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Multitasking will cost us…..big time.  On this there can be no debate.

Except with MLMers…..who want to debate anything and everything that involves ‘change’

Ironic, isn’t it?

What do we try to get people to do?  The same reason successful MLMers are the highest paid people in the world.

Change.   We get people to ‘change’ their mind.

There is no mystery or revelation in that concept.

We change people’s minds…..or we fail

The toughest mind to change, ironically, is an MLMers.

So debate away in you mind….but a recent study from Stanford University proves, again, what we learned over 10 years ago.

Multitasker’s in MLM are dead-meat, road kill.

Facts are facts and a lot of success depends on personal responsibility and looking at the numbers…….numbers are crucial in helping us face the truth, improve……and numbers are the only know antidote for ego……..most of the time.


We are such a wonderful, strange lot of screwballs, aren’t we?

Our ego would rather be right and fail than be wrong and successful.

So here I go …..let me build the case…..and change your mind.

If we change our thoughts, our beliefs change…..and so do our actions.

Be detached here, OK?

How is multitasking really working out for you?

Come on, no one is listening…..are you really performing and earning at a level you should be?  Know your capable of?

From the Stanford study…..

People who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information do not pay attention, control their memory or switch from one job to another as well as those who prefer to complete one task at a time, a group of Stanford researchers has found.

High-tech jugglers are everywhere – keeping up several e-mail and instant message conversations at once, text messaging while watching television and jumping from one website to another while plowing through homework assignments.

But after putting about 100 students through a series of three tests, the researchers realized those heavy media multitaskers are paying a big mental price.

“They’re suckers for irrelevancy,” said communication Professor Clifford Nass, one of the researchers whose findings are published in the Aug. 24 edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. “Everything distracts them.”  Read more here

And if any one group is more vulnerable… is us.

Before the solution…..let’s look at the numbers, OK?

Now these are based on conversations and surveys……so just be honest with yourself….

How many hours did you commit to last week? 

Less than 3% know.

Of the hours you committed to last week, how many did you spend talking to prospects?

Less than 2% know!

How many hours, exactly, did you put in last week?

Less than 2% claimed they knew.

Did you put in 80% of time on talking to people about your business last week?

Less than 2% knew.

Are you good at multitasking?

94% said yes!

OK, I admit it…….that one was a trick question…..but really… needed to be asked.

Multitaskers Simply Cannot Get In The "ZONE"

Anyone that thinks they are good at multitasking is no where near good at network marketing.    Can’t be anywhere close to our potential.


Everybody knows any business that does not take inventory is out of business fairly quickly.

Our inventory is what we do with our time.

These ‘good multitaskers’ do not know what they are committed to time wise, how much time they spent on their business and are not spending anywhere near 80% of their time on the ONE THING that drives income.

We stopped the madness a over a decade ago…..stopped multitasking that is.

We discovered something profound…..more on that in a minute…….implemented it,  got stunning results…..introduced it to our teams.

They got equally stunning results.


We got ourselves and others off multitasking and focused on the main thing.

The ‘main thing’?

Talking to people about your business who are not in your business.


Hill wrote, several different ways in Think and Grow Rich [grab a free copy with no upsells right here, just click on Think and Grow Rich once at site]……that collective conscious leads to gain and ‘scattered consciousness leads to loss.

Everything we should be doing should be driving our MLM deal….everything.

We preached ‘keep the main thing the main thing’ and did better.

Then we did even better…when we set in motion the simple idea that we did nothing that was not DIRECTLY related to the Main Thing during ‘prime time.’

Prime time?

Meaning times when it was OK to talk to suspects and prospects……9:00 AM – 9:00 PM.
If we weren’t gathering names, striking interest or following up…..we simply did not do it.

Then, the discovery that changed everything……brought us to ‘light-speed’ of you will.

It created such astonishing focus [cumulative consciousness] and made it sooooo easy to teach it to others that we rolled it out to our partners.

I discovered an experience that Henry Ford had ….was shown a simple piece of paper called a ‘paired comparison’ …..and the rest, as they say, is history.


Today, it really is worse than ever.

Social Media Eats Time and Kills Focus

Social media, MLMers have been mistakenly informed is the ‘holy grail’ of building a big business.

It’s not.

Useful?  Yes.

Will it build a networking business?

Only people who are on drugs or need to be on drugs believe that it will… will not.

What builds a successful MLM?  People learning a couple of network marketing skills…..then using those skills to talk to people, effectively.

Once we do talk to people effectively….we simply teach them duplication is ‘caught’ not ‘taught’…..a very simple networking skill…..and it’s game over.


More distractions…..that feed scattered consciousness…..that give us crap to do that lets the lazy and/or scared procrastinate.   I know….. remember doing anything I could to avoid the phone.

Read this with your heart open and your mind clear.


The study makes this point….dead center.

The test subjects were shown images of letters and numbers at the same time and instructed what to focus on. When they were told to pay attention to numbers, they had to determine if the digits were even or odd. When told to concentrate on letters, they had to say whether they were vowels or consonants.

Again, the heavy multitaskers underperformed the light multitaskers.

“They couldn’t help thinking about the task they weren’t doing,” Ophir said. “The high multitaskers are always drawing from all the information in front of them. They can’t keep things separate in their minds.”

The researchers are still studying whether chronic media multitaskers are born with an inability to concentrate or are damaging their cognitive control by willingly taking in so much at once. But they’re convinced the minds of multitaskers are not working as well as they could.

Scattered Consciousness Leads to Loss

“When they’re in situations where there are multiple sources of information coming from the external world or emerging out of memory, they’re not able to filter out what’s not relevant to their current goal,” said Wagner, an associate professor of psychology. “That failure to filter means they’re slowed down by that irrelevant information.”

So maybe it’s time to stop e-mailing if you’re following the game on TV, and rethink singing along with the radio if you’re reading the latest news online. By doing less, you might accomplish more.

And, really…..that is our experience.

The paired comparison led us to having people doing a lot less non-sense and focused on 2 things…..that were really ‘cousins’

Talking to people and following up.

I know you’re probably thinking…..’what’s a paired comparison’ and ‘how do I get it and use it?’

I’ll be doing a – NO UPSELL – NOTHING FOR SALE at the end – webcast and walk you through it step-by-step.

You’ll be able to understand it, do it on yourself and act on it in less than 3 minutes…..

Here’s my promise… writing.

I promise it is free, easy and there will be no upsells, deluxe version, sales pages or other offers.

Just do me 2 favors to get on the webcast, OK?

[1]Leave a comment and [2]then register……right here for tonight’s live webcast

We’ve always pretty much run things on an ‘honor’ system…..and, to be candid, I’d really like to know what you think so we can help you even more on tonight’s webcast.

I’m not going to be checking…..


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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