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The next 90 days will make or break your 2013 dreams.

Bold statement?

Think again.

If I was basing this on my 20 years of experience it would be an opinion.

It isn’t.

It’s all over Think and Grow Rich… but in MLM you can actually gain an insurmountable 4-month advantage over your competition and, more importantly, yourself.

Can you imagine having a 2 lap head start in a 4 lap race?

You’ve heard the old saying a 1000 times.  “If you’re not planning to succeed, you’re planning to fail.”

It’s true.

But let’s start with a little Zen …to interrupt what you may be thinking, and if you’ll open up to this idea, you’ll discover that you’ve never failed at anything.

You game?

A Perfect Plan

Hill writes in Think and Grow Rich that you need a ‘perfect’ plan.

Expert help to make sure, he calls it a mastermind (not to be confused with this pitch-fests in big arenas or cookie-club conference calls.)

You must first, to build a ‘perfect plan,’ understand the difference between an objective, strategy, and tactics.

There is no debate. A goal without a plan is a wish.

And it’s in the tactics that most people fail.   They simply do not know what to do daily.  They’ve got no written plan so they are planning to fail.

One of the crucial components of Go90Grow© is hands-on help in both defining a real Definiteness of Purpose and hands-on help with a mastermind of experts that helps you define, refine and then perfect a customized plan of action.   Most people know this course fills quickly… and this is not a ‘scarcity’ tactic.  The hands-on help (not emails, but personal attention) limits the size of the class, obviously.

It will be released on the 11th of Oct. so November and December are massive for you.  But for readers of this blog, you can get the information and 3 free video skill based series on the 10th of October right here.

Want an insurmountable advantage right now?

Did you know most MLMer’s pack it in by the end of October?  Oh, they do a little in November but it’s really just cleaning up some odds and ends.

It’s really important that you know why they do, so you can alter what happens in the last 7 weeks and hit 2013 explosively.

This gives “pros’ an insurmountable advantage.


There is  NO COMPETITION in the last 7 weeks of the year!  It’s like 49 days of Christmas.  In a row.  December is, if you know why, the greatest month of the year.   The closing ratio is off the charts.

It has always been my best recruiting month and the leaders I work with experience the same exact mega closing ratio.

I’ll be doing a webcast tonight, Thursday the 4th… and explain this little known and seldom used strategy.

If we can’t keep them engaged, good luck getting them ‘re-started’

And, we’ll go a step further.  We’ll help you build, step-by-step, a perfect plan for the last quarter of the year.   You’ll know exactly what to do over the next 90 days and you’ll be able to instantly put this in play with your teams.   It’s pretty simple, actually.

This will launch your 2013 on the right foot.

Imagine new, trained, motivated people on your team, white-hot and rolling the first week in January while others are trying to get their teams rolling in the middle of the month sometime.

And we all know that’s like pulling teeth.

We’re going to share the plan has given us a 4-month head-start over 95% of MLMers, year in and year out, and then we’ll break it down into the tactics you need to know.

Only 2 types of people in the world

There are the type of people who are already ‘promising’ to make 2013 different… and the type of people who realize if 2103 is going to be big, they’ve got to improve now.

See, resolutions simply do not work.

All that crap we promise on January First – quit smoking, exercise, walk the dog more – never happens.  Not for more than a few days anyway.  Then it’s back to old habits.

Here’s why.  They had the idea earlier than the 1st but WAITED… in other words, they hesitated to act on an idea that would create change.

Sadly, they stay the same, so do the results.

Is 2013 your Breakthru year?

It’s a decision, not luck.

If you’ve decided 2013 is your breakthru MLM year, your time, then you already know you need to improve, learn some new skills and master them prior to 2013 for 2013 to be your best.

Grab a spot on the webcast right here, and let me make this really clear.   We’re doing this for our readers for zip because it’s you, the readers, who have spread the word about this site.

We wanted to thank you in a meaningful way.   So we’ll be telling it all and there won’t be any pitch at the end for the advanced version.  We appreciate the loyal readership, how much it’s grown, the comments, feedback …and that’s all you.  I’m going to be giving you a very simple blueprint that will separate you from the pack and set in motion a 4th quarter that will set the tone for your biggest year, 2013.  Quite simply, you’ll be better.  So will your team.  It would probably be a good idea to share this webcast and post with your teammates if you think keeping them focused in the 4th quarter is a good idea.

Let me know what you think in the comment section that, in addition to a specific plan for the next 12 weeks, would help you hit your objectives in 2013.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Mark,
    Excellent video. It was a great reminder of what needs to be done on a daily basis in order to really succeed. God bless you!
    Milo Karhu

  • Mark, great stuff as always …but; you are as bad as me !

    I laughed when I glanced up at the article URL to see it read “making 2014 your breakthru mlm year!” – wishing your years away or not quite remembering what day/week/month or year it is must be a networkers trait..

    Or perhaps that’s what happens when you spend every day on the beach!


  • Yeah for sure great stuff Mark. and what is so great about it, it can be used for any part of life so multi-bonus for all of us! thanks again Mark!

  • Whether the message of your blog hits me like a bazooka or a light tap on the shoulder (and more often toward the former!..), there’s ALWAYS something valuable to take away, not to mention the AMAZING things you GIVE away! Thanks, Mark. You’re on my Gratitude list on a regular basis!!! 🙂

  • Aloha Michael

    Thanks for the kind words…..but let’s be clear on 1 thing….you ALWAYS take personal responsibility….it’s in your comments, posts and actions.

    It’s that elegant virtue that makes it easy to understand your success.

    We’re grateful for you stopping by and sharing

    mark j

  • Thanks Trish….

    I love the bazooka idea….been hit with several myself over the years. Very distrubing and at the same time very freeing from the bondage of my own denial about areas I need to improve in. 🙂

    mark j

  • Lydia…

    So cool of you to make that point about life.

    Not hard to see why your book, Jalapeno Handshake, is so rapidly spreading in the community and beyond.

    mark j

  • Mahalo Milo

    And you are sooooo correct….its what we need to do on a daily basis that manifests the dream.

    mark j

  • Neil

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing….hey, that’s networking 🙂

    And, yes….I did have it as 2014…..funny about living here, living the dream….we’re no longer losing track of the day of the week… we’re losing track of the year 🙂

    It’s all good.

    mark j

  • Mark,
    Excellent stuff. Most of us know what needs to be done on a daily basis but tend to forget it over time. This is a reminder to get my butt in gear and do what it takes to win the day.

    Bill Craft

  • I wish I would have seen this two days ago so I could have watched the webinar. Any chance you’ll be posting the recording? I would have loved to have attended! Thank goodness I’m on your list now and this won’t happen anymore!


  • For years I have been looking for somebody to teach me how to actually Do the “How To” I hope I have it in your teachings Mark,

  • Mark, before I knew of you I was the “Wing it” guy. I was lead to your blog in Feb 2012 and I watched the special videos that are coming up soon, and knew I had to find a way to get in on your lifetime membership of the skills you share on the perfect plan.
    I missed it in Feb. by one day of the cut off date and was so excited that you did it again in May and now, I have that perfect plan in place and work it everyday of my business with NO Effort!! I sow my OATS and take my inventory each week and I can see growth each week!!!
    Mahalo Mark!!

  • Aloha Mark and Davene! You two are simply amazing. I am reminded once again how go90grow has positively impacted my life. I absolutely love sowing OATS each and every week. It just pays off and I am reaping the rewards. Been doing the scripts in our real estate investing business, as well. It’s incredible works great across the board! Most importantly it has been the “Think and Grow Rich” material that has deeply influenced me. I’m now into Charles Hannel, “The Master Key System” and can clearly see why you challenged us in go90grow to REALLY stretch our mental capacity. You’re right, it is the hero’s journey. What a change in my mental outlook. I am deeply grateful. Like Trish said in her post you and Davene are on my gratitude list! Blessings and Love my friends-

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