Blog   If you don’t fall for this line, you’ll sponsor more in MLM


There is a pretty simple formula marketers use to extract money from your teams…….

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to get people to events?   They’ve pissed away so much money in tools that did not work that they have 2 things working against your urging them to engage in your company’s events.

  1. They spent money on systems that don’t work to build their business…..and it didn’t work…….so they are ‘gun shy’ about spending more
  2. Since it did not work, they’ve become skeptical that anything will work.

So they lack trust and money……Ut-Oh

A couple of slick marketers took them down the old…..’Hook, Path & Persuasion’ route and got into their wallet.

The ‘Hook’ reels them in…….the ‘path’ are claims they had the same problem…..the ‘persuation’ to tap your Visa/MC is the success that they are now having since finding the ‘secret.’

Most popular ‘Hook’ lines that should be a RED LIGHT for you and your teams?



And…’s a choice.

Why does that ‘Hook’ work so well?


Your friends and relatives rejected you.

And it hurt.

So…..if someone can convince you that they can find ‘hot prospects’ for you…….you’re reaching for your VISA.



If friends and relatives didn’t like what you had to say…..why would we think strangers would like it any better?

This means taking responsibility for the rejection……

While that is painful at times… is also liberating and the only way to success.

Let’s be honest with ourselves………everybody knows everyone would like these 3 things:

  1. More money
  2. More time with loved ones
  3. Lower taxes

If people are successful with you….what do they get?

  1. More money
  2. More time with loved ones
  3. Lower taxes

So if everyone wants what you are offering…..and they say ‘no’ … must be the words we choose……yes?

So we ‘burn’ through our warm list because we don’t have the network marketing skills to sponsor more people and the skill to teach others how to sponsor more…….we’re in pain……and someone ‘sets the hook’……

We built a group of 10,000 with a list of 337……more than half the list came from our teenage daughters.

The average person knows 1500 people…….so restart your list and learn how to help others get 1500 names out of themselves…..that is a simple skill too.

Now the few people you did work, go back and use the right words…….and you’ll get more ‘yeses’…..

“YES” changes everything…..

I know what you are thinking……how do I go back to people who said ‘no’

Well, if you had a cure for cancer would you take no for an answer?

There is an economic cancer growing……people are losing homes, retirement funds and, worse, their dignity……and you’ve got a cure.

BTW…..Zoe was not ‘cured’ by what we shared with her and my son……[let’s keep the FDA happy here]……but it helped bounce back from 2 years of chemo-therapy  …….and the 2000-4000 extra a month so Derek could be off work a lot and be there for his daughter was something he appreciated and, trust me……he did not feel like we bothered him.

Love your biz and products?


Love your friends & relatives?


Get them connected.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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