It takes focus to build a business.

The hundreds of rags to riches stories I’ve witnessed over the years really have two things in common.

Focus to the point of fixation and common sense. It’s the common sense part that takes most folks out of the equation.

And, let’s make sure we understand the difference between fixation and obsession. I am seeing a lot of obsession these days. Is that good? Bad? Am I just nitpicking over two words?

Laser focus on the task at hand balanced with common sense tends to lend itself to the fixation that leads to success. I am seeing less and less of this dazzling, result producing state of mind and more and more obsession.

What’s the difference? Common sense. Once we abandon common sense and make the decision that “X” or “Y” will make all the difference …..we are dead meat, road kill…..and we become obsessed.

Buying leads, lead generators, branding ourselves, magic systems that will attract people to us, massive traffic etc., is the obsession I see growing in absurd numbers. And, no one’s pay check is going up in their primary business once folks get on that merry-go-round.

What is the Common Sense part that keeps us from spiraling off into an obsessive state on things that will not make a difference?

It just cannot be said too often.

If friends and relatives did not like what you had to say strangers are not going to like it any better.

Because we all have egos and because con artists are very good at, well, conning people….buying the lie that “its a numbers game” and all it’s different versions makes us easy targets.

Really. Take pause here and summon up common sense. Average person knows 1500 people on some level. He talks to 20 or 30 and starts looking around online. Reads the slick copy and how others were ‘suffering’ [puh-leeze, not being able to feed your children is suffering, hearing a few ‘no’s’ is not suffering folks], and buys in.

Why? ALL 1500 people are losers?

The lie is ‘It’s a numbers game

Some of its cousins:

Most ‘no’s’ win
You just have to find the right people
Every ‘no’ gets you closer to a yes

How do these con artists that distract you from your primary business and get you to spend more time promoting their lead programs than your own?

Easy. Everything makes sense once you buy the lie. It’s brilliant, logical, profound and it’s the oldest con job on the planet. The ‘give you their confidence’ by ~ ahem ~ confessing how they were suffering with rejection and running out of people to talk to. Do we realize they are insulting us, our friends, family and life? Nope.

I am neither opposed nor support lead purchase, have not been burned and I am not angry.

It’s really simple to figure out what to do if we just use some common sense.

1. The subconscious mind makes all the decisions

2. The prospects decision is made in the first 7 to 15 seconds.

3. The right people are everywhere ~ PROOF: everyone wants what you are offering; more money, less taxes and more time – why do they say ‘no’?

4. If everyone wants those 3 things and everyone is saying NO then more people won’t make any difference.  Sorry, we just can’t say it enough:

If friends and relatives did not like what you had to say strangers are not going to like it any better.

5. Until you can control the first 7-15 seconds and get a yes 90+% of the time, realize that needs to be taken care of first.  Here’s one way, click here. [It’s free, no upsells, squeeze pages or sales letters]

So what’s all this have to do with Chocolate Cake and money?

Would you:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 for 20 minutes
  2. Put 2 cake pans in
  3. Bake them for 30 minutes
  4. Take them out
  5. Cool them down
  6. Make the cake batter
  7. Put it in the now cooled down pans
  8. Bring your ‘cake’ to the party?

That is exactly what we are doing if we ‘burn’ our warm list and go buy leads. It will cost more and more money as we move from one ‘state of the art deal‘ to another in search of the perfect prospecting system.  And it will cost a lot more than just the charges on our cards.

We see more and more people spending more and more time in ‘solutions’ than on their primary program.

Learn how to get people to say ~ yes ~ in less than 15 seconds [they are going to say yes or no in the first 15 seconds anyway] and you’ll find the need to spend money to ‘find the right people’ is replaced by income producing activities.

I’ve always believed I am in business to make a profit and money-making activities is much more profitable than money spending activities.


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