Every business has a problem

Flower shops have two sets of problems…

Grade A problems and Grade X problems.

So do restaurants, beauty shops, and variety stores.

Every business has them.

Successful businesses identify the Grade A problems and solve them quickly, and, they don’t worry about the X problems.

Unsuccessful businesses focus on the X-grade problems and the A-grade problem(s) put them out of business.


A & X Problems

Grade A Problem: There are not enough people coming through the doorway of your flower shop.





Grade X Problem: The new blue vases you want to put in the window, replacing the red ones haven’t arrived and you think that would make all the difference.

Seems simple but it happens every day.

I know.  I was in the seafood business, delivering to restaurants for 14 years.

“A” Problem Solving is the Handmaiden to Success

Not enough people coming through the door or food cost are massive challenges for these places.

Guys would have meetings, with those problems…and discuss for 2 hours if they should add another clove of garlic to the Shrimp Scampi.

Sounds dumb but I saw more food joints fold over the Grade A  problems…never saw one fold over a clove of garlic.

There are flaws in every business.  These are the #1 Grade A problems and successful people do two things to deal with natural flaws.

  1. Identify the flaws and Grade A problems
  2. Solve them.

A Flaw?

These are things that occur naturally.

In Boston? Try Mike’s Riccota Pie

In Boston, the rent is just too high per square foot to sell dinners at $8.95…no matter how big the place is.

You’ve got to get more money per plate.

Sell dinners at $8.95 and you’ll be busy as hell but you’ll go out of business.  You simply cannot generate enough profit to cover expenses.

Network Marketing is Flawed, and a Business

Network marketing is a business, just like any other business with the exception of the start up cost.

The MLM model has a flaw and it is a business with Grade A and Grade X problems.

Successful MLMers do what all successful business owners do.

Here’s the flaw, Grade A Problem(s) and solution.

Network marketing skills and work will solve our problems…if we know what they are.


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