwill make it. Chet Suiter

  • Another great video Mark….thank you! I’m on track & more than ready to roll with this new way of thinking. Always enjoy a new challenge & so thankful to be a part of your course. Thanks for all you do!!!

  • Hi Mark,
    I’ve just experienced what you said in this video.
    I had a great couple of weeks sponsoring doing
    my business and then bam this week I haven’t had
    energy,slow week I’ve been wondering what happened, I’m still the same guy. I’m really excited to get going on the master key program. I think its
    the missing link the Lord has lead me too.
    Take care and God Bless.

  • Hi Mark,
    I’ve just experienced what you said in the video.
    I had a great couple of weeks sponsoring, working
    my business then this week bam I’m tired, no energy
    slow week. I’m wondering what happened. I’m still
    the same guy. I’m so excited about starting the master key master mind program. I think it is the missing link the Lord has lead me too.
    Take care and God Bless.

  • Another great video….thanks Mark. I am on track & looking forward to this new journey. Always up for a change…..definitely long overdue! Thank you Mark for all you do!!!!

  • Mark,
    Enjoyed the videos! I find it amazing that we each hold our power as well as our self limiting possibilities within ourselves. So many things are achievable if we simply free ourselves and allow the proper thinking process to direct us. Brings to mind lyrics from an Eagles song . . . . “So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key” I want to kind my key!

  • Hi Mark and The Fabulous Davene!
    I’m in and I’m ready!
    I have never done a Master Keys training, but I am tired of my excuses for not getting it done…here I am…26 weeks…I have my card with three things…my TV is out of the bedroom, in the living room only…I really don’t watch it unless it’s family movie time. I look forward to getting over impossible…I am ready!
    Thank you for doing this!

  • Aloha Mark,

    We don’t have TV anywhere in the house.

    We are starting over in a new business and also needing to find and move into a new home. That’s a lot up in the air! I expect your course will help, like a rudder on a boat.


  • Mark,
    Thank you so much for giving from your heart. I am looking forward to learning more from you.

  • thank you for considering the course

    be the gift today….this is the strangest secret in the world… already are the ‘BE’ you need to be

    believe & keep growing
    mark j

  • David

    thank you for considering the course

    I cannot begin to tell you how much those paintings have meant to us …thanks for your thoughts and prayers

    believe & keep growing
    mark j

  • Mark,
    Thanks for the information you’ve already shared in the videos I’ve viewed. I’m leaning forward…taking the advised actions…and waiting to view the next video.

  • thank you for considering the course

    your honesty makes us certain you are ready …..wanting change and being ready are 2 different things….ready is when it happens

    believe & keep growing
    mark j

  • thank you for considering the course

    you are right… is not getting the power, it is just reactivating what we were freely given

    believe & keep growing
    mark j

  • thank you for considering the course

    BINGO!! you got it….thinking about what you want short term and I love you are thinking about investing in yourself

    believe & keep growing
    mark j

  • thank you for considering the course

    the teacher and student is within you….being ready is 99%….the 1%? easy

    the only hard part is getting ready and that is behind you

    believe & keep growing
    mark j

  • thank you for considering the course

    I feel you Steven….do your best to embrace your honesty… have it and that makes us ready for change….buckle up

    believe & keep growing
    mark j

  • thank you for considering the course

    you are in the sytsem Gary…..I just can’t see taking this path without your postive attidude

    believe & keep growing
    mark j

  • thank you for considering the course

    it is not like the short videos…..which are like nice Strip Steaks…’s more like a side of beef….no salad, no veggies….just meat and lots of it 🙂

    believe & keep growing
    mark j

  • thank you for considering the course

    I love that analogy….great story…..and you know what is coming next…..that cream, your best performance, is within you and ‘all’ the course and work let’s you know it’s always been there waiting for you to summon it….I am so happy you are looking at this.

    believe & keep growing
    mark j

  • Thank you for considering the course

    yes, Buffalo….the skills work because you did the work… nice of you to give credit but the real credit is yours

    believe and keep growing
    mark j

  • Incredible…TV? Gone ?

    give it a week…..and notice how much better things start to get if you feed your mind

    thank you for considering the course

    mark j

  • thank you for considering the course

    it’s already in you Josh, already in you….more gold than you can imagine to obtain life’s real riches

    mark j

  • thank you for considering the course

    we are not giving you opportunity, you are…..think about it!

    and once that happens……everything changes
    mark j

  • Rob

    I can’t convey how thrilled I am you are checking this out….as a Rob Kenyon fan, your kind words are very meaningful

    and…..being a wiley observer….you picked a great thought to drift off to

    mark j

  • in the 26 weeks there will even be enough information for you Doug 🙂

    Actually, while I love your kind words the “aikane’ is within you 🙂

    thanks for all the time you’ve shared with me and keeping me focuses on P90X

  • Hey Mark & Davene,
    I am very excited to be in the class. I like the improvements with the videos. I cannot wait to see what is comming next. The spiritual energy that come through is very powerful. It gives me goosebumps to listen to your story, because I was with you during part of that time. When you were on the east coast and told us that your dmp was to move to the islands. Wow, you did it!!! It is very cool…. This will help me get on track… I guess that I am a slow learner…. or maybe just slow to action… I have grown and just need some more of that lazor focus… I love you both.

    Divine blessings to you and your family,

  • (sorry – 88 comments overnite & growing, my mailbox is overwhelmed, so un-selecting notification of follow-up comments via email. Still able to read ’em on the blog.)

  • Hello again Mark +++,
    For some reason my entry last night did not get through. Anyhow, THANK YOU for your time sharing your wisdom with us. I did the ‘THREE THINGS TO DO’, and woke up with them on my mind and they are being worked on. Looking forward to video #3. Bless you all.
    Bill W.

  • hi mark, i appreciate every bit of info i’ve recieved from you, i’m ready and very anxious to move forward. i wish you the best of all. carl

  • Hi Mark, I appreciate every bit of info that I’ve recieved from you and I am ready and very anxious to move forward. I wish you the best of everything.


  • Mark, thank you! I am pumped & ready for the next step! Followed your instructions last night. Many of these posts brought tears to my eyes as I see the number of people just like me who are searching deep within themselves for all that God has given us. We were not called to defeat but to victory!

  • Mark, I love the way you ask “would it be okay with you if I….” as a way to keep one’s attention focused and get a person’s permission. I found your second video very valuable and am looking forward to completing the course. Thanks for who you are and your willingness to share the knowledge.

  • Wow…Mark. Thanks for putting all of this together. I’m really looking forward to changing my sub-conscience. I’ll thrilled the 3 things are simple enough to bring along on as a fly the world.

  • Mark, I’m relatively new at this, I am enjoying your personality and the fun you put into this.
    I think learning from you will be easy and something I’ll look forward to.
    Jeanne Hoose

  • Thans for the great information in the 2 videos, I will be looking foward to see the next one and hope to have the opportunity to get all your advises! Thanks again Mark!!!

  • Mark,

    I got the opportunity to show my wife the video last night. At the end she said 3 things to do, 2 cards, three or 4 task for tomorrow to get a head start on, NO TV in the bedroom, (our TV is only hooked up to the DVD player), and Dream about my Dreams and how it would feel to do them! WOW that is wonderful can I do it too.

    I told her, it would be wonderful, this was just the start, and it would get better and be better if we both were together with this.

    Thanks, I believe she is also on Board.


  • Mark, You have given me a lot to think about. I never realized the sub-conscience mind was so powerful. Looking forward to applying what I learned in this video and seeing what happens. Thanks for sharing your story. I have wondered many times during the past year or so why you seemed to be MIA. Looking forward to the Master Mind Course with you!

  • Mark,

    Thanks for all you do. If this training is anything like what you have done in the past it will be fantastic and we can’t wait to get started.
    Steve & Sonia

  • Mark, awesome stuff. My wife and I are learning so much from your skills. Thanks for giving back to the profession!

  • Mark;
    I’m really looking forward to the Mastermind Program. I’ve been fooling around with my Xango Business for almost a year, trying this idea and that Lead Program etc. with no success. I signed up for your e-mails about 6 months ago and like the things you say. When you talked about the Mastermind Program I knew I needed in. Looking forward to the next Video.

  • I was introduced to the Master Keys a few years ago and added it to my collection after getting through the first three CD’s. I am ready now to follow through to the finish line this time. Thank you

  • Mark, thank you for sharing the sunset and the training tips. Great webinar – but what I really want to know is, what did you do to get what you got? lol

    I’m really looking forward to the training!

    Take care,

  • Aloha Kakakiaka Mark

    I believe in 2nd chances…you have given me a 2nd chance to improve my life.


  • Actually… is better because their is a master teacher, within you…..and your decision to say ‘yes’ to the course is something you just need to keep doing…..saying ‘yes’ and summon this power……you’ll quickely discover that you are both the teacher and student… job is to stay out of the way 🙂

  • Just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to
    not only build my business, but I utilize these teachings in my everyday as well. I network every where. I long as I keep breathing, I keep networking.
    By the way, Waimea Canyon was one of the highlights of our visit to Hawaii !

  • Hey Mark-
    As always, you share great advice! I have my index card and have written down my three new things. I appreciate all that you are doing and am looking forward to the next video.

    Your friend,


  • Mark, peace and health to you. Most of us come in riding side saddle. After this course we’ll be riding out like John Wayne. Ain’t that right pilgram!

  • Mark you are truly a blessing and I am thankful for your servants heart. We are blessed to have you share and teach what you have learned and been given

  • Mark,
    I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be involved in this. You are an amazing LEADER! I look forward to learning and growing in this process.
    Thank you!!!!

  • I just found out Mark and Davene J were some pretty cool and knowledgeable folks. Everybody says the MKMMA is going to be great, and I’m really looking forward to it. Would it be okay if we all got a bit richer spiritually and financially? Most people are nodding their head in absolute agreement. Thanks for all you guys do 🙂

  • Mark,
    Excitement to the my future. My ears are open negativity is out and heart and soul is ready to absorb this Master Key. This is the missing link , look forward to see myself change .
    Mr. Skills
    Henry Vigeant

  • I’ve had the privilege to hear Mark speak on a couple of occasions and have always taken away many pages of notes and great tools to improve my life and business. I am looking forward to learning from and applying what he’ll be teaching us. Thanks Mark!

  • Very, very cute El Carbo-ento

    Thanks so much for all your help this past week, it’s great to have a pro like you even checking this out…..

    mark j


  • Fabulous lesson! I really look forward to learning more.Got the index cards out and no t.v. in the bedroom. Thanks Mark!

  • Hi Mark
    Looking forward to the next video. One of my ambitions is to have coffee with you! (on your island)

    Thank you for not charging for your course.

  • those ‘phrases’ are key in recruiting…….there were a few others in the videos and we’ll be sharing the magic certain words have …..during the course

    try this next time you talk to a prospect…….So Sally, would if be OK if I got you some information?

    thank you for considering the course

  • Nope, you are the leader….it may take a few weeks to figure that out…..but you cannot lead where you will not go…..and you are showing courage and leadership by trusting this process….congrats

    thanks for considering this course

  • Write the cards and notice when you read tomorrow’s tasks just as getting into bed to focus on a short term want……your mind….and how many directions it takes on 🙂

    thanks for considering scholarship application

  • Sharon…..

    You and the rest of us are about to engage in the biggest adventure …..our indivdual journeys…..and fear? the MMA will pull ALL of us through

  • No, thank you… are making a different decision…and that is leadership when that decision is about embracing responsibility for how it all turns out….BRAVO

  • Hello Mark,
    It amazes me how so deeply our belief system grip our lives. So many people know so much thing but so few people actually do what they know. So many people fell victim to excuses, blames and denials and are not playing their 100%. So many people got stuck and not being aware of that.
    I am determined to unlearn, get unstuck and to change, I am ready change – in every aspects of my life. Timing is now or Now. It takes commitment, accountability and responsibility.
    Looking forward for actions.
    Thanks and regards,
    Kim San

  • Hello Mark,
    It amazes me how so deeply our belief system grip our lives. So many people know so much thing but so few people actually do what they know. So many people fell victim to excuses, blames and denials and are not playing their 100%. So many people got stuck and not being aware of that.
    I am determined to unlearn, get unstuck and to change, I am ready change – in every aspects of my life. Timing is now or Now. It takes commitment, accountability and responsibility.
    Looking forward for actions.
    Thanks and regards,
    Kim San, Malaysia

  • Hi Mark,

    I am pleasently surprised that I was able to find a place on the blog to comment. I am eagerly waiting for the next step and I appreciate the time you and Davene have spent putting together this Master Mind Presentation for all of us. Looking forward to getting started 9/26/10. Thanks, Renae

  • Hi Kim

    thank you….and you are right about excuses

    the interesting thing is that choice is made before we ever enroll!

    Your honesty around this stuff makes success a done deal. it is when we come to that point, where nothing else is held responsible ….except ourselves…..and we couple that with an authentic mastermind….the blueprint can be designed for effetive action instead of excuses.

    we appreciate you looking at this course

    mark j

  • Hey Mark, thanx 4 the help…it worked this time.
    Can’t wait to get going buddy, were all going to grow together…Thanx 4 all you do 4 so many.

  • Mahalo Mark and The Fabulous Davene,
    Well it is 3AM AGAIN lol and I am STILL at it!

    Mark, I went and purchased (and read to the scroll) the book you recommended…

    The Engines are revving and raring to go!

    I must say, I have studied for MANY years this type of stuff.

    I have personally viewed the Compass and the Secret OVER 125 TIMES!

    Nuts huh… or… commitment.. hmmmm

    Oh well, it is WAY to late to burn anymore brain cells on that thought lol

    But I MUST SAY, I have not been so anxious to get started like I am Now!

    Mark, you and the Fabulous Davene ARE AWESOME and I am grateful to consider you friends.

    Have an AMAZING weekend!


    Tony “TelecomSlayer” Profit

  • Will be taking my index card to bed with me tonight! And thinking of what I’d like in the short-term. Thanks! Looking forward to learning more.

  • Hello Mark & Davene
    I love the ocean so listening to you and seeing the waves and the surf is spectacular! So happy that you both are living the life you were meant to have together! Looking forward to the next video. I am off to bed with my cards! No tv in our bedroom! I always before going to sleep make time to thank and be grateful for what we have. Thanks for your time and trainings!
    Aloha:))) Margo

  • Hi Mark,
    I am ready! I have my card with three things- no TV in the bedroom and excited! I am tired of my excuses- and making things harder than they should be. Thank you for your leadership!

  • I am READY To Roll!!!
    (Or shall I say, I have been for years but NEVER KNEW YOU Mark!!!)

    I OWN MY LIFE and am able to commit the hours it takes, to do what need to get done!

    Bring it!

    Tony Profit

  • Thanks Mark, for another great video, I have to say…you are SOOO easy to listen to !
    I can’t wait to get really into the MEAT of the Master Mind System…I am READY to move ahead !
    Thanks again,

  • The vision of a new “me” is growing in my mind and I can honestly see it, feel it, still blurry though…. The darn little fingers of “fear” of being successful still tug at me, but I swear they aren’t as strong. I feel silly even saying and acknowledging them……I hope and pray you’re right about getting past all that.

  • Mark,
    This is just another of your unselfish ways to help a fellow man or woman.
    You always put others first and you are a blessing to all who you come in contact with.
    I am looking forward to this study.
    Thanks for your help and I look forward to spending more time with you and the lovely Davene.

  • You probably already know this, but it appears we have overwhelmed the server again. I’m getting an error message for opting in after viewing the 3rd video….will try again after we’re home from church.

  • Mark,
    Tremendous so far and its just about to begin. I am in and look forward to the next 6 months of development.
    Thank you

  • Mark, The 3rd video put it all in a nut shell..Are you commented or not I am. Tried op-in but said was all ready register. Waiting for instructions to proceed.

  • I too have gotten the “already opted in” message. The video was great. I have already got a pack of cards set aside. Yes, I had already committed at least one hour per day to the MKMMA.

  • I did what you instructed after the 3rd video & also got the “already opted in” message. I am committed to the MKMMA & ready to follow through. No problem with a one hour a day to change the course of my life.

  • Hey Mark,
    Have completed the instructions in video 3. I guess all of us get the “already opted in” message, so waiting for the email instructions.

  • The 3rd video of Master Key Master Mind Alliance is as always a joy to listen too. Looking forward to being my new life they way I have always dreamed.
    Wanda Robinson from idaho

  • Ok, back from church….took my mom who hasn’t been in over a decade…..what a joyful experience for me…..the music seemed to reach her. I pray so hard for her to be healed.
    Still getting the opt in error that says I’ve already confirmed…..on the upside, have ordered ‘The worlds’ greatest salesman’ book. Do you know one of the biggest draws for me taking this journey Mark? When you say we’ll learn how to manage ourselves and not time, but have more of it! That’s encouraging because I manage to see whole weeks go by and wonder where the time went! I am so looking forward to getting started.

  • I also got the same message. Not sure how else we can opt in if that is the reply we get? I too am totally committed to MKMMA. I am opting in however I can find a way.

  • I am getting the error message also. Apparently because we signed up to receive new comments as they are posted. What we really need is the email with the detailed requirements re: blog, and twitter etc…

  • I am so excited by the three things today, I can’t wait for the rest of the Master Key and the Master Mind Alliance. Fortunately, I don’t have to do number 3. There is no TV and I rarely watch anything on the living room TV.

    I hope the rest of our tasks will be as simple. But I know that if they are, we won’t learn and grow. So, here’s to some challenging assignments.


  • In order for me to have change I must change. I look forward to acquiring a predominate mental attitude that embraces success, and has the freedom of having an open mind to explore and embrace successful opportunities
    Thanks Mark

  • Hi Mark,

    Just got this 2nd Video. I really like how you are getting us to do some simple things to start the re-programming of our subconscious mind. Looking forward to next Sunday.

    Thanks for all you do to help us.

    Brian Redding in Chicago

  • Mark,

    Thank you for 3 tasks. I am looking forward to changing my thoughts to give me the results I have always dreamed of.

    Brian Bush

  • Hi Mark. Enjoyed watching this video. Learned a couple of new things also. Must ask….will you please forward the original (1st) video to my email as I was not able to see it when I clicked on the link and I do want to still be eligible for the scholarship. Thanks so much! Enjoy this beautiful
    day in Hawaii!

  • WOW! What a great opportunity! Ready to get started and change the way the mind set is.
    Thanks for the great inspiration.

  • Mark,
    The videos are really a great pace, both in content and in when you make the next one available.
    As you were discussing what is involved in the MKMMA, I was blown away and humbled to think that you and/or the fabulous Davene would be actually taking time to interact one-on-one! May God richly bless you for your incredible generosity in sharing not only the information, but also yourselves with us! Incredible!

  • Hello Mark,
    I realised a while back that I didn’t have the skills I needed for MLM and I have been searching.
    Recently I decided to stop listening and just do!
    Well …. that didn’t work same old habits; then I saw your posts on a company website and finally looked at your site. Your videos have already made some things patently clear to me.
    Thank you for giving of yourself in the way you are with your skill sets, videos and your scholarship opportunity.

  • […] am incredibly excited about the scholarship I was given for a Master Keys course. This will be an opportunity to learn and crack the code of my true desires and to achieve […]

  • Mark,
    You rock!!! This video alone will double networkers income. The power of the 3×5 notecard. 1. EAT BREAKFAST 2. ACT AND TALK LIKE MARK 3. TALK TO ONE NEW PROSPECT

    Thanks, see ya on the next video.

  • Hello Mark,
    I came across your comments on a company chat site and it was just in time. Having just decided to stop listening to all sorts of gurus and just get out there and DO. However, I knew I lacked something …but…. “What did I lack?” Your post just rang true and I visited your site then listened some more.

    Your skill videos have been truly simple and enlightening. Seeing the simple truths in what you were giving to those of us looking for something, I now find myself awaiting your scholarship mentoring.

    Gratefully yours,
    Damian McVeigh

  • Thanks so much Mark & Davene for this opportunity of a lifetime. I’m still working to get the video’s up but from the others I’ve watched and knowing you from the past I know, no one who truly takes the next 6 months seriously will fail.

    I’ve read many of the posts from others like myself who are willing to make the sacrifices needed to take this course and make it part of their life. Can’t wait to meet each one and see how they grow as well as share my Personal Growth.

    I’ve been on a Personal Wellness Journey for some time. This is just the next step.Thanks again.
    Agape’ O. Darlene Wood

  • I’m looking forward to doing this program with my partner/ sweetheart, Gayla. We are both looking forward to growing our new Networking business, faster! via this program. Thanks for letting me in, even though I signed up exactly at the stroke of midnight.

  • Hi Mark,

    Now that I have down loaded Quick Time I am able to view all videos on my computer. I am so excited to begin this journey. Wow! I am looking forward to learning a new blue print. Living from intention. Be. .Do.. Have. Thank you so much Mark and Davene.
    Renae Massey

  • Mark and Davene your 3 Mastser Minds videos are so professional and informational. I have certainly learned a lot from them. Keepup the professional work and thank you both so much.

  • You always have such inspirational and thought provoking comments. I like the comments you make at, print them and will read them when I get lost in what I am supposed to be doing. The videos are as amazing as your comments. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • I enjoyed what I heard on this video #2. I am glad that it was presented in a way that held my attention because since Sunday, I’ve been dealing with my husband being in the hospital facing heart surgery. When that episode is over, then I’m sure I can be more focused.
    Thanks for the opportunity, however, to be eligible for the scholarship.

  • Hey Mark,
    By default I have removed the TV. I got rid of Cable. Now to set up my 1 hour dates with family members. That was a powerful message that has long lasting benefits. Still working on making the last hour my most important one. Have the books and cards and the desire to finish what we are starting here. These people are right about following your lead when it comes to the way we say things. Thank you for bringing your years of experiences into our lives. Can’t wait to continue our journey together.

  • Mark I received my confirmation I am ready to start rolling. Thanks to you and Davene this is a very new experience for me and my team. We are looking forward to doing it. Some of the assignments will have to be late at night due to working JOBS. Thanks again.

  • This program could not have been more timely for me. I disconnected my cable service last Monday, and I am serious about my commitment. Thank you for sharing your experience and talents with us.

  • Thank you Mark & Davene,
    What you shared this evening is in part things I’ve been working on now for a couple years, some even more.
    However, having the steps laid out and the reminders on a daily basis will be the Next Step in truly Being the Strong Leader I’ve chosen to be.

    Also the Master Mind Group here will help me set one up for my Business as well.

    This isn’t a one week or one month course for me. It is 6 Months to Financial Freedom.

    Thank you so much.
    Agape’ O. Darlene Wood

  • I had to turn off browser cookies to be able to send you any comments. I am determined to learn how to do this process. I lost this comment box for a time now I found it again.

  • Hello Mark & Davene,
    Thank you for last evening. I am still digesting all of my notes and the e-mail sent today. Great beginning. Be Blessed & Thank you again. Bill W.

  • Hello Mark and Fabulous Davene 🙂
    I am Sad Today 🙁

    Huh? what? why?

    I took TERRIBLE Notes on the PC and then it CRASHED half way through the video… Gotta Luv Technology, right? lol

    O btw, the link above to the word video needs the “,” replaced with a “.” Just F.Y.I 😉

    What I did view was AMAZING, I DEVOUR this stuff like Brown Rice and Salmon!

    Ha Ha…

    Lovin’ Life and Lovin’ You two!

    Tony Profit, Life-Style Trainer
    Master Key Pro™

  • I hope this is the right place to blog – I am new at all this. I went crazy last night trying to take all the notes and not wanting to miss anything. The video from Davene today is helpful. You were both wonderful as usual. Thank you.

  • This course is awesome! I am so excited about changing my blueprint and developing habits that support my success and allows me to be the person God created…instead of a ‘mere shadow of who I am’. Thanks Mark and Davene!

  • Mark,
    Your first MK class felt to me like these truths had always been struggling to get free. I had never known how to give expression to what I felt.
    Thank you, I am in anticipation of the next 25 instalments.

  • Finally received my two books; blazed through up to Scroll #1; have to stop there before Scroll #1, right? Already learning that Harmony is almost magical, and it works from day one. Thanks for all this, Mark & Davene!

  • Hi Mark,

    After a few days of following the MKMMA system I find myself somehow uplifted. I don’t know how to discribe how but I feel something is happening withing my being… for one thing, things that use to bother me don’t as much.

    I might have missed some videos from you but I am doing my daily activities to the T on the reading aspect and the mental exercise but I missed some on prospecting calls but I am getting some results.

    I am understaning the Master Key part one more and more; and I read the first chapters of Og’s The Greatest Salesman of the World and I have been touched to tears. You have no idea how happy I feel for being in your group and for the first time in my life I feel things are changing as I understand more and more the relation between the world within and the world without.

    Thank you so much and a big hug,


  • Hey Mark and Davene, Thanks again for giving us so much of yourselves. This weekend has been really hard for assignments, because we are away on Smith Island for a long week end retreat with family. It has been a great time for bonding, but a hard time to find quiet time alone.

    I am really finding that I am truly beginning to find and wrap myself around my DMP.

    Also, I have found an internet connection here on the Island so I can tune in on Sunday…..

  • Mark this week I am getting a clearer picture of what this business is all about since staring with the MKMMA. I am getting a better understanding of the material I have been reading all week. My self confidence is better and I was able to set a presentation for next week.
    I am true believer in Phil 4:13 as well as Romans 12:2.
    “Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough”
    I am looking forward to Sunday’s call to receive and apply more information. You and Davine are doing a fabulous job and I thank you both for it.

  • Thank you Mark and Davene,

    This had been a fun week of learning. Focus on my thoughts, desires, beliefs and change my action. It is working for me. The law of attraction. Thanks,

  • Dear Mark and Davene:

    I have been working hard in this business for many years. Now thanks to your training, I will be able to work smarter.

  • wow Boy, have things changed,,I just realized I havent watched tv since I started the master mind,,dont even know what is going on in the news. Before I would get up have a cup of coffee ,turn on the news,,now I have to read the greatest salesman and read my cards, meditate,,,I cant believe it but I have new habits and it s feels sooo good…

  • Thanks you for commenting. It is a very good idea to be able to review. I am really getting behind.

  • I look forward for those calls as well. Lets all keep working on them and for sure TV has gone by the wayside for me. I never watch it .

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