Blog   Is MLM Easy to Start But Hard to Finish?


MLM is hard.

MLM is easy.

What’s with all the ‘hard’ and ‘easy’ stuff?

A good friend of mine, Tom Holden, likes to ask, constantly, “Can questions be the answer?”

Says he got it from me…..Tom’s the guy that actually hung “the World’s Laziest Networker,” on me after a visit for a week when I was living on Plum Island, MA.

Enrolling is a Hard Decision

Let’s face it, getting enrolled is easy.   Takes about 5 minutes or less.

Finishing is another story.   Most people believe that is the hard part.  Even veterans.

Finishing?  It is actually easier than getting started but, unfortunately, most people are evaluating the wrong way AND TOO OFTEN……. and asking the wrong questions of themselves when it doesn’t go as fast as they thought it would or were led to believe.

They just don’t get what Tom is talking about when he says, “Can questions be the answer?”

Most people like quoting Einstein but allow themselves a pass when it comes to self-application because Albert was a genius.

“The mind that created the problem can’t solve the problem,” is one of my favorites.  That means, if we are having a problem with our business, we probably need to be asking ourselves different questions but most people never do……they just think, ‘this deal is too hard, it shouldn’t be this hard,’ and they get sucked into deal after deal, each promising to be ‘easier’ and ‘we’re different’ and ‘we know what was wrong and are doing it right.’


Tom and I have talked a lot over the last 12 or so years…..but the intensity of our relationship picked up the last 8 months.  The occasional call to get caught up every few months has turned into 2-3 calls  week.   Tom’s beautiful wife Mishan, beautiful on every level you can imagine, got sick.  Several bouts of kemo, paralyzed and, gulp, grateful.   Stunning, like Tom, faith.

Tremendous Grace & Courage

She passed away, leaving Tom, who can’t boil water, with the kids.   She knew they would be fine and was at peace.  Wait, it gets better.  Tom, the last few weeks, was calling me to express his gratitude.  Says I made a difference several years ago.  Told him I was just passing on what was passed on to me, no big deal.  I felt a little embarrassed.  He said the skills I had shared got him off the easy-hard thing.   Tom’s been a 15,000-20,000 a month earner for over a decade.  Like clock work.

I thanked him, not for the words but for making me remember that gratitude is a cause, not an effect.

“If people would just grow up, I mean for gosh sakes, grow up about this easy hard nonsense,” he says.

“And the question Tom is?” I ask.

Money? Great Servant, Terrible Master

“The question people need themselves is, ‘Do I really understand that creating a residual income will change a family’s options and it’s history?’

“Tell me about the grow up part Tom.”


“I mean, come on, hard to make a few hours of calls?   Gee whiz. Look, this last year I was able to be there for my wife, my kids and not worry about money.  Grow up and take charge or go get a job.”

He wasn’t being harsh, he was pleading.  He is grateful.

“What the hell does easy or hard have to do with it?”

Tom went on to talk about how ‘hard’ it would have been if money to relieve suffering was not there…..making calls and hearing no a few times a day is not hard.

The freedom and liberty to let Tom be the husband he wanted to be versus the uphill climb and staying the course while working a full time job back in the 1990s was easy…..and only the mirco-wave, something for nothing mind set makes this seem hard.

W. Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill’s best friend always said, preached, “it take less energy to succeed than to fail.”  I was trained by Stone in 1971.  He was right.

It is easier to finish, hit your objectives, than it is to start.   Starting means commitment……at least is still does to some people.

Why would anyone start something they don’t intend to finish…..and there it is, right?

Are we committed with our tongue but not in our heart?  Tongue commitment is easy…….most people have an ‘out’ before they begin.  That’s what I mean by starting is hard…..unless, of course, there was never really any intent.

The decision to finish is in your hands, my hands, anyone who joins for that matter.

Will we get into the ‘this is hard, there has to be an easier deal,’ or we’ll just seize the opportunity and make 10 lousy contacts a day…..for a couple years.  Tom and I have both found out that it is one way or the other.   Every single time.  We just have to decide which group we are in, ya know?

Not finsihing is hard.  Deciding to enroll is a big decision, hard.  Calling 10 people a day is easy……it’s hard not to do it if we know what we have hold of, eh?

Tom may think I taught him some things but the lesson in humility and gratitude he has taught me over the last few months is a debt I can never re-pay.

Thanks man.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker




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