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Within 24 hours?


Even if I haven’t earned a check?

No question about it.

This is the second piece of the philosophy, based on Think and Grow Rich and adapted for MLMers…….that create purpose, the purpose, behind all our efforts.

A word here about ‘efforts’.

The effort, or price I talked about paying, is the discipline to not just talk this mindset or philosophy but to walk it.

If you embrace and immerse yourself in it, building an MLM, big, fast and strong is virtually effortless.

Once we understand that if we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything, [like magic systems, secrets, private coaching, social media systems] and spend out money foolishly……get hurt, bitter and busted.

It’s the G-I-R-A-F-F-E philosophy……that turns us from reactionary fear driven victims into fearless victors.

In yesterday’s post covered the G in G-I-R-A-F-F-E which was a follow up the post about turning the word “IMPOSSIBLE” intoI – M- POSSIBLE!”

And you are……so am I and so is every person you know…..we are all infinite fields of possibilities and exude pure potentiality ……and when we become this, by standing for something…..we subconsciously give everyone we come in contact with permission to think, believe, act and manifest in terms of ‘possible’ ….. we first give ourselves permission to think “I’m possible” instead of ‘impossible’ and others follow this fearlessness.  It’s extraordinary.

How do we get there?

The “I” in G-I-R-A-F-F-E!


Here is the must read section from Hill’s Think and Grow Rich on the “I” and that brings us to my original statement and title of the post, eh?

How to recruit a MLM top earner within 24 hours?

Here is a word for word flash of brilliance from one of the go90grow© members…….and I mean pure brilliance.

If you get this, what she’s really saying… will sponsor that top earner within 24 hours.

G - give 100% to the dreams of others I - Imagination, live from it

Don’t overlook the fact that Kriss has paid the price of success, immersed herself in becoming her highest self by doing the work outlined in a Think and Grow Rich Mastermind

Mark, at this point I feel I may be coming to link together the pieces and understand… I would like to make sure!
It looks like, while I am in the process of writing down my DMP, filled with details, figures, dates, feelings and vision and belief… I am purely and simply in the act of recruiting myself, with the proper mindset for this big job…
And, once done, inviting prospects would consist in communicating a flavor of this promising state of mind… to spark their curiosity and own desire, if possible at all :)… before suggesting UFC. Am I correct or am I simplifying?
Thanks in advance for your answer.”

Kriss gets it.  DMP by the way is straight Napoleon Hill, Definiteness of Purpose.

You've Got A Top Earner Within You - "I'm Possible"

You gotta recruit yourself… gotta be ALL-IN.

How do you do that?

Constantly imagine the life you want, the person you want to be… a clear mental picture of that person.

See, most of us are not ‘all in’ ……we are waiting for results before we throw our heart into it.

See why I picked the Giraffe?  Average weight of a giraffe’s heart is 24 pounds.

If you can’t recruit yourself …..really, who can we recruit?

Truth be told…..once you’ve recruited yourself, I mean really recruited a massive, total 100% commitment from yourself, you’ve recruited a Top Earner.

All it takes is 2 things to make it big, to make yourself a top earner and leverage Natural Law – Like attracts like….right? I mean you don’t see GIRAFFES hanging out with LIONS …..or LIONS hanging out with FISH.  Nature always wins….and I spent a lot if time attracting unskilled, self-doubting procrastinators…..BTW…..don’t ever pay a dime for any information about ‘attraction marketing’ ……PUH-leeze!

A core philosophy that declares who you are and what you stand for……and the network marketing skills to manifest what you imagine.

We’re doing live skill based webcasts tomorrow …..teaching the “Prospect’s Invisible Close” – they close for you!

And… to get the prospect to make a presentation.  You read that right.

See, I had imagined, over and over and over….that there had to be a better way than begging people to look at my presentation…..and imagined what it would be like if the prospect made the presentation.

You can register here…..and you can pick up a few more skills free if you haven’t already seen the Go90Grow 3-video series here.

Skills, not leads,  build leaders…..and, let’s face it, we can’t teach them to others if we don’t know them.

Care to take a shot at what the “R” in G-I-R-A-F-F-E stands for?


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