All done talking to people who are not motivated?

Finished with people who say they don’t have the time?

Had it with excuse makers?


Done with people who don’t have MLM experience?

Looking for the perfect prospect?


You’re done.

Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

There is no such thing as a perfect prospect, or a bad prospect… until we talk to them.

It’s all you, baby.

With Success Coach Kathy Zimmer’s permission, I’m going on my first bully-pulpit outburst of the year.  Longtime friend and mentor Kathy says I get 4 a year… ‘so make them count.’

Look, everybody wants more time, money and to pay less in taxes, and, if folks are successful in MLM, in your deal, that is EXACTLY what they get, win, achieve… whatever.

Great prospects are everywhere

Every single time you talk to a prospect a sale is made.  Every-single-time.

Who Sold Who?

Either you sell them or they sell you.

This insanity, and that is what it is, this insanity and addiction to leads have brain-damaged 10s of 1000s of your MLM brothers and sisters.

I posted last week that Leads do not make Leaders… and still, the addiction remains in an aggressive state …devouring MLMers daily.

Well, I’m pissed.  This Zeitgeist that is growing…that is, the general cultural belief about leads is so far from what it takes to be successful in MLM it is terrifying.  Really.

Again.  Every time you or I talk to someone about our business a sale is made.

They sell you on ‘why not’ or you sell them.

That’s it.

There is nothing in-between.

And if anyone has an argument with that they are road kill…dead meat…done.

How can I be so sure?

As long as we believe we’ve “just got to find the right people” – what a crock of bullshit – we instantly and unconsciously give ourselves permission to NEVER look at the possibility that it might be us.

A little common sense, OK?

Look, do you know ANYONE who wouldn’t like more time, money or lower taxes?

Hell, I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t want ALL three!

If they want what we have, it’s what we say and do.  It’s US, not THEM.

This realization was a career changer for me…really.


By realizing it was me, not them, opened my mind to the idea of improving, learning, getting better at what I do.

What do we do?

We Talk To People

Talk to people.  Everybody knows if we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people.

What if, I remember thinking…what if someone joins and is successful…hmmmmm

What do they get?



Lower taxes.


The Study Began…

…of how all people make decisions.  Once we know this, everything gets easy to get a yes to looking.


Most people won’t go down this road – the road of common sense and personal responsibility.

Why not?

The Zeitgeist… the collective consciousness… that idea that the ‘right person’ is out there… absolves us from any personal responsibility.  It makes most people suckers for leads but that’s just the stupid part.  The really bad part, really bad, is that it prohibits us from doing the one thing we must do…improve.

Let’s get back to the perfect prospect.

Folks, when people on your team start telling you who they are not going to talk to, they are looking for the perfect prospect, and I gotta tell you…it’s over.  What that really means is that they are not talking to people anymore.

The lead thing is just another way to behave the same way but make it look like we are doing something productive.

It’s really about personal responsibility and truly understanding that the perfect prospect for your business does not exist UNTIL you talk to him or her skillfully…and turn a ‘possibility’ into a perfect prospect.

A suspect is a name and number.

A possibility is a suspect we talk to who may look.

Find and Fill Needs

A prospect is a possibility we engage with and we turn them into a prospect by creating a belief we can get them what they want – or they turn us away.

This is a simple networking skill, turning suspects into prospects.  Go90Grow members know how.  Check out what has happened for them. (and no, it’s not a pitch.)

A sale is made every single time.

If you just get and teach that, the bottom-feeders peddling magic systems, leads and the biggest lie in MLM won’t have a way to get into your team.

It’s heartbreaking to see sincere folks spending time and money on magic systems.  Think about it.  If that crap worked, why wouldn’t companies use them and by-pass distributors?

It’s simple.  It doesn’t work.  Trust me, if it worked none of us would have an opportunity.  The bigger question is will we take advantage of the opportunity by improving our skills?

failure is not fatal but failure to change may be fatalJohn Wooden

Change into an advocate of personal responsibility and realize if they want more time & money, and they say ‘no,’ it’s us, not them.

It really is you…me…whoever is making the pitch.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • WOW I need this one. I’ve been distracted.

    I now know what my Easter will entail – re-listening to Mark J’s cd’s

    Aaaaah I feel better now.


  • Of course you would agree, we all need a wake up call every now and then.

    Mark puts it in words that just make you perk up and say yes; it is all about your personal responsibility to improve yourself and talk to more people.

    Negotiate and win.

    Bruce Nelkin LMT

  • Ouch, that hit close to home with me. Just being honest. I, like alot of networkers would never make an attempt to a person because they just didn’t fit the mold of what we thought was the perfect person to add to our team. Now, with Mark’s help, I’ve learned I have to talk to people. I am responsible to getting them to make a decision. And I do it in a way that is easy. Thanks for the help Mark!

  • We do keep needing to hear this and share with our Teams. Great link to the “illusion” of working hard and finding the results the same. It is all about the “simple networking skills”.

    It is up to us to do that work with consistent and persistent practice!

    Thanks again Mark for this down to earth post!
    I appreciate you!

    Mary G

  • From time to time we all need a tough love swift kick in the rear end to get us up from our own pity party and realize it is us not the suspect, possibility,or prospect that determine our success.

    Thanks for the kick Mark. I love your training.


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