Blog   In Denial About Being In A Copy Cat Economy is Fatal to Dreams


Oren Harari’s breakout business book, “Break from the Pack” should be required reading for folks starting a home-based business.

See, I thought my company and plan and products were unique.

I did not know, for a time, I was in commodity hell.

“Yeah, that’s crap,” I thought when I first discovered this concept of commodity hell.

My product is ‘unique!’

My pay plan is ‘patented!’

My company & training is ‘the best!’

Whatever is this commodity hell others are in does not really apply to me.

Burn this one on your brain.

Uniqueness is TERMINAL.

It will keep you broke, believing what you have is unique.

See, even if it were true, [unlikely], it still doesn’t matter.


Everyone is saying the same thing.


You’ve just called a prospect……let’s pretend it is you, OK?

Your 3 key points to you?

  1. Awesome product
  2. Best pay plan
  3. Best company, training

Now imagine I call you and pitch you.

Here are my  3 points:

  1. Awesome product
  2. Best pay plan
  3. Best company, training

See what I am saying?

The prospect hears the same thing from everybody!


Oren Harari’s book, “Break From the Pack,” was not really written for folks in home-based businesses but it is spot on and has given us a huge edge.

The technological advances, inevitable imitation of everything that gains any traction and the commoditization of EVERYTHING makes this a fact of life.

This is why thinking your deal is unique will get you killed in business.

In health and nutrition and think some ‘scientific’ evidence is going to make a difference?

You’ll be road kill.

Love your product? Great.

It’s got nothing to do with growing, of breaking from the pack of ‘me too’ and ‘mine is better’ competition we all face everyday.

I’ve gleaned 4 great concepts from “Break From the Pack,” and will share them in this post and the next 3…..

Enjoy and use this information to get out of commodity hell.

Remember, it is the PROSPECTS point of view that matters, NOT YOURS.

The first thing you’ve got to do to break from the pack is master the 3 “C’s”

  2. COOL
  3. CRAZY

Here’s a good way to start …..


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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