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How do we sponsor more in MLM?   It’s a question I always answer by asking people ‘are you serious or just kidding around?

I’ll never forget the first time I heard that question in business.

My manager on my very first job asked me that when I expressed frustration about not making sales way back in November of 1971.

Went something like this……

“I’m pissed and discouraged Frank.  I’m doing what I was taught but the sales are just not coming like they said they would at the school.”

Frank, like myself, was Italian.   Reached across the table for some more pepperoni, sat back and looked at me…..for what seemed like a life time.

I was struggling and afraid of losing my job.  I just was not producing.  I figured if I came to him and asked for help that he would take my under his wing and keep me on.

“Are you serious or are you just kidding around?”

I started to speak, loudly……..I think I was going for some ‘how dare you’ kind of defensive speech.

He put his hand up in a way that meant don’t speak.

“Just answer the question……are you serious or just kidding around about wanting to sell a lot of policies?”


He told me it was my attitude.  We both worked for Combined Insurance, Mr. W. Clement Stone’s company.

“Did he tell you the story about the professor out there in Chicago?”


“It’s a true story you know.  If you are serious about wanting to set some records here, make your mark, then you need to go sit in your car and think about that for 15 minutes.  I’ll be here when you get back.”

What did Stone and my manager teach that made us successful in MLM?



I returned and we talked for about 2 hours.   About the list and my perception.

He writes the word cold on a piece of paper, actually a napkin.  Then he draws a tiny Squiggly line…..converting the ‘c’ to a ‘g’

Tells me it’s easy on paper but I’ve got to get it in my brain….my attitude.

Pulls out the lead list again……says he sees Gold…..I know he’s telling me the truth, I can see it in his eyes.

I make a decision…….I’m never making a cold call again.  And, I never have.

A couple months later I became the first direct-hire in the Life Division to earn the Silver Award……sold 50 new policies in back to back weeks.

Couple week later I win the Gold.  75 new in a week.  Then the Diamond, 250 new in 4 weeks.

MLM, by comparison is easier.  A lot easier.

I learned some skills in Chicago but I learned a priceless lesson in a tiny Italian joint in Brockton MA called the Italian Kitchen.

Learning how to sponsor more people is really a couple of simple skills and deciding you are making gold calls…….because they are.   Or they are not.  Just like your success, it is up to you.

Cold calls? Your subconscious has already decided to procrastinate

But the ‘up to you part’ is the interesting part.

No one wants to make cold calls……it’s in your subconscious…..

Everyone says they’d love to find gold.

Couple this idea with the $15,000,000 presentation thought in our previous blog and you are sporting the pedigree of a winner.

And who does everybody want to bet on?

A winner.

Let me know below if you’d like a training on how to get 25 local business owners expecting your call every week……so you can ‘stake your claim’ and mine for gold in your own backyard.

If there’s enough interest we’ll get that training transferred from a document to a quick video for you.

Just let me know in the comment box below.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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