Success in MLM

Is it impossible?

I mean really, does anyone believe they can make money in MLM that is significant?

Surely, if you’ve talked to a couple of dozen friends and relatives MLM is ‘impossible.’

And with all the blood-sucking con artists peddling their “MLM doesn’t work but my shit does” crap, MLM success is ‘impossible’

And, if you’re anything like most people, and I’m like most people, we talk ‘strong’ about what we are ‘gonna do’ and ‘hitting the top of the pay-plan’ but we have our doubts.

I remember sitting on the couch at 3: oo AM more than once or twice thinking, “Who am I kidding?”

That was back in 1994, my daughter was 8 years old at the time.  You know, that age where they love you reading them stories and you love it too because what you’re reading is far more interesting than reading the same book over and over.

The Mad Hatter Knows

Reading Alice in Wonderland to her this one night, (one of my favorites by the way) I read these 2 sentences and stop.

Chelsea, all grown up now, says to me, “Dad!  Keep reading!”

I do but I can’t get them out of my head.

Once I’m done reading I go sit on the porch and reflect.

  • ALICE: This is impossible
  • MAD HATTER: Only if you think it is

Motivational Nonsense?

I know that motivational stuff doesn’t work.  It’s really like a warm bath, isn’t it?

20 minutes later we’re sitting in cold, dirty water.

I mean really – all those quotes and slogans.  They sound great and we do the little ‘Aha’ thing, hoping it’s going to stick with us and change us and change our performance.  It never does, which is my ‘warm bath’ analogy.

Warm baths feel great when you first get in but soon you realize you’re sitting in cold, dirty water.

So I keep thinking about this word impossible because MLM success was eluding me, and I realized, without question, determination, motivation, drive, and all those other ‘blah-blah-blah’ things don’t make a difference.

What would?


The word philosophy pops into my head.

Birthplace of an Idea

I couldn’t shake this idea.

I needed a philosophy.

Converting the idea to action

My personal philosophy.

And develop and construct a  plan based solely on that philosophy.

Let me define what that really means.

It’s not a bunch of great sounding thoughts so we can sound smart at a party or coffee shop.

It’s a concept or idea that I would live by, no matter what.

And I knew it had to address the word ‘impossible‘ from an entirely different angle.

I mean the Mad Hatter’s statement is correct but let’s be honest.  While true, it is one of those statements that sounds great but changes nothing.

I had to change.

I found a different way to look at the word ‘impossible’ and then turned that into a philosophy.

I’m sharing this because someone I have tremendous respect for ($17 Million Dollar MLM earner Jerry Campisi), and in a recent conversation I shared this simple, short 7 point philosophy with him I had developed.  I didn’t think much of it but he went on and on about how much sense it made.

It all started by uncovering, that night, another way to look at impossible.

Over the next 7 posts, I’ll spell out that philosophy and would really like to know how you feel about it.

I believe if you adopt it and live by it you’ll find it will make a significant difference with you, and as a result of that, in your business.

Now before we get started I have to tell you it is not free.  Oh, there’s no financial cost but there is a price to pay.

See, you’ve got to do the 7 things 100% of the time…not when it’s easy or convenient.

And, the truth about all of us is the same.  If we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.

But, as the old saying goes, ‘if we don’t pay the price for success now, we certainly must pay the price of failure later’

When you combine this philosophy with a couple of network marketing skills, you’ll feel the same way about the word ‘impossible’ as I do.  And, you’ll love it.

Let’s get to ‘impossible’ and the birthplace of an idea.

Well, that’s how this all began and what led to Go90Grow, a skill-based video series.  If you haven’t done so yet, check out the 2 skill based videos that are posted there and let me know what you think…



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  • WOW – Great stuff. I can hardly wait for the rest of it. I’m definitely passing this on to my team. I so appreciate being a part of Go90Grow Mark. Thank you so much.

  • So true, Mark. I’m working hard on my own philosophy and at figuring out what has tripped me up in the past from really being all that I can be. Looking forward to your next posts.

  • Isn’t amazing how we precieve words that allow us to THINK in a positive way!!! Terrific, Thanks

  • As always Mark, you are so precise and on target…everyday becomes a hunger for what you will share next

  • So true. Without a real purpose, maintaining a consistent and persistent work ethic in this business would be extremely difficult. That’s why I love the statement “The bigger the WHY the harder the TRY!”

  • Wow everything you share is 100% right on. I am so blown away with the realization of just how backwards I was doing things.I definately believe is giving to others as that is a wonderful biblical principle. And that is truly my hearts desire, to help people. I am just ever so thankful to discover the Go90Grow system and all the rest you have put together and so generously shared.

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