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In the movie Network, [grabbed 4 Oscars BTW], a new anchor man starts a cult following by screaming several times, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

Peter Finch played the character…….and I’m as pissed as he was but I’m not trying to start a cult following or even suggest you carry my peeve as a cause.

Not much comes out of anger.  Really.

What I would love to see and hear is some serious thinking……and a ‘shift’ back to common sense.

My good friend Tom “Big Al” Schreiter explained to me a long time ago that we ‘can’t stop people from hurting themselves, but we can carry the message of what will work.’

It was out of that conversation in Danvers, MA several years ago that was the inspiration for our site and the network marketing tips and skills we offer at no cost.

So I don’t want you to take up a negative cause like Finch did in Network…..[title of movie is pretty cool coincidence, eh?] ……but I would just love to hear your thoughts as you view this video clip about ‘thinking’  before following the basic mind set out there in our industry right now…..


In the mid to late 1990’s a company called “ProStep” popped up.

Very interesting….and…..ahead of the curve.

Was $800 bucks for a Premier entry and $400 for the next level.   Basic was $200.

The had an ‘auto-responder’!   No one knew what that was.

For $800 bucks you got 1000 leads a month, a few cool services…..but it was this NEW invention……the ‘auto-responder’ that was the cat’s meow.

About 25% – 35% would click on a link… a movie and fill out info looking for more information.

Cool…… competition…..leads, responses…..folks enrolling in your program and then you could enroll them in ProStep.

Very, very cool……and the other  800 leads, for a while……we’re too shabby.

We started to notice a few things at about the 6 month marker…..were making great dough ……but we had figured it out.

Well, we didn’t really figure it out……we just looked at some basic business concepts…….and… usual… paid dividends……

The principle?  Fashion comes and goes…..only principles endure.

We went back to basics, helping others and following the great John Wooden’s advice….”the best way to improve the team is to improve yourself.’


It went the way of the white buffalo……but others showed up.

The newest, bestest, dang-gum system to ‘build your business’……with more do-dads than a Swiss Army Knife.

And…..they don’t work……not for long……


In a hole? Stop digging! If buying leads and systems hasn’t worked, changing vendors won’t either

Technology advances faster……gets cheaper, etc…..but that is not the point.

The point is…….people are missing the point.

What point is that?

People in groups are hot on this system while others are hot on that one……and they debate…..and spend time promoting the systems …..instead of building their businesses……

And spending money….uselessly.

And, it hurts all of us.

You see, your teammates are doing what the 6 Blind Men are doing……they are all a little right……but collectively they have no clue as to what an elephant is……BTW, Lydia Johnson’s book, where I grabbed that story is a gem for MLMers…..

Have we forgotten that if we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people……and, more importantly…..if you’re friends and relatives didn’t like what you had to say…..why in the world would we think strangers will like it any better? [Thank “Big Al”]

Here are a couple things we all need to keep in mind……and 2 simple rules to follow.

Keep in mind…..

  1. If people actually knew ‘how to’ generate leads in great quantity that converted to successful distributors, why would they put themselves in competition with the entire world?
  2. No matter what a new rep tells you about their dream or desire……they buy you before they really buy their dream
  3. Do you really want people spending time promoting a ‘system’ or their primary business
  4. All these systems want you to believe that during the Gold Rush of 1849 not everyone found gold…..but they all bought tools……experienced MLMers know this bullshit analogy…….just as many tool paddlers and saloon owners tanked as miners…….and for MLMer this is NOT multiple streams of ‘income’…’s multiple streams of ‘outgo’
  5. Do you really believe that leads build leaders?

Two Rules

  1. Test before testimony.   Think something is great?  Go for it and prove you can use it to sponsor people into your group…..don’t get hung up in the hype.   You’ll quickly discover this crap is just that crap….and you won’t rupture your organizations belief in you.
  2. Never break rule 1.  Never

Let’s be real clear…..I’ve got no beef with these marketers…….I’ve got a beef with us.

Each of us.

New and inexperienced people are anxious to get going…….often joining our teams 6 months later than they should have joined…….and they need it to happen now.

Can you blame them for looking around?


What prevents them from looking around and getting sucked into to promoting these useless systems?


If we are going to make some money……we need to learn some skills.

And if you think I’m over stating…….here’s a disclaimer that’s typical


Let’s look at this math…….98% of the people using this are making…..less than…….$100 bucks a month.

So are these guys in the wrong?


Our new peeps simply don’t take the time to investigate….. and to be a great leader all we have to do is use common sense and nature.

We’ve covered the common sense…..

The nature part?

Nature abhors a vacuum…….and when new people join….they don’t know what to do.


Fill it with skills….help them make money and teach them to do the same thing.

In no time, your group will be sponsoring more and they simply won’t have the time to waste promoting stuff that cannot possibly give them what you can.


Here’s the Think and Grow Rich copy……master that and grow rich

mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Thanks for stoppin’ by

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