MLM Duplication… hmmm.  Fairy tale or just a con job but the companies selling a dream?

I can tell you this. Without standardization and powerful, unified leadership [another fairy tale], you must create a culture on your team that yields the desired objective.

MLM Duplication

MLM Duplication really is a fairy tale without a real plan and a “refuse-to-lose” unified leadership.

I’m not on the bully pulpit here folks, we did our homework in the ’90s and it changed our lives.  Just to double-check, we did all the research again in the early 2000s and again in 2017…

What were we researching?  Duplication.

MLM Duplication
Duplication is a fairy tale without standardization.

When we looked up over 150 income disclaimers

We then TRIED with the companies to get them to tell us the total number of reps since day one.  No one cooperated. Can you blame them?   That link above is typical of all the companies.   You’ll find most of them here… Remarkably the same.  Less than 1.5% making over 10,000 a month.   Deplorable.

Our groups did not perform at that level once we figured out duplication is “caught” not taught” but with today’s companies unwilling to train their distributors and leaders teaching different things… you can see why MLM does not and never will get the duplication that a franchise gets.

Been to more than one McDonald’s?  More than one Dunkin’ Donuts?

Notice how they are the same from shop to shop?  Identical?




All the same… hmmm.

Your MLM leaders? All the same?  LMAO!

Franchises, MLM and the Xanchise

What we learned was the difference between franchisees and networkers was tiny yet that tiny difference made a huge difference.  Income wise, hope wise, dream wise, and every other positive wise you can think of.

MLM Duplication, we found, it a fairy tale, really.  So rare its mindboggling.  But not in franchising.

So we created, for our teams, a “chise” concept.  At Xango, we called it the Xanchise… a hybrid between MLM and franchising.  Taking the best of both and eliminating the negatives with both.

Results?  Bankrupt in Boston to Beachfront here on Kauai.


We modeled it, people getting started, just like a franchise and everyone on the team followed the same pattern or we simply did not work with them.

It all came down to understanding, really, that duplication cannot be taught.

MLM Duplication
MLMers never learned division of leaders leads to division within teams. Not with franchises

Gone to Saturday Seminars?  Do they duplicate or stay about the same?  I rest my case.

What do people do when they don’t get duplication?

2 really stupid things.

ONE:  Sponsor more.

TWO: Blame anyone who doesn’t make it and call them losers and quitters.

Folks, if you are bringing in people and not getting growth, bringing in more people in NOT the answer.   Not everyone who fails is a loser.  Sponsoring more when you are getting not growth and blaming others really how the culture of losing at MLM works… but it will never work income-wise.

Meanwhile, your percentage of earners continues to decline and match the industry’s unacceptable standards.

Once we invented, refined, and perfected the Three-Deep-Pattern?

Game over… see, duplication is caught, not taught.

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