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We’ve all got a short memory.

We all forget what it was like when we were looking at an MLM just prior to joining.

This is a massive error.

And, if your not in a deal right now, you need to know this to maximize your potential success.

So this post addresses this key point from 2 different points of view.

  1. If you’re looking at an MLM
  2. If you’re in an MLM

See, in both cases, knowing how to pick the right sponsor and team is critical to your long term success.  And, believe me, building an authentic residual income requires [1] experience, [2] people who have network marketing skills, [3] commitment and [4] teamwork.   Especially in the first 30-90 days.

You’ve got to pick the right sponsor and team to effectively ‘short-cut’ getting all 4 of those things.



If you are looking, you’ve got to get earners on the phone and get them to commit to 2 hours, each, a week for 4-5 weeks.

Let them show you the following:

  1. How to strike interest
  2. How to present
  3. How to enroll people
  4. How to get people who enrolled off to a good start

MLM is a teaching business and the hard truth is we simply cannot teach what we do not know.   Besides, courage is easy when people work together.

Ask them, point blank,

  1. “Should I join your team will you make calls with me for 2 or more hours a week for the first month or so?”
  2. “Can I listen to you make calls?”
  3. If they say ‘yes’ to both, ask them to schedule that right now.   For the month.  If they balk?  Walk away.


We surveyed over 5000 MLMers/MLM seekers.

The results of that survey have made me a fortune.


If you know what is really on their mind, [see network marketing skill to sponsor more ‘What goes through the prospects head], and you talk to that and then deliver support…..they will do the same thing.

Remember, whatever we set in motion, carries in motion.

What are people really looking for?



Here’s where common sense pays massive dividends.  Ask people what they want and give it to them  Geez, what a concept.

All we did to get more sponsoring going on was leverage this information and do the right thing.

What does that really mean?

Well, you’ve got to understand the what the survey really says. [Common sense will make this easy]

It tells you that today’s ‘avatar’ knows that it is marketing and they want to learn the skills and they want hands on support to help them effectively apply the skills.   People clamoring ‘best plan, company and product’ are out in left field.   People offering hands on support, daily, are right on target.   Look again.

They really don’t believe the plan, product or company will make them successful, they know they need to learn some skills.  And, again, common sense ……they are correct.  When the ‘avatar’ knows what they need but MLMers don’t, and most don’t, you’ve got almost no competition.   Very cool.

So we worked in teams, assured them we’d make calls with them and keep working with them, as often as they wanted…..teaching the skills and then demonstrating them daily.

Then, we do the right thing.

What’s that?

We schedule time to work with them, as we promised, and we do it.

It’s all really quite simple when you think about it from a prospects point of view.

They are right, they need to learn what to do and what to say.

We’ve never had someone come over from another company by telling them our ‘deal’ is better.

Promise to work with people as a team by making calls with them and sponsoring soars

It’s not that hard or complicated.

We simply ask if their up-team develops leads and make calls with them.

Most people say ‘no’ the rest say, ‘no never.’

What do they want?

People who will make calls with them, show them, hands on, how to build the business.


If you’re looking at an MLM, look at the team, they work for you …..get them to commit to calling with you.

If you’re looking to get more sponsoring going in your group, offer AND deliver what prospects want.  Skills and hands on help.

Couple this with the skill of duplication and the sky really is the limit.

I’d like to know ….would you have liked your successful Up-team making calls with you when you got started?

Would it have made a difference to you?  Do you do it?

Leave a comment, I’d like to know.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker


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