How to Get MLM Prospects to Ask You For a Presentation

Organized planning is a key component of Think and Grow Rich.  It’s not a talent, it’s not a skill.

It’s common sense.  You know how everybody says, “If you are not planning to succeed, you are planning to fail?”   Well, while we all agree with that it really says ‘if you don’t have a plan you will fail’ but it does not say what you should do, right now, to build a plan.

Over the past two days (see yesterday’s blog and the previous day), Tom Holden has shared two of the three things he did to earn over 3 million and a solid $15,000+ a month for over 10 years…

In this video, Tom explains how to combine network marketing skills, common sense and organized planning to not just overcome what most people think are ‘slow’ times in MLM (Holidays and Summer) but how to create an insurmountable advantage over 98% of MLMers…

Let’s face it.  We are in a competitive business and this simple strategy gives you a huge edge, a leadership tip you can do today., setting in motion a 2012 that exceeds your both objectives and fantasy goals.  It’s important to remember that bodies in motion tend to stay in motion and bodies at rest tend to stay at rest…

Don’t let the tiny delays in the video (Tom was in Texas, we’re in Kauai) interfere with gathering Tom’s wisdom.


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