Blog   Interview: A Humble Top MLM 10 Star Diamond Who Does It Right


Does it matter?  That she was a hotel worker?

If you’re looking to make it big in MLM, it should matter.


No sales background.

Not well connected, just a worker like some many of us…..and, built to over $20,000 a month while working FULL-TIME in the hotel.



She did not “drag” a line with her from another deal.

As you’ll hear in this “behind the MLM mask” interview, she had made a few bucks in MLM, not much…..but when she figured it out, she made about $5 an hour.

Why do I mention these 2 things?

Simple……no excuses.

Built it big part time and had no following.

Oh, yeah… real internet skills either.

What does she do to make it happen?

I want to alert you…..right now……the humility I experienced…shows up in this chat we had in my yard….and if you pay attention you’ll make 3 great discoveries……that, together, prove, for once and for all, doing the right things for the right reasons is all you need.

Fran Patoskie shares how to get people started right….in 2 steps and what she does to insure their success.



A simple plan all based on helping others learn to help others…..precisely what to do so people help people copy the right things…..

Not 10 things…..not 85 steps to get started…..not self promotion



It’s not about quoting the same, tired phrases…..or pumping herself up….

Fran knows what “for things to get better, we have to get better” really means.


The kind of work most people are unwilling to do.

Resetting The Blueprint Takes Work, Not Wishing
Resetting The Blueprint Takes Work, Not Wishing
She understands that within each of us is a blueprint that determines our achievement level and until one does the work to change the blueprint, we can not go past a certain point.

I’ve been at this MLM biz for over 20 years……have not met a big time earner who works on self improvement, physically, mentally and spiritually, like this woman.

Imagine waking up January 1st knowing you were doing to push over $240,000 in commissions to start….OK? Got it?  Would you see yourself committed to an hour a day or more working on your mind?

Most people would not….real champions lead by example……most top earners think motivational speeches are going to do it… never does.

By improving herself…..doing the heavy lifting…..her check keeps rising as a result…..the Master Key six month course is tough……it requires her best, 7 days a week.   And, because she’s paying the price, the rewards show up, effortlessly in her business.

Take that lesson….she is committed to excellence out of herself… can see her last 17 weeks of growth at her heartfelt blog, Building a New Blueprint, One Thought at a Time, about the transformation she’s manifesting.


She gets it…..skills……not hype, not promises or big pay-checks help others.

The skills she uses are focused on the money making areas…..talking to people.

Didn’t you just love ….I build the list with them and work with their personals and then their personals as if I sponsored them so they learn what to do?

This 3-Deep Pattern flies in the face of the “sponsor more” mentality our great industry has morphed into.

It’s really direct, in a nice way, how she pointed out that when we sponsor someone or help someone else sponsor someone that we are “promising” to help them create a “different outcome.”

Fran Patoskie takes that implied promise seriously and I know, for a fact, she always keeps her promises.

keep giving to keep growing


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing




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