Ever really thought about what it means?  I mean really looked it up and thought it through.

As networkers, business people…..and most importantly as  people we really to examine this word.

If we do not, it will cost us a fortune….trust me, I know….it cost me a fortune and 20 years of my life.

Huh?  20 years?

You better believe it.

So, what does it mean?

Let’s start with the definition:


  1. not capable of occurring or being accomplished or dealt with; an impossible dream; an impossible situation;
  2. totally unlikely
  3. used of persons or their behavior; impossible behavior; insufferable insolence;


  1. something that cannot be done; his assignment verged on the impossible

And most people stop right there.  OK, you’re thinking, that is what it means.

That is where I stopped and this limited my thinking which in turn limits belief which, by extension, limits action.

No action, no nuthin’……and that is what I had.  A whole lot of nuthin’…….and it really sucked.


Method versus Intention.

Those 3 words change everything….business, recruiting effectiveness….other people’s lives… life.

Intention is what we want or would love, like or imagine.

What do we do next?

We look at the ‘methods’ available.  If we do not see the methods to get our Intention, we deem it impossible.

Easy example.

There are NO MORE resources on the planet than there were in Egypt, right?  Gold, silver, water, tin….etc.  They could not fly, could not build a plane to fly in.

The methods for manipulating materials and the design to get something airborne were not in place but the materials themselves were.

What changed?  Did the planet all of a sudden produce new raw materials?  No.

Couple of people like DiVinci and the Wright Brothers and a lot of others kept tinkering with the idea of flight…..studied it.  Just like they had in Ancient Egypt. No new materials…..

Why did Wilbur and Orville get it done?  They simply held fast to their INTENTION and sought a different set of METHODS….since the ones available were not going to obtain their vision.

The METHODS they found made flight POSSIBLE…..the METHODS the Egyptians saw made flight IMPOSSIBLE.

IMPOSSIBLE is simply an inventory of one’s METHODS.

The Egyptians and the Wright Brothers had exactly the same resources available, their perception…..was the only difference.

If we cannot SEE the METHOD to get our INTENTION we say it is IMPOSSIBLE.

One may read this and dismiss it.  What do we get if we do?

When we argue for our limitations, we get to keep our limitations.


Think about what really goes on in the prospects head at the moment of decision.  If they have viewed your information…..and it makes sense…..what really happens right at that moment?  Why do so many who want more out of life… [INTENTION] not move forward?  The cannot see the METHOD……so they believe making big money needed to get their INTENTION is…….IMPOSSIBLE.

He or she is grappling with …..’is it possible’…..

  • and ALL we’ve been trained to look at the method…..
  • to see if it is possible….
  • if they can’t see the method….
  • you press
  • stress follows…..
  • no one can think under stress…..stick a fork in the deal….it’s over.

There is a solution…but before we go there, let’s consider ourselves.

Inability to see METHOD starts the ‘if only’ crap…

  • If only …..I could do this full-time
  • If only…..I could find coachable people
  • If only …..she’d give me her list, she knows everybody
  • If only ……he’d go to convention
  • If only…….an EXCUSE that let’s us use the ‘impossible card’
  • If only…..we thought like the Wright Brothers instead of the Egyptians.

So we don’t Think [and Grow Rich]….we lament the methods available…..and become easy targets for con artists selling short cuts …..self-pity and ……it really hurts our personal recruiting because we, deep, deep down don’t believe that the methods are available…..they sense that.

Who can blame me?  Or you?  “It’s not an EXCUSE,”…. we bellow…’s IMPOSSIBLE.


With a little skill and the understanding the simply stunning Think and Grow Rich Formula, [let’s not kid ourselves about not having the time to read it….people who say that are ‘surfing’ the web hours per day], a dazzling array of new methods explodes like a kaleidoscope and the knee-jerk reaction to say ‘impossible’ vanishes.

And does this ever make a difference in recruiting.  Once you know nothing in this business, time, people to talk to etc., is impossible, so does the prospect.

All you need is one tiny little skill so you can communicate the solution to what they sense may not be possible/impossible to a method they see is easy.

The reason the best story-teller wins is simple.  They understand, like you do now, it’s not the opportunity but the prospect’s inability to see the  method IS available to help them get their INTENTION easily.

Most people who have read to this point will simply not take the next step in learning how to be a great story teller……they will say they ‘don’t have the time’ to go through a 45 minute training a couple times……that’s not possible…so said….looking at their available resources instead of focusing on their INTENTION.

This idea of METHOD versus INTENTION coupled with a cool story telling technique to convey instead of convince created millions in commissions.

The key here to breaking the habit of looking at what resources to determine viability is to stay focused on our INTENTION.

When you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible…….

Focus on INTENTION and the INTENTION’s of others and you’ll find the METHOD you need….especailly if you mastermind, [yup, Think and Grow Rich again folks], with other folks who have decided to focus on INTENTION instead of available methods.

Here is the story telling skill……

There are only two types of reps in our industry….

When you argue for your limitations you get to keep them….

When you can see the invisible you can do the impossible….

You just have to decide which group you belong in…..deciding to learn and apply the skill will let you know….


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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  • Your timing is perfect in this letter..
    You are an incredible trainer that teaches us how to hold ourselves accountable and not use excuses as a crutch for not getting ahead.

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