MLM plan of action

I can hear the Uplines screaming!

Can you hear them?

“How dare you tell people to work less?”

People seem, as wifey, The Fabulous Davene likes to say, ‘lose their common sense the minute the application is submitted.’

She’s right.  (Hey, a happy wife is a happy life).

Massive action in MLM is, without a doubt, massive insanity.


We’ve never had to take massive action nor have we preached it on the teams we’ve been blessed to build.

To make beachfront money…

  1. You don’t need to take massive action.
  2. You don’t need to work like your hair is on fire
  3. You definitely don’t need to work faster so you don’t miss ‘vertical growth’
  4. You don’t need to outwork, outslug or outperform a full-time MLMer – a matter of fact, that is a really bad idea

Time Leverage

Is it just me or has someone else noticed that the idea of time leverage has been lost on all the madness being spewed online these days?

Time leverage.  What is it?

Earning money off the efforts of others is the common definition… in exchange for teaching them what to do or having taught how to teach others what to do.

The question is, what should it really look like?

Multi-tasking is a cover-up for missing the real objective
Multi-tasking is a cover-up for missing the real objective

That was the question I had as I lost my MLM innocence in the mid-’90s.

It was right around the time I got to a tad over$7000 a month.  It  became clear to me something was really wrong.  All the leaders were saying people could make $100,000 a year part-time but they were all working full time… hmm!

I noticed as my business grew the demands on my time increased and the percentage of the ‘bumps’ in my income monthly was not as big… hmm.

So I went outside MLM and sought advice about time leverage.  What should it really look like?

Done properly, I found out as your income increases, the time we are investing should stay static.

It was not the case with my business and it surely was not the case with any leaders I knew, and they were the ones who ‘taught me.’

Yes, we must take action

As the old saying goes, “If you’re in a hole, stop digging!”

The real objective of the business, when you get down to it, is time leverage, isn’t it?

We decided back in 1996 to abandon this nonsense about massive action and to focus on time leverage.  What would we have to do, have to change and have to stop doing to achieve the objective… make full-time income in 10-12 hours a week and as our income passed 6 figures plus, still get it done in less than 12 hours.

More outside research, (I love MLMers but unfortunately, most of us, at first, just copy people who are making money without really examining their concept of the business model.)  English?  We look at the paycheck instead of the entire operation.

Could there be a better way?


Before you take ANY action, let alone massive action you must make CERTAIN that the actions you are taking and that you want people to copy have two key components.

  1. They must be effective!
  2. They must serve the objective – time leverage
Stop Digging!
Stop Digging!

The great discovery we made at a one-day business seminar about ‘hitting deadlines and achieving objectives’ was that better than 90% of business people work on efficiency first.

That sure described me, and for most people starting MLM… they do exactly that, right?   We’ve got jobs, families, responsibilities, so we focus on ‘how to fit this in’ while copying the methods of someone making a lot of money, never taking into account effectiveness.

Effectiveness is everything.

Where do we need to be effective?

Talking to people!  The pitch, as it were.

Short is good.

Shorter is better.

Shortest is best.

It takes less than 30 seconds to get someone to agree to look at your business if you know the network marketing skills that are effective.   And, 80% will say ‘yes’ and it should be rejection free.

Imagine that being the case?

Talk to 10 people …8-10 say yes to looking… 6-8 show up.


Does it serve the objective?

Sure, because those skills that work, based on common sense* are easy to teach.

Common sense?  If everybody wants more time, more money and to pay less in taxes, the question is not, “How do I find the right people?”

The question is “How do I learn to talk to people effectively about my MLM?”

Once you do that and teach it to others, your chances of hitting the bulls-eye, time leverage goes up and the idea of working like your hair is on fire and taking massive action vanishes.   It’s not necessary for people who are effective.

What are your thoughts?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing
Thanks For Stopping By and Sharing



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  • The reason that most of is get into mlm in the first place is for time and income freedom. Leveraging our time properly is the first thing we should examine, but usually, that doesn’t happen. This statement, “done properly, I found out as your income increases, the time we are investing should stay static” …..pretty much says it all. We should all take a step back and examine our daily actions to see if we can find areas to leverage our time even better.

    I write down nuggets from each of your posts and I read a few of them on a weekly basis to keep myself on track and moving forward.

  • Genius in it’s simplicity Mark! You know that I’ve done what you teach. Why? Because it works. I’ve made millions because of it and in my last 10 years I only had to work about 10 hours a MONTH and I still made hundreds of thousands a year! I think you called that ……. TIME LEVERAGE! 🙂

  • Kathy, I would like to talk with you for a moment to get a better idea of what to say to people tomorrow when I have a Health Fair.
    541 991-7878.
    I am signed up with the latest class and have read a lot of material and am in need of directions from and expert.

  • OK Mark, this is terrific as far as it goes. What are the specific steps we need to take to achieve this time leverage? Or, do I stay tuned?

  • great stuff…..i always need a shot of go90grow when its been a rough going !!! ….:)

  • I have known a lot of successful marketers that have burned out from taking massive action. The prospecting calls, three ways, demos, etc. take its toll on people. The key for me is to be involved in a networking company with low start up costs, a proven system, and actually provids a duplicate able method, which once set up properly, requires only a few hours a day to keep working. Many of my friends have joined companies that promise the world in training, but do very little for someone that is new. A strong team spirit with authentic leaders (not the fake it till you make it) along with an individual’s determination to do what it takes can lead to success. Focus is a key ingredient. We are often hit with offers that are supposed to improve our skills and get distracted from our target. When you work with a company which is self-contained, it saves much time and following the leaders really does work.
    Go 90 Grow is a fantastic training for anyone as it includes masterminding sessions and personal development/mindset training.

  • Dead on, Mark. Until we can easily sponsor at will, then get those folks started correctly and taught how to do the same, we will never enjoy leverage or time freedom.

  • What I love about this article is its simplicity, and as with all your suggestions and mlm education, its common sense that most of us hadn’t discovered as such. The more efficient we are, the easier is the work, to where it doesn’t seem like work, and that’s another advantage of doing this business using your powerful and effective skills. I’m not saying it does not require effort; I practice everyday, but it keeps getting better. As more people are willing to take a look, the simplicity of the process makes for easier duplication. It’s win-win.
    Thanks Markj and the Fabulous Davene.

  • What do I have to learn, what are the ways that work to have people be willing to look at my business? That is actually the easiest part to learn and to teach… thank you Mark and Davene. Giving up wishing what they do once they look is another matter. However, once you find some who are willing, able and ready to learn and go to work, the fun begins. AND 80% of the time is just prospecting. I remember working 40 hour weeks on a job and another 40 at the biz… after a year it was rocking and I quit. I saw my upline working even more hours than me and who wants that?! Not me. If you are not having fun you are doing something wrong.

  • Mark, You always have great Rants! This one is no different.
    Here is my 15 million dollar input.
    To be effective we must think we are.
    To believe we are.
    To feel we are.
    To know we are.
    Then we are willing and able to educate those who want a change in life. There is about 21% of the population who do want to leverage time and freedom the have the heart but they just don’t have the skills.
    We assure them that we are in only one deal, that we have 2-3 hours a week for them and be hands on with them doing calls with them, build a list with them and let them know we are there to train with them until they make the amount of $$$ they want plus confident to teach their people they bring in.
    Duplication is the bi-product of Education. You taught me that and I caught duplication. When people catch duplication 3 deep, then we start making the beach money!!

    Love you Brudda and I will see you on the beaches of the world! New Zealand to start with!!!

    Joseph Mr.PMA Mitchell


  • Mahalo Ron….

    You’re often misunderstood [by the masses Ron] just like the handful that REALLY GET IT!


    You ‘get it’ …..and have not bought into the insanity of more time means more money…..your loyatly to that simple principle, Time Leverage, is why you are so successful

    mark j

  • Aloha Scott…..

    That’s the $10,000 a month with the time to enjoy it question….eh?

    On this site you’ll find a skills area which is a great place to get started with the mechanisms that will hit the objective…..but here are 2 things you can do today.

    1. Write out what you want to make and how many hours you want to dedicate to your business….and…

    2. As you review and put in play the skills on this site become an expert in ‘looking for leverage’ …..[hint: study the 3-Deep Pattern first]

    You’ll find all those skills under ‘Free Networking Skills’ tab

    great question and thank you for stopping by

    mark j

  • Mahalo Marie….

    You’ve hit the bulls-eye…..

    Leadership is not telling showing, hands on, the skills to be successful …which creates focus on goal advancing and income producing activities.

    Not hard to see why you have become the authentic leader we all seek….

    Your so right ……it’s all about the most important person in the organization….the brand new person and lots of [ahem] leaders seem to have forgotten that…

    Keep giving to keep growing…..and I know you do

  • OMG – BAM!!!

    Practice and get better……what a concept!

    That is professionalism that seperates the winners from the want-to-be’s


  • BAM!

    You rock and are so right about duplication being a by-product of education…..

    But……while everybody knows we can’t teach what we do not know………very few people dedicate themselves to learning and service… you have Mr. PMA

    Looking forward to walking the beaches of the world with you…..very soon if memory serves me correctly

    mark j

  • Michael…..

    BAM!! You get it!

    Your success is based on good old fashion common sense and both Davene and I so appreciate you taking the time to stop by and share your wisdom…..

    mark j

  • Absolutely fantastic article. I’ve seen massive action shoved down people’s throats as they’re exhorted to work 24 hours a day if necessary “if they’re serious about getting their goals”.

    I guess if you’ve only got ineffective skills then probably it was sound advice. But as you point out Mark, if you’ve got skills you don’t need massive action to make up for your incompetence 🙂

    The last time I did massive action I not only burnt myself out, but people fell through the cracks because there weren’t enough hours in the day to communicate with them in a quality way.

    It’s very clear that you don’t need to talk with many people at all when you’ve got the Go90Grow skills.

    No more pressure and stress! Thanks Mark.

  • Mahalo Brah!

    While reading this, I can’t stop remembering the many times I’ve heard those exact words from upline, upteam…whatever the title.
    Sponsor, Sponsor, Sponsor….create chaos… then have to manage chaos?…..NO THANK YOU!

    Did it before, never again. The lie of “work part-time 2-3 hours a week”….as I saw my very own Diamond working more than 35 hours a week, and I duplicated that effort with little or no growth at all.

    My own fault…I admit it. I never studied the operations, as you said, just the paycheck. Oh what a mistake.

    Never again! THank you for being who you are and for teaching us the “right way” of doing this.

    Hope to see you soon brah!

  • “You’ve hit the bulls-eye….”

    Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the writing of this reply.

    Mark, I love your approach to building a successful and strong network marketing team! Thank you!

  • Mark, your column and research is interesting…I have requested your newsletter too….what exactaly do you do and how do you do it?

    Let me hear from you, please,

  • Mahao Christine…..

    Clearly, as a ‘vet’ you ‘get it’

    Without a system of HANDS ON SUPPPORT …..we lose a lot of good people…..

    Keep learning and keep giving it away….to keep growing
    mark j

  • Mahalo James…..

    Clearly, you understand this biz…..and embracing our own mistakes is the only way to improve….and succeed.

    It was a pleasure meeting with you in San Diego and I look forward to reading about and witnessing your success….you personify ‘personal responsibility’ and it’s an honor to know people like that….

    Keep learning and keep giving it away….to keep growing
    mark j

  • Aloha Jimmie….

    thanks for stopping by…..

    What do I do? Follow my bliss…..this industry has been so great to us, we’ve been so blessed…..we get to engage in our passion – help others learn the skills and the Success Formula That Never fails…..Think and Grow Rich and the Master Key System…..

    Unfortunately, most people think those are books….in fact they are exercises…..and being able to teach those 2-3 times a year is our passion…..

    Keep learning and keep giving it away….to keep growing
    mark j

  • Hey Mark,
    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE all your teaching, having a difficult time convincing some up-line. But I’m having great success on getting prospects to take a look. Not so much success getting them to call me back after leaving a message. Do you have a tip for this? and also a tip for reaching out via email if that’s the only contact way I have for a prospect? I look forward in meeting you in HI some day.
    God Bless,

  • ^^ Michael Hill- I’ve tried to get a response to this question as well.
    Especially the email tip- to no avail, also what to do when someone prefers to not receive a link or a CD or video, but they say “just tell me about it”-

  • Aloha…..

    Simple skills…..but qualify them first……we don’t do dog-and-pony shows, right?

    Meaning……”Harry, I’d love to tell you about it….it’s about 90% visual….so I can paint pictures with words for about 2-3 hours and then you’re going to want to see it ….which takes about 20 minutes… WHAT WOULD BE EASIER FOR YOU HARRY? For me to paint pics with words for 2-3 hours and then see it in 20 minutes or just see it?”

    Set the appointment, get Harry to agree once he sees it, he will give you a decision …….simple

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