Here’s the webcast registration link  click here


Here’s a PDF  guided note-taking document


The PDF will  make it easy to learn and more importantly, easy to teach.


We sent a survey to over 10,000.

# 1 frustration was a disappointment in results from MLM events

We’re doing a live webcast, registration below [and above]

We believe you’ll like this…



Here’s the webcast registration link  click here

Here’s a PDF  guided note-taking document

The PDF will make it easy to learn and more importantly, easy to teach.


mark januszewski

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing


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  • Even more impactful to see the way you solved the problem. There’s a lesson in that too. Thanks for sharing.

  • One word…AWESOMENESS! I highly recommend #Go90Grow and #MKMMA. If you’d like more information, feel free to connect with me.

    Note – These courses are not your typical network marketing training courses. They are professional development courses and the content is amazing.

  • I admit to being perhaps the most negative person in the world about company events. Imagine if they were paid for, including all travel costs… providing you were at a certain pin level, your group activity the weeks and days before met a level of performance providing you extra money at the event. They happened on a cruise ship instead of Vegas or some other similar destination. … I have more but your pdf rocks!! The webcast will by fabulous and I’ll set aside my low opinion about the value of events.

  • Mark This information is amazing! Where ever it is that you keep coming up with all this stuff I for one hope it continues so I can share it with my group and that way market all that you have and create incomes for us both! Learning the skills & then practicing them over and over again is proof that our businesses can grow fast & stronger and most of all profitable !

  • Can’t wait to listen in to this Webinar with my team. Thanks Mark and Davene yet again for your kindness in giving your time and free advice, it is so much appreciated.

    Best wishes to you both

  • Hello, this sounds great. Will be recorded? I live in France and have to work at this time of day.

  • We’ll have it up along with last weeks webcast and outline [Objections? fuggetaboutit] in about 1o days…we’ll bundle them and the outlines together

  • Mahalo Ed…..we’ll keep rolling out the skills and continue to stay away from the Hype, sponsor more, you can get rich too if you don’t quit nonsense 🙂

    You just go use the skills and get BIG checks for your teammates by doing the right things right, just like you always do my friend

    mark j

  • Mark,

    Truly INCREDIBLE!!! This webinar could not have come at a better time. My company is having its annual convention in the next couple of week and I am sending this information to my team! The free skill that you provide to us at the World’s Laziest Networker website have made a real difference in my business and the folks that I work with in my organization. Thanks so much for all you do!

  • I too can relate to these “pie in the sky” numbers, and I too, have been to conventions, talked with people afterwards, and just like Mark J stated in the video, it didn’t happen for me either.

    Mark J’s approach is direct no nonsense, and guess what? It WORKS!!

    Looking forward to the webcast.

    Thanks again Mark J.



  • Thank you so much Mark. You are leaders with the highest integrity & character, who are authentic & humble, you inspire me everyday.I value your knowledge and opinion.
    All my best,

  • I’ve heard Mark give this training before, and you won’t want to miss it. It is full of valuable, business altering information. It will certainly boost your outlook and your results from your company live events, like Regionals and Conventions!

  • Hi Mark J.,
    I have a commitment and will not be available at the time for the Feb. 8th Webcast on “How Are Leaders Born at Events?”. Will this be available in the future as a YouTube presentation.

    Thanks Mark for your great presentations
    Lee F.

  • I’m excited about attending. The information in this blog is very valuable in itself…

  • I have been looking for something like this. Thank you so very much!! I will definetly be there and will share with my team.

  • Hi Mark
    Many thanks for your info and sharing your experiences, as mine are the same as you had and I would love to see my team explode. looking forward to all your info.
    best regards Dorothy

  • Aloha, Mark! and Mahalo ahead of time for more great content without hype or upsells, registered and getting the info out for this Not To Be Missed webcast!

  • Thanks Mark.The PDF notes is much useful and await for the webinar.Got frustrated all these years spending thousands of rupees without any outcome.I hope I’ll guide my team properly hereafterwards.


    Thanks to Mark. A lot of PDF is useful because I do not know English, I LIVE IN VIETNAM. GROUPS ARE STARTING TO SERVICES. I WILL share my team.

  • The PDF is a great tool. I like the way you share practial info free of charge.

    Looking forward to learning more.

  • Hi Mark,
    Thanks for sending the info and the link. This is a really important aspect of our industry. Events DO help build the business but like all aspects of the business there are certain tactics and strategies (SKILLS) that are needed to make the Event a success. Your timing on this subject could not be better for my team as we have just kicked off a schedule of events for the next 12 months. We call that AOMA. I will send this link out to ALL of my team.
    Aloha, I need some Maui time

  • Yay! I found great value in the first viewing and reading the notes. I look forward to seeing and hearing it again. Thank You!

  • Hey Mark,

    Were you able to post the recorded webinar someplace?
    It was so good I’d love to review it again and again.



  • Hello, is there a replay available? I’d love to see this webcast…. Your content is fantastic!
    Thank you!

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