Blog   If We Don’t Have This 1 Thing, We’ll Never Be Able to Help Others…..


We are so blown away by the response to the thank you post we ran the other day to help people learn how to get their group listening and sponsoring more people into their MLM……that we had no choice.

Let’s do it again.

We just could not get over all the kind words and gratitude you all expressed for the MP3 and cheat sheets we gave away to express our gratitude for all the readers and followers who share this site with folks.

So I’ve got another one for you and your team……..and a worksheet to help you teach it to your team or you can [and we’d appreciate it] share this with them as well as the ‘colors’ more people sponsoring skills.

If you missed it……you can grab it right here…..and by learning, mastering and sharing it……your group will sponsor more.  Over the last few weeks we’ve established that it’s not about you sponsoring more…’s about getting more people sponsoring.

Let’s say you do get more people sponsoring……did you know there is a specific reason new people ‘resist’ coaching?

Let’s face it…..the work begins AFTER you get them in……and even though you’ve grabbed some skills from us……it’s only going to lead to MORE frustration than ever if you don’t have this 1 thing.

Why more frustration than ever?

Well, it’s simple!  You really know how to help new people now……and when they won’t take your suggestions……OMG…’s heartbreaking.

You KNOW how to make it work for them…..but……they just won’t cooperate.

There is a specific reason……

There is a solution……

You’ve got to be able to ‘Influence’ people who join but without trust……you’ll never be able to influence them.


Trust and Influence are 2 different things…..and learning both will help you help people.

In the video, it says I’m going to link you to previous blog about accelerating the speed of trust……

We Can’t Operate On Others’ Thinking Without Trust

But……we wanted to do more for you…….so here is an MP3 and workbook to help you gain trust so you can tap the big money……getting more people sponsoring.

When you combine the skills, the 3-Deep Pattern and add Trust and Influence…….fuhgeddabowttitt

So, again, please accept this token of our appreciation for commenting, Facebooking and Tweeting us …….we hope you’ll continue to stop in once in a while and please share this with others

Once you’ve grabbed the trust material, make sure you read this post about the ‘Influencer

It would be great if you’d let us know how you feel about getting material in this format…….and how the material ‘feels’ to you.

So, thanks so much, again, for spreading the word about the skills and our posts……….


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

ps… case you missed it… are 2 more skills…..including how to get people to ‘catch’ duplication.

We Appreciate You


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