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True or false?

To earn big MLM bucks, imagine and plan.  Success has requirements and to earn big MLM bucks we must imagine and plan.

You’ve heard it a million times, “Success leaves clues.”

It really sounds great in speeches but the truth is that statement is false.


If we don’t pay the price for success now, we must pay the price of failure later.   The really cool thing about network marketing is that it’s like any other business except… it’s easier.   This is the fourth of a four-part series unveiling the principles behind Think and Grow Rich as it applies to network marketing.   So simple to earn big MLM bucks if we just imagine and plan.

This installment will have increased value for you if you backtrack.  In the first part of this series, we covered why massive action hurts more dreams than it helps.  If you haven’t viewed it, it’s still available here.  The 3Ms will make or break you.

Mind – It’s got to be reconfigured (second installment)

Mechanism – That’s your company you leverage to earn

MethodThe skills

Why are imagination and planning critical to earning big bonus checks?


To Earn Big MLM Bucks Imagine and Plan

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t believe they were doing this business, on some deep gut level, for their family.   And the first thing we ALL (as in 100% of us) do is spend less time with our family.   This is why you must, absolutely, plan time with your family first, as well as time for your soul.   Let them know why you are doing the business but explain nothing is more important than they are.

The payoff gets huge… first of all, it’s the right thing to do.   Second, you’ll need their support so… GIVE it to GET it.  Knowing they have a date coming up and just came off a date will confirm to them they DO COME FIRST.

You will not make lots of money and THEN become a loving husband or wife… do that first.  Trust this one statement above all… money just makes us more of who we are.  So be the person you INTEND to be once you make it big now and make it a habit… when you make it big that great habit gets even greater.


There is a little bit more than this fun series shared and it is massive regarding your imagination.   In addition to spending time – focused, concentrated time – on your “purpose,” I shared in the video to think of what you want, using your imagination, several times during the day.


As often as you can… and a little bit more.

You see, to have a different life, we must first penetrate new worlds in our mind and then imagine that new world so often that our “subby” can no longer distinguish between what is imagined and what actually happened.

This is the key to wealth inside the Think and Grow Rich success formula that never fails.   Each action you take for your business, (making calls and collecting decisions) make certain you “couple” it with a quick peek at your vision.  Use your imagination EVERY TIME you commit a goal advancing or income-producing task.   By linking your purpose to each and every act you’ll impress on your “subby” why you are doing what you are doing.

Because of the longer periods you spend imagining, the “subby” will quickly recall all of it and things like fear, procrastination, etc., will vanish.   They will be replaced by the habit of living a life with purpose, of purpose and on purpose.  And once your “subby” picks that up, it’s game over… you will notice yourself behaving in ways, productive ways, unconsciously.

How do you develop this habit?   What is really at the core of Think and Grow Rich and why did Hill write it?


The entire study, the 13 steps to riches were written so the four tiny habits that form the bigger habit of persistence would be easily learned and implemented.

You can read blogs and books and hear speeches until the cows come home about persistence and, with all due respect… they are all so far off the mark it is bewildering.

To Earn Big MLM Bucks Imagine and Plan
Imagination? Live There

Not quitting, hanging in there, never quit… beautifully written or eloquently stated have zero (as in nothing, nada, zip, zilch) to do with persistence.    So what is it?

It is not a character trait.

It is not a skill.

It is not a quality.

It is a habit that is actually the by-product of 4 tiny, simple habits.   The entire study was written for this singular purpose…to help anyone learn the 4 tiny habits that create the bigger habit of persistence which, it turns out is the “secret” Hill says is found in every chapter.

The 4 habits?

  1. A definite major purpose backed by a burning desire
  2. A closed mind to all negative thought (grab the 7 day mental diet to do this)
  3. A written plan expressed in continuous action (organized planning)
  4. A mastermind alliance who will keep you on track with plan and purpose

In working with others for over 20 years, many get “most” of it but seem to fall short on point 4, a mastermind alliance.   They seem to think it’s sort of a committee.  It is not.  We bring 100 people through, rigorously, all 13 steps with a true mastermind a couple times a year.   If you’d like to check it out and get an early notification so you’re assured of a slot, you can do that here.   You can see the workbook we use here.  And yes, we provide hands-on support, as always.

So, true or false?  To earn big MLM Bucks imagine and plan…

As always, we’d love it if you’d let us know if this short series had some value for you below in the comments.   How’d we do?


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