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You do need to be a champion but not in the comic book sense…..or sports traditional view of champions.

See the problem with the usual slop that’s dished out at events and on conference calls is that it comes from fear……leaders are trying to inspire with speeches about…..

  • Where you should be…..
  • How you’re going to miss vertical growth if you don’t have a big team when it hits
  • Why you should do this for your family, don’t you care?
  • Working for others sucks…
  • If so-and-so can do it you should too!
  • Yada, yada, yada

Write this down…..fear does not inspire the fearful…..and creating that kind of “competitiveness” in your group never leads anywhere good…..

Why?  It creates negative competitiveness.   We’re all a little excited and a little scared when we start……and these fear based statements exacerbate our deepest worries.

Once I realized I needed to become a champion of my own weaknesses and shortcomings [no, you are not alone 🙂 ], I also realized nothing inspires others like average guys/gals like me gaining victory over themselves……and that would…..create a kind of leadership that gave others’ permission to succeed ……in defeating their demons…..crushing the cause of their excuses.

All you need is the heart of a champion and you already have it……it’s just waiting to be unleashed.

Everything depends on what we think……so learning how champions think who had to overcome a lot more than I did seemed like a good idea.

For the past few posts I’ve shared what I learned from Ernie Banks and Satchel Paige…..but it was this sage wisdom from Satchel that unleashed the champion within by helping me understand something we all need to know to by-pass fear…..


Well, now you’ve got 5 of the 6 pieces ………to rescue the champion within.

This one was the last piece of the puzzle……and if you review these as a ‘whole’ instead of 6 parts you won’t just win…’ll win big and you’ll win right now.

The really cool thing is that sharing these with your team will insulate them from getting scammed by the latest lead system or magic marketing strategy……

This …..I promise….is what makes things happen…..positive things……virtually on command…..


These don’t need to be big things on the list folks…’ve just got to feel blessed by them…..really blessed.

Einstein said life is ‘either a series of miracles or it is nothing’ …..decide.


  1. Tommy, my dog
  2. Coffee
  3. A cigar
  4. The illuminated ones [Buddha, Fox, Haanel]
  5. Bible
  6. I can see
  7. Fresh air
  8. I can climb the stairs
  9. P90X [hate it but love it 🙂 ]
  10. Work and opportunity


  1. Biggest coffee plantation in USA 4 minutes from home
  2. A home
  3. Wifey
  4. I can see in color
  5. My friend Doug C from NH
  6. Allie’s broken arm is healed
  7. Shower
  8. Non leeching plastic bottles to drink from
  9. Arugula – something really Italian here in paradise
  10. The Carpenter from Galilee

Gratitude is a cause…….not an effect…….and it’s not the size of the thing your grateful for …’s the size of the gratitude in your heart…..

See……the more grateful we are……the more things happen to be grateful for……

“Don’t pray when it rains if you don’t pray when the sun shines”

So thanks Satchel, I’m grateful.

Hope you enjoyed this 4 part series on the heart of a champion…….if you can see it in them…..or in anything I’ve written…..then know that it is in you……you simply cannot recognize something that is not already in your consciousness…..

So……join the conversation and let me know what you’re grateful for below….I’d be grateful.

I’ll get you rolling……..I’m grateful to be able to give you 2 more networking skills with no sales page


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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