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So what makes someone a great MLM earner?

Is it timing?

Great team or company culture?

Kick-ass products that are one of a kind?


Well, if you guessed luck, you are correct.  Luck is what makes or breaks an MLM earner.  Don’t get me wrong, success is not capricious.

Spirations Create MLM Earners

The luck I am referring to is a combination of the 2 spirations

Perspiration and preparation.  And a little bit more.  Perspiration and preparation will earn you excellent checks… but what makes someone a great MLM earner?   The little bit more.

Most people think preparation means showing up on time, having your materials ready and having prepared for Tuesday’s calling session the night before so when you walk into your office you are good to go.  While that counts and matters, it is really the tip of the iceberg in terms of preparation.   It is all that and a little bit more to be a big MLM earner.

So the little bit more?


MLM Earners

So what was the real point of those little “13” tests?   Outstanding preparation.  See when we sponsor someone we have been given something enormous, something huge.   They joined, everyone joins, for the same exact principle – the hope of a different outcome.

Isn’t that really why you joined?   Sure, exactly what we all desire is a wonderfully individualized thing but the principle is identical.  They trusted you with their dream, they trusted you.

So let’s look at that second test again.  If we are going to make some money, we need to learn some skills.  New people don’t have MLM skills and while their job is to learn them so they can be an MLM earner, it’s your job to teach them.

So the great MLM earner will do the 2 spirations and a little bit more.   The little bit more to be fully prepared?  You’ve got to learn and master the skills that will get the results.

MLM earner
Newbies Need Skills

Get on that Second List

They will hear about others quitting, failing, giving up… and you have this great opportunity to help them learn the skills, be an MLM earner and manifest their vision.  And if you are prepared and help them it will be your name going someplace on that second list of 13!

But it gets even better.

You see, once they grow in their skills that you taught them, they will pass them one to people in their group.  And there is no logical end to the ripple effect doing the right things right can have.  They’ll end up on someone else’s short list of people who impacted their life with skill, friendship, and help.

And it gets better… those they teach will end up on that great second list and that is exactly how the real big MLM earner finds their way.

So, how’d you do on those two lists?

Here is that skill… and if you’ll learn and teach it, you’ll be on the short list too.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

MLM Earner
The Fabulous Davene

BTW By the way, The Fabulous Davene and I will be in Paris sharing the Simple 6  (the key skills we all need to grow huge groups). Paris in the spring?  Why not?



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