Blog   If a dog can do this, shouldn’t we be able to grow a business?


We’ve been going over Convey’s 8th Habit the last few days …..and I will conclude that in the next post…..sometimes it’s a good idea to step back, relax and reduce our business to the ridiculous….because it really is a simple business…..and we all need to remind ourselves of that from time to time.   We need to remember the degree of difficulty for ourselves.


Well, the punks pushing big-ticket packages……the $2500 to $15,000 [after a series incremental upsells], sure want you to think that way.

They tell you that 95% lose money.

They promise to tell you the ‘secrets’ your upline won’t share with you.

They tell you that you’ll ‘never have to BOTHER your friends and relatives again’ and feel the ‘bitterness’ of constant rejection. [Think these self-serving morons will ever figure out the reason their ‘friends‘ and relatives rejected them was because they were self-serving, unlikable folks in the first place?]

The won’t tell you top-tier programs cost $10,000 a month of more in advertising……they won’t tell you that less than 5% of their recruits make any money at all……they won’t tell you that they charge people to look, [they call this sorting and funded proposals…’s just a con job to offset SOME of the advertising]…..they won’t tell you all the time spent of google ad-word research…..or …..that those $50,000 dollar months happen once or twice a year when they bring people together at an event and the Pros upsell people who are out $5000 to $10,000 bucks to a $15,000 deal……what they really won’t tell you is the truth…..they just couldn’t build a big networking organization…..they are in denial about that fact and would rather blame companies and the industry than take personal responsibility……..

BUT…..these guys and gals are REALLY, REALLY GOOD at ripping MLM while simultaneously showcasing PROJECTED differences… what they have will make a difference…..and they are clever at ‘distracting’ folks from the truth…..95% of all businesses fail.  That is a fact.

The big question is not about a business…..which is what ‘detractors’ do…….try to make people think it’s about the model……it is not….it is always about the individuals performance if they are in a business where others make money and do so ethically.

Sorry Top Tier Guys…..selling people stuff for $10,000 bucks and more that they can buy for 300 bucks is does not fit …..selling reference material available at Barnes and Noble or online…..and pretending that you are selling the benefits of the material as your product/service is just and old fashion shell game……no wonder they soured on networking….which is about 3 simple things, all based on helping others.


It is about giving away what you already have……in 3 simple steps……where the motivation is helping others get what they want.  Sounds pretty good to me.

Our job is easy… get a prospect to make a decision without embarrassing or pressuring them……Pretty simple.

It is 4 simple steps to success…..

1. Learn what to say so 90% or more say OK to looking.  Easy skill.

2. Let them look

3. Collect that decision.

4. When someone says ‘yes’ teach them step 1… to get people to say yes to looking, rejection free.


We think, because of the money….this is something different, more complicated.  We get nervous, say too much.

Networking is about as hard as telling a friend about a movie you like….which would not make anyone nervous….a good machanic….which none of us have fear of…….or telling someone about a good CPA… is easy………it is just learning that it is no big deal to recommend something you like to someone….

And…..if a dog can do this……we should be able to build a business …..and we do, successfully as soon as we realize we’ve all been doing networking since we were 6 years old…..and telling friends about Little League tryouts….movies… pizza shops …..which teachers are hard and which are not….once we get this…..repeat a few times everyday and anyone can MLM…..Make Lots of Money


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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