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If someone is telling you they’ve got a ‘system’ to generate hot prospects… quick…hide your credit card and check to see if you’ve developed an addiction to leads.

Lead Addiction

I just can’t seem to get my head around the addiction people in networking have to leads.

Leads.  Leads.  Leads.

Gotta have more leads.

Good grief…what ever happened to common sense?

Look, I love the inter-webbie thing.  It’s cool, it’s changed things, but OMG has it come with a cost.

Guy stopped by the other day and checked out an older post…left a comment.  It was spot on.

Leads do not make leaders,” he wrote. I think I got so sick of saying the same thing a few years ago that I stopped saying it.

Show me someone who is spending money to get 100s of leads a month in one of those $50 a month lead-system sites and, well, I’ll show you someone who is not making any money.

Why?  Why can I say that with such conviction?

Common sense.

Passion is Awesome

In ancient Greece when someone died they did not do a eulogy.  Really.

They asked one question.

“Did he have passion?”

“Did she have passion?”

So it is very cool that we as networkers have passion.

We are a passionate but irrational crowd.  We tend to ‘misplace’ our common sense.

Keep the passion, but let’s get a little common sense back in the game.

Why would someone need leads?

They’ve run out of people to talk to.


A cash and time vampire?

They get on that inter-webbie thing and site after site after site promises ‘hot prospects.’

And they’ll show you how to ‘brand’ yourself using their stuff, getting you even more credit card waving ‘prospects.’

The zeitgeist online today, (fancy word for collective consciousness), has bought into the ‘fib’ that the far-reaching scope of the internet will ‘find’ prospects.

The common sense part

If your friends, acquaintances, and relatives didn’t like what you had to say…guess what?

Strangers aren’t going to like it any better.

They are just people.

Would you agree that your circle of friends and acquaintances is pretty much like my circle, and like the circle of most people?

They are just people…right?

Would you agree that most people would like these 3 things?

  1. More money
  2. More time
  3. Less taxes

And we are offering…what?

  1. More money
  2. More time
  3. Less in taxes

If everyone wants more time, more money and to pay less is taxes, why did everyone say ‘no’?

Maybe it’s about what we say…not how many people we have to talk to.

We’ll just ruin them too.

Fact of the Matter

It is a matter of fact that the subconscious makes all the decision.

And it makes that decision 7 seconds (or longer) before you know it.

Same is true about the people you talk to about your business.

It’s over in 20 seconds, decision made

As a matter of fact, scientists CANNOT find any evidence of free will!

Once we accept this fact and that the decision to look at what you have to offer is over in less than 20 seconds, we can come to only one conclusion if we are using common sense.

We damn well better learn what to say.

So what does one have to do to get 80-90% to agree in less than 20 seconds?

2 things.

First, obviously, talk to people.  Second, learn the skills that will get the desired response.

If we’re going to make some money, we need to learn some skills and since we’ve got to talk to people to make money, we need to learn what to say and how to say it, effectively.  That is we need network marketing skills.

Once you learn, practice, apply and improve, you’ll get 80% to say ‘yes’ in less than 20 seconds, have fun and make money.

And more importantly, you’ll know that leads do not make leaders.  Skills do.

Leads don’t make leaders.  Leaders break the colossal waste of time and money their teams are wasting on leads, feeding their addiction.

If you’ve burned through your warm list – and don’t buy the bullshit from all the lead peddlers who tell you warm-list-to-warm-list doesn’t work, they’re just selling you something.  We’ll be posting a few skills, free of course, to help you generate a couple hundred leads a month…free, local, exclusive leads.

Again… Leads don’t build leaders.  Skills do.


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

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  • Spot on Mark.

    Just been hit up by a flashy lead site wanting me to invest a princely sum every month because the promoter has personally sponsored 4000 people into his mlm.

    Hmmm I asked. “Why have I not heard of you before?” and if you are so successful “Why are you flogging affiliate programs?”

    I’m keeping my credit card in my wallet – thanks Mark

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  • I will use “Leads don’t make leaders” as a mantra. Anyone I have enrolled has made their enrollment the ‘normal’ way for it to happen from then on. Call a lead and if they join on the first or second call… they will expect that to happen from every lead they ‘share’ the program with. It does happen about one out of 1000 times. Way too much work. They won’t be willing to share with any family and friends either because that isn’t how they got in!

  • You have taught me more about dealing with people than I thought was even possible, and you so right. Once you know the skills it’s fun! Thank you Mark

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