Blog   How to Succeed In Network Marketing? #13 Of Top 15 Asked Questions


Understanding how many people ask ‘how to succed’, [over 150 a day, 4500 a month], should be a wake up call for veterans of MLM encounters.


We are all so in love the our deal and the model in general, so immersed in the culture, that it is easy to forget what it was like for us when we first jumped into the deep end of the pool.


I began to reflect back on my first few years and as I would go through discovery, application of discovery and maturation…..I made a huge mistake, for a bout a year and a half.

I pushed all the great concepts and truths that come from experience into trainings, conversations, 3-ways……and production went down.

A good mentor [no, not one of these generic self appointed gurus], a $35,000 a month earner in my upline had a sit down with me.

Problem solved, production back up and things have gone smoothly from that point on.

What did he teach me?


Tony taught me to ‘remember when’ I first came in.

Busy life, stressed about money, hopeful and scared at the same time.

And I knew very little about MLM and what I did know was wrong.  After all, I had failed 5 times.

Tony asked me to really think back to what my goals really, really were when I joined.

The truth is I wanted to, I needed to make an extra $300 bucks a month to make rent.  Times were very tough.

“And you’re trying to give them 2 years of knowledge and the nuances of making $10,000 a month, right?”

“Yup,” I sheepishly replied, already feeling the embarrassment of my mistake.

“And were you busy with your life?”


“Feeling overwhelmed?”


“Here is the biggie Mark,” Tony took a dramatic pause, “Did you believe you could make $10,000 a month?”


“Coach them where they are, not where you want them to be or what you see in their potential.”

“Thanks Tony.”

“One more thing.  I’ve heard you explain what to do to make money in the hallways and at breakfast.  You should teach that instead.”


All networking marketing is based on people talking to people.

We all do it everyday.

We love telling people about things we like, enjoy or think they will like, enjoy or benefit from.

We’ve all been doing it since we were 5 or 6 years old… started with us hearing about stuff and school and telling our parents about the new Pizza Shop or game or baseball glove..remember how much fun that was?  Learning and sharing.  It’s that simple.  


Succeeding in network marketing is not about learning complicated things but the decimal point of the potential income fakes us out, especially when we start making a few bucks.

People join and turn into sales people.  A few tiny skills will make anyone successful.

Just like any business, all we need to do is identify the money making areas and learn the skills to be effective in those areas.

The really odd part is network marketing skills are more about learning how to NOT make this more than it really is…..if we are going to make some money, we need to talk to people…..and network marketing skills that work and bring success are about talking to people – prospects about the business and people who enroll so they can make money.

So how does one succeed in Network Marketing?


Remember, we cannot teach what we do not know and our success is dependent on teaching people what to do.

  1. Relax: Remember you’ve been doing networking since you were 6
  2. Learn: Simple communication Skills
  4. Help people that enroll at the level they are at, now where you are at.
  5. Get an upline mentor who profits from your success
  6. Most of all, make it fun


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

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