Completing a dream?  The usual roadblock?   Us.

What is it about us, especially men, when it comes to doing what we all must do when completing a dream?  Why is it we refuse to ask for help?  There is no chance, none, of completing a dream, without help.


I guess, especially the guys, the refusing to ask for help in completing a dream is just like refusing to stop and ask for directions.    Napoleon Hill wrote about this, over and over… He stated, “No one makes it without a mastermind, that’s just the way it is.”

Most, if not all of the blessings we’ve had can be directly linked to getting feedback and mastermind alliances… 2 or more people who will keep you on track with both plan and purpose.  I’m inches from completing a dream and I’d live your help, actually your opinion, with 2 things…

I’ll explain them in this short video and within the video is really the key to you manifesting your dreams…what is it that those people who seem to get things done with a happy knack have?



So here’s the survey where I’m looking for your opinion and I want to do something for you for your twenty seconds.  Once you “vote” hit the button at the bottom and you can see the totals.  If you’ll scroll down again, it will give me a chance to do two things to thank you.  You’ll get a cool PDF and you’ll also get early notification of Standing Tall’s “pre-release” and some goodies and a special pre-release discount.

completing a dream
No one makes it alone

This is one of the key elements in what winners do in completing a dream… remember?   It’s not that winners do certain things, it is that they do things in a certain way.  They ask for help from people who can help them and I know you can because I know two things about you, each and every person visiting this blog… 1. You read 🙂  and 2. You’re interested in improving!

Mahalo, [thank you here on Kauai], I’m grateful to be completing a dream and feel great about asking people who I hope will consider reading it to help me “co-create” Standing Tall, helping me complete a dream to the best of my ability… after working on it for 15 years, I love having readers push it over the finish line with me by offering their opinion [survey].

I took a chance and asked a couple people I admire read Standing Tall and was humbled by their response.

completing a dream
Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Author, International Speaker texted me ““How to build character?  Mark J shows us how in this story of personal development.  Warning.  Working through this book takes effort, but the result will last a lifetime.  A great book.

And this came in a couple days ago…
“It is rare in the transformational development world and the wealth-building domain to discover something profoundly new. Mark J is one of those rare gifts of authenticity, brilliance and servant leadership that deserves to be honored. His works are powerful, fresh and inspirational. And most of all they rock us to change who we are and how we become in our world… which creates for us a new world. I love this book. I love this book.” Thank you, Richard Bliss Brooke, Founder and CEO of LifeMatters

completing a dream
Richard Bliss Brooke

They have both had an immense impact on me and by extension, this book.  Tom actually pushed me often to get it done… and a conversation with Richard here at my home pushed the button to action with his “red light, green light” philosophy.   Grateful to both for the push.  I just need one more push… now it’s your turn to let me know about the cover, thanks in advance

Your comments, as always, are really coveted and appreciated

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

completing a dream
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
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