Network Marketing Prospect

Sponsor up!   No, talk to everybody.

I’ve had it with this nonsense.

I’m Sick and Tired of this Debate!


So totally sick of it.

Why is this even an issue after 50+ years? Good grief.

With a little common sense and the right words to say to ‘suspects’ why would some ever consider NOT running their business ‘up the flag pole and see who salutes it?’

Course the folks selling magic systems and leads want you to believe otherwise.  Why?

The more people they can knock off your list in your mind before you begin, the faster they can sell you their shit.  Not rocket science.

Look, everybody knows, if we’re gonna make some money, we need to talk to people.

But almost within minutes of getting enrolled, we begin thinking of who we should talk to.

And we ask our upline…and the debate begins.

Hey, I was the same way too back in 1993, until someone asked me a question.  One of our daughters, Jackie, likes to say, “your life’s a freakin’ fairy tale.”

It is.  But what is important is how one idea shifted us from debt and desperation to peace and prosperity.

So don’t think the advice you give can’t make a difference.

This should settle the debate if you’re having one.

The Perfect Network Marketing Prospect…or Perfect Words?

Building any business takes some skill and network marketing isn’t any different than any other business in principle.

How to get people to say ‘yes’ is easy, once you know the free network marketing skill.  Actually two network marketing skills.

I just took a shot with everyone and with one exception, each 6 figure earner we found personally came via people who most people would not bother with today.

How do you get a yes in less than 30 seconds?

This sponsoring up nonsense ALWAYS, (yes, I’m yelling) leads to the same tragic end.

The ‘right people’ list gets shorter and shorter and shorter.  We don’t even realize this is really avoiding talking to people.  In and of itself, that’s not good, but where it leads is a business killer.

It ALWAYS leads the search for the ‘perfect prospect’ …who doesn’t exist.

When people in your group tell you they are all done talking to ‘this type’ or ‘that type’ and they are going to ‘sponsor up’ …a screaming red light should go off.  What they are really saying is they are done talking to people.  Every-single-time it means precisely that.  Period.

Learn What to Say – And Keep Running it Up The Flagpole

The perfect prospect does not exist…UNTIL we talk to them.  And if we choose the right words, (you’ll find them in the networking skills), they BECOME a good prospect AFTER we talk to them.

When you increase the number of people who look, two great things happen.

  1. You increase the number of decisions you collect.  And that’s our job.  More decisions mean more money.
  2. You increase the exposure to your business and your list.

People lead to people.  That, in fact, is network marketing.

Once they say yes, you show them duplication is ‘caught, not taught’ and the checks just keep getting better.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Mark! Our product is expensive but if you sign up two people(that buy product) will pay for most of what we would consume each month. So I own my own business, Humitech. But now I’m going to focus on folkes that I would other wise not consider. What’s funny is that my so called “warm market” is colder than a well diggers a$$. They think I’m stupid. Great Tip!!!

  • Hi Mark,

    thank you for this. It’s come at the right time as I’ve just become involved in a new project which is prelaunching in the UK right now and will go live, hopefully, end of the month. I had already maxed out my lists with my previous, and still ongoing, opportunity and wasn’t getting the results. With my new opportunity I am getting results. Why? Because, as you say we should do, I’ve been talking/contacting everyone WITHOUT PREJUDICE! Even those I had mentally rejected for whatever reason. They are showing interest or coming on board. And now you bring this out to emphasize my strategy – guess what I’ll be sharing with my team later!

    Thanks again!

  • When I first started MLM a few months ago, I knew it would work but I just couldn’t quite see how…not for ME anyway. The info you have provided makes so much sense…this IS going to work for me and my family! Thanks Mark

  • Mark, thank you for this wise and huge common sense idea. It helps me to take that energy sucking thorn out of my foot once and for all! From now on, I totally concentrate on improving my communication skills, my creativity to ask the right questions and…I talk to everybody!

  • Thank You Mark for reaffirming the non existence to the ‘perfect prospect’ theory. I have heard my sponsor say he is looking for “the right person” “the big one”. I talk to whom ever about the business. I admit I do not talk to enough people, yet!, however, am learning and I am getting more “Yes” responses. Your tips and video’s have made tremendous difference in my personal growth and my business outlook. Thank you!

  • Mark, as always, you nail it right on the head. Thank you for the direct bluntness, I mention you daily to people that are tired of the jargon and frankly, the lies we have all been fed for years. Wish you could see how many index cards are plastered around my desk with the skills, philosophies and wisdom you share…

  • Hey Mark…this is one point that I got from the get go…it is the reason I decided to talk to a waiter…who turns out to have graduated with a degree in biochemistry…and is drowning in debt…who knew?? Well, you don’t know unless you ask…I see him this Saturday because “some people have found a way to pay for their college education”!! Wow…it really does all come together, doesn’t it?! Thanks so much…

  • Results come to those with GUTS Tammy…..and you are developing GUTS

    The Fabulous Davene, my bride, defines GUTS this way:

    G – go
    U – use
    T – the
    S – Skills

    Thank you for sharing your success. Keep growing

  • BINGO!!

    You’ve nailed it Preston….and made a decision

    Decisive people tend to be successful…while indecisive people tend to fail.

    Keep building on that decision….and if no one thinks we’re nuts or stupid, we simply are not talking to people. So while I don’t spend 10 seconds a month thinking about what people think about my business, judgement born out of close minded ignorance is part of the game. I see that type of stuff as a ‘confirmation’ that the drones of the world are too terrified to accept new thoughts and while not juding them, I’m grateful the life of an MLM is one of open-mindedness and proactive thought about what can be.

    Keep growing

  • Do you have any idea how brilliant the wisdom is within your decision?


    And…..what is astonishing is your decision is backed by an action statement. Wow!

    Something tells me you’re mastering the simple pricples in Think and Grow Rich…..and, more importantly, applying them instantly!

    BRAVO! You made our day, truly magnifcent – decision followed by action.

  • Family? WOW!

    That you have your family linked to achievement is so special…..people who tend to think about themselves usually stuggle, people who have a ’cause’ tend to succeed.

    I just love that you’re purpose is clearly defined and intutively includes others. Tremendous

  • Mark, terrific advice as always, thanks so much for all that you share and do for this phenomenal business. You are helping us see the wood for the trees.

  • Here is an example of saying the right thing to the prospect that I learned from Tom Big Al Schrieter.

    “I just found out how we can earn an extra paycheck each week if you ever would like to know how I will be glad to tell you, meanwhile pass the peas.”

    With this statement if he is interested he will say “oh really how does that work”

    And if appropriate you can reply that “I can give you a complete presentation but it will take an entire minute, when can you set aside a whole minute?”

    If he says now. Then do the following:

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    P.S: Ask me about the one minute presentation!

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