Blog   Like to Turn That 5000 Weight into an ATM? Try Beans

Let’s turn the clock back a couple of years.

Undefeated New England Patriots enter the Super Bowl against the New York Giants.

Huge game…..bigger than any other Super Bowl …, this blog is not about football.

Because the Patriots are undefeated and playing a team from New York, there is more interest and polarity with fans than ever before.

Imagine 2 guys on a plane sitting next to each other. One a Patriot fan the other a Giant fan.

They are flying on a commercial flight that took-off before the first quarter of the game and they are chatting and wondering all during the flight about the game.

3 hour flight heading to Alanta.  They are having fun, wondering, teasing each other a little………and they land in Atlanta.

They get off together and head for the nearest TV screen…..they get there just as the game ends.

The Giants won.

Patriot fan is bummed out….a chance at immorality in the sports world down the drain.

Giant fan?  He is elated.

They see the play of the game a few times and the Giant fan sees the most amazing catch in history….while the Patriot fan sees all the holding the Giants were doing on the play.

What does this have to do with your business and networking?


Both guys knew what they wanted to see happen…..and both guys had strong feelings about it.

The event for both guys was the SAME EXACT EVENT……same game, same key play.

One is thrilled…..the other is really disappointed.

Were their feelings about the event different?  Yes.

Was the event different? No

What was different, the only thing that was different, was their perception of how the outcome made them feel.

The event was totally removed from them, they had no control over it and no matter how they felt before the game ……and about the outcome….it was the same event.

It is the same thing with that little device sitting on each of our desks ~ the phone.

Some of us see a 5000 pound weight…….some of us see an ATM machine that makes money for us every time we pick it up.

Like the Super Bowl I just described…..the phone itself has no effect on us…..same phone…..different perception.


Everybody gets call reluctance from time to time, it happens.

The ONLY difference between successful reps and unsuccessful reps is successful reps simply do the things, whether they feel like it or not….that the  unsuccessful reps make a conscious decision not to do.

It starts with the phone.  email will just not get it done, we all know this.

Over the years I have read enough about overcoming fear to know it’s a real issue…..or is it?

It’s just like the Super Bowl game……once we have call reluctance, anything we read or hear is about fear……so the perception is that it is fear….we all buy that.

Maybe it is not fear, maybe it is.  I am not here to tell you, if you are feeling fear that you are not …..but I can share with you that if we look at things differently, things look different to us.

Our imagination is a powerful and magnificent weapon.

Burn this on the brain:

if we look at things differently, things look different to us


All our dreams, hopes and plans for the future are tied to the phone, so we better deal with it.

There is no middle ground…..the phone on our desk is either a 5000 pound weight or an ATM Machine that spits out $100 bills all day long.

The ‘head stuff’ … know, trying to overcome ‘fear’ …..really doesn’t work, I know that and deep down inside you know that too.

While determination and reading your goals are nice things, do we really believe that phrases like …..’the eye of the tiger’and…. ‘the heart of a lion’ …….and images of other dead animal body parts will really get us to pick up the phone? 🙂

I found a simple formula to deal with the times I just didn’t want to pick up the phone….and it has worked for many, many people with no mention of dead animal body parts or other motivational ploys.


It is really a 2 step method…… turn your phone or anyone’s phone from a 5000 lb. weight into an ATM machine.

Just do this everyday…..anyone can do this…..anyone

Remember the movie ‘What About Bob?’

Start with ‘baby steps’

Get 2 new names today…..2 business cards, add 2 names to your list, Facebook etc…..does not matter where you get them, just get 2 new names and numbers every day.  Everyday means everyday.  2 is easy… steps

Talk to at least 1 NEW person a day about your business…does not have to be one of the two names you got.

If they say ‘no’?  So what.  You did your job.

Next day….same thing… steps.

HIDDEN KEY: No one can do it for more than a week.


That’s right……it is so easy that people feel like they did nothing and in no time you are getting 4, 5, 10 names a day and talking to 2-3 people a day about your business.

Or…..they don’t do it.

The Rule… 10 names today?  You gotta get 2 minimum tomorrow…..talked to 4 people yesterday…..great…..gotta talk to at least 1 today.

One person! Come on…..give me a break.

The hidden key is that it is so simple, makes us feel so good, is so easy and takes so little time……we do a little more and then a little more.

Call Reluctance is GONE 🙂

2-1 …….are you in or are you out?

What this really does is develop name consciousness…..

….you are focused on getting names and talking to 1 stinking person.  The ‘shift’ mentally makes it a game to get 2 and talk to 1……it’s fun and it’s easy….and what’s really cool is instead of trying to overcome ‘fear’ and avoiding the phone, you’re focused on something else entirely…..this is what I mean when I stated…

when we look at things differently….things look different to us

No Hocus Pocus, Just Change the Focus

Best of all… gets us doing what we should be doing and accelerates without effort.

Might take 10 dials to talk to 1 person…….might take 1……no matter……celebrate that you did it.

You’ll quickly be ready to move to the big money with beans.


Get some real beans, uncooked.  Put a certain number…..4,7 10 whatever in your pocket.

You cannot go to bed until you’ve move the beans out of your pocket.

How do you move a bean?

When you talk to a person about the business.  Yes or no… matter…..move a bean.

Of course you could use anythng…..I use coffee beans and have 2 cups on my desk.  One red cup and one green cup.  When the beans are moved from the red cup, all of them, to the green cup……it’s go time….time to go enjoy Kauai……

By the way, God is really showing off here today 🙂 Amazing.

Of course, if you know what to say when you call folks, you’ll get a lot more yeses…..which really makes it more fun.

By the way……have some fun


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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