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Life is full of ‘life defining moments’ and ‘opportunities of a lifetime’, really.

My Dad was killed in Korea in 1953, I was 4, never knew him.   Don’t feel bad, I gotta be one of the luckiest people on the planet.

I was raised by a single Mom and two of her brothers …..and a brother that was 10 years older than me.

I had 3 dads.

They were very different but all carried the same message in the key elements of living a successful life.

Uncle Mo was a mega-successful entrepreneur, self made millionaire…..Uncle Dan was an IRS agent and my brother, Joe, was a mega-successful corporate guy for Mobil.

All 3 won……because they knew life was going to throw curves from time to time…..and they dealt with them.

Even Gumby Had Challenges to Overcome
Even Gumby Had Challenges to Overcome

While the language they used was different, the principle for dealing with obstacles, setbacks, betrayals and ‘office politics’ was the same.

And, their walked matched their talk.

Building a long term, residual income is challenging……companies would not pay what they pay if they could hire people at 10 bucks and hour to do it.   Ever really think about that?   Do you really think a corporation would pay out 10 million a month…….30 million a month….or the case of billion dollar companies…..a HALF BILLION in commissions if they could get it done for minimum wage.

We’ve got to understand and accept ‘crap happens’ and embrace it…..

If we do, we define the moment, if we do not, the moment, the obstacle defines us…..we’ve got to be ‘prepared’ ……

Here’s what I mean…..


So all three of these wonderful men taught me this simple principle……

Decide what you want and stay focused on what you can control.

I’ve seen this simple idea make or break people, including myself, for over 20 years.

Knowing that we are dealing with people, lots of them……that have fear, egos, anger ……short on time and money…….well, clearly, all the nonsense that happened in High School is going to raise it’s. ugly heard from time to time.

The company is not ALWAYS going to make decisions you THINK are the right ones.

Companies, in the last 20 years, have, unfortunately, surrendered to speed and volume, giving reps a stronger voice…..and of course every rep knows what would be in the best interest of the company…..good grief……while this may seem like a good idea, it is not as it leads to confusion and fractioning and, eventually, factions……oh, boy.

Now this is not bad news or good news……it just is.

We Must Direct Our Thoughts To Succeed
We Must Direct Our Thoughts To Succeed

The real question is NOT if these things and hundreds of others, betrayals, line jumping, groups rolling over and playing dead……are going to happen…..the real question is will you let it distract and define you …..or will you stay focused and define these moments……for this, in today’s MLM world… where the money is made……..just like it always has been and always will be in any business.

He or she, those 3 great men taught me in their own ways……who identifies and solves the problems fastest with a great attitude wins…..always has, always will.   We see it in sports, biz and art……it’s just the way it is.

So will develop a real purpose, not a mail-it-in ‘why’……and build a burning desire around it?

It’s really important to understand this is the short cut…..for the burning desire you build around your Definiteness of Purpose ,[right out of Think and Grow Rich], is what will afford you the ability to stay focused and direct your thoughts to the things you can control …..instead of doing what most MLMers do, obsess about the things they cannot control.

The only thing you can control?

Your thoughts?

I’d love to know what you think….below

Oh, by the way… is a 3 question survey about what today’s prospect really wants……we’ll publish the results next week and do 2 live webcasts to show you how to take advantage of ‘what today’s MLMer really wants’

You’ll need to scroll it a tad, but it’s really short…..when you finish the 3 questions, scroll down and hit ‘done’ otherwise it will not register….click right here



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Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing

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