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Time to get the RED pencil out……people keep asking us about ‘lead systems’ and the other nonsense……

How many times can I post the same thing and expect people to ‘get it?’

As long as it takes.

Drives me NUTS!   Yet people continue to buy useless leads and magic systems [that will get your leads]……while overlooking the obvious.

What’s the obvious?

If friends and relatives didn’t like what you had to say……why, on God’s Green Earth, would we think STRANGERS would like it any better?  

So how do we sponsor more?   Leads are not the answer and working with a company as a consultant proves that once again.

There are 13 diamonds in the entire company…..very challenging pin to hit………ZERO leads purchased by any of the 13.  ZERO.

None of them use leads or the ‘new’ iteration to con inexperienced MLMer’s out of their money

………’systems that will find 100 people a day!!!’  OMG…..

Really? Secrets? Magic Systems? "Step right up folks, for a few bucks I'll flood you with prospects!"

I got nothing against these carnival barkers…..they’re just bottom feeders trying to extract bucks ………but come on folks, a little common sense.

REPEAT BEFORE BUYING:::::> If the system peddlers actually knew ‘how to’ generate leads to build an MLM effectively, why would they put themselves and their organizations in competition with everyone on the planet?

REPEAT BEFORE BUYING:::::> I will talk to [not read a testimonial], 2 people using this system who have sponsored people into their PRIMARY business [not the system]  and those people have also sponsored people into the primary business using the system.

Oh, that’s not a rant…….that’s coming in the next post  🙂

So how do we sponsor more?

Sponsoring more people into your MLM deal is not about you sponsoring more, it’s about getting more people sponsoring …….and setting in motion a simple protocol that generates the greatest leads in the world……and ‘copying’ of skills….Those two things, combined, yield the very desirable by-product known as ‘duplication’

Remember, duplication is a by-product of education and in the previous post about sponsoring more,  we uncovered the 7 Levels of thinking and exactly where to get started so people will ‘copy.’


I still need people to talk to!

So you ‘get it’ right?

We learn how to get a yes 80% of the time……then let people ‘copy’ us 3-Levels Deep so the message doesn’t get ‘diluted’…..treating each level as if WE PERSONALLY SPONSORED THEM…….and we’ve set the ‘education’ that yields’ duplication in motion……

Yeah….but…..I still need people to talk to!

The single biggest mistake, by far……that breaks this 100% effective, [easy, packed with great prospects, path to success down… in the area one simple area……

Here is exactly what winners do …..


So tell me……if you would….in the comment box…

Did your upteam BUILD the list with you?

Have you built lists or assigned to others?

Most people won’t take the time to learn and implement this simple, easy-to-do, easy-to-teach skill that is a virtual diamond-mine……and the results are 100% predictable…..the carnival barkers, promising the ‘magic bullett’ will get their money…..and they will quit with a bitter taste about the experience, industry and you.  Just scroll down and go through the list building skill a couple times once you get to the network marketing skills area.

But…..some people will do the work……learn the skill, help others and set in motion a team of people who copy and do, copy and teach…..and earn big, big checks.

It's About Teaching Skills and Helping Other's 'Copy'

You’ll find the list building skill for networking right here along with the 3-Deep Pattern…….and, if you haven’t been to the sight before……you’ll be happy to know this isn’t a lead into a sales page…….so grab the skills and share this post……might lead to a few new names for you.

See, the ring of truth, shared by you……opens up people’s hearts to you.

Go for it.


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by


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