MLM Growth

It’s Not Complicated

To experience MLM growth you just need to do 4 things.

  1. Invite peeps to look at your stuff
  2. Show ’em your stuff
  3. Collect a decision
  4. Show peeps that say “yes” Steps 1-2-3

So how come something that simple is difficult for most people?  Why do people struggle with this and impede their MLM growth?

Well, first we’ve got to eliminate the whiners, slothful and wishers.

Whiners and slothful peeps have been around since before MLM, so let’s not worry about them.   Wishers are a new breed.   They really, really, really want the business to be something that it is not.   They don’t know it, but they are “wishing” that they could build a network marketing business without talking to anyone.   Just paste a link or use some automated system.  Fantasyland!

And yet, the majority of people, which is who this post is for, understand that if they are going to make some money, they need to talk to people.

So if the company, plan, product, (and industry),  are so wonderful,  why is it so difficult to get MLM growth and duplication?  For the ones trying, wanting to improve, this clip is for you.



Decide going in to an engagement with a prospect that you are aiming at speaking 20% of the time.  Very difficult at first, extremely rewarding.  Why?

It’s difficult because it is a change, but I’ll give you something mentally to fix that right now.

Game changer;  When people enroll are they joining you or joining the opportunity?   If you picked “you” congratulations!  MLM growth is closer than you think!   See, the frustrated non-check cashers don’t get it… and since they believe people are joining the opportunity, you can count on LONG, boring, fact-filled presentations that glaze over the eyes of the prospect.

Think about it!   Why would someone “join” you?   Think you’d join someone who took an interest in you?  Your hopes?  Your dreams?  Someone who spent 60 to

MLM growth
Still “pitching” your agenda and facts?

80% of the time listening… someone who was INTERESTED instead of TRYING to be INTERESTING?   MLM growth really gets down to knowing the difference between persuasion and influence.

The difference between influence and persuasion is massive.   Masters of Influence make BIG, BIG bucks.   It’s a skill. We teach it, but do yourself a favor and just get the book, The Influencer.

I can tell you, point blank, if you were to read one book, only one, this is the one.

Great influencers can change anything, really.   And isn’t that what you are really trying to help your prospect do?   MLM growth is a direct result of helping others make the changes they desire.

MLM Growth is a Byproduct of Influence

In the book, The Influencer, you’ll learn that powerful influence is a skill and it’s so easy to learn that not only will it blow your mind, it will blow your paycheck up and you’ll experience consistent MLM growth.

MLM growth
Influence or sales tricks and hype. Simple choice

Knowing that great influencers focus on BEHAVIOR not RESULTS will make and save you money.

You’ll understand why better than 90% of conference calls, (results based, ya?  Mary Jo sponsored 15 people!   Hank made $4000 his first month, etc.) are harmful and what you should be doing instead.

Persuasion is trying to find the right combination of verbal tricks and phrases … usually based on fear of loss.

Next billion dollar company.

So-and-so hit diamond already…yada, yada.

It’s about EXERTING your WILL over others.  And that leads to higher AND faster attrition, loss of money and time.

The insanity of working this way is that it never ends. You’ve got to keep re-selling to people you did sponsor and sponsor new people constantly.

Influence is identifying critical behavior(s) to attain the desired objective, (what your prospect/new rep really wants and helping them engage in the behavior).

Working with people to modify their behavior, (remember we WORK with people, we manage things).  This is important in enrolling people but a crucial skill once they have enrolled so both you and your team experience MLM growth.

Simply “link” their core motive to the behavior that will move them closer to what they want and reward that behavior.

Once you learn this skill, your closing ratio will soar.   Remember, we close at the beginning, not at the end.

Not sure how to close at the beginning?  Well, make sure you have opted in because I’ve spent that last 120+ days working privately with 21 MLMers who’ve got over 250 years of experience and have earned in excess of $145,000,000 (yup, million)… I’ll be sharing their 1 hour lessons free in the upcoming months and getting you transcripts so you can study, apply and experience MLM growth that exceeds your imagination.

Love to know what you think… comments make my day 🙂

Anyway, we’re off to France for a couple of weeks and we’ll be doing some training. The reps that invited us over to speak came to Kauai last year and are now in the top 5% of the earners with their (almost) 2 billion dollar company.   What do they want us to teach?  Same thing we taught here … did you guess Influence?   Good for you 🙂

Keep giving to keep growing


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MLM growth
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