Networking Business Organized.

Keeping your MLM business organized is critical, any business for that matter. I know the pain of beginning work and wasting time to look for notes, appointments or anything else.

Keep your network marketing business organized

I can hear the Millennials screaming already once I share this with you.  The best part of this method is that keeping your networking business or any business for that matter is just the tip of the iceberg.  This works for everything.  Electronic stuff? Great.  Use it all the time but let’s remember the great John Wooden who said, “We need change to make progress but not all change is progress.”networking business organization

So, for sure, many will consider this “old school” but, quite candidly, it simply works.  Like for your biz, birthdays, Dr. appointments… everything. What’s really cool is you can get it all set up in less than 15 minutes and you’ll never be frustrated again with the lack “organizational skills” and devastating effects they can have on both your day and your mind.


3 Quick Tips

Put everything in there.

  1. Brother’s birthday in March?  Put it in February and when you pull out the Feb. folder at the end of January, put it towards the end of Feb, like the 23rd, so you get his card out on time. 🙂
  2. Put tax stuff in March and other annual things in the month before they are due.
  3. To keep your networking business organized, clean up your desk as the last thing you do and put each paper in the date you want it.

Master Class

So between now and the end of Feb., we’ll be thanking you for making 2019 a record-setting year by sharing some great training, video, and worksheets in a very cool order to keep your networking business organized.

We’re building out your education backward, honoring the old saying, “begin with the end in mind.”

Now that you’ll be permanently organized, let’s got to work on closing and objections.  There is no upsell or any other nonsense so get registered now for this webcast and grab the worksheet [11 page PDF] by clicking right here.

Once you know that, we’ll show you how to recruit rejection free and then, finally, a 3 part series on what to say.

Love to know your thoughts below, and, don’t forget to register for the webbie on the 5th

Keep giving to keep growing


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networking business organized
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  • I’m in! I believe it’s just what I’m looking for to succeed as I help others succeed !
    Thank you!!!

  • I too am in network marketing and organization is the biggest hurdle I find with everyone, without exception. This is a nice and simple system and it is a nice way to train people on getting it setup from the beginning. 🙂

  • Thanks Charlene… It’s simple, fast and most importantly it works for people instantly. No learning curve and peace of mind matters 🙂

  • Thanks for offering this! I’m excited to learn because I struggle with the close. Interesting that it is at the beginning…can’t wait to learn more.

  • I am a network marketer and this is so easy and awesome, you know we have all these training calls that have all these tracking ideas and they just turn it into another chore and something else to keep up with it was so nice to relive the basics. Thanks Mark!

  • “Well-organized” is my focus word this week! Coincidence? Nope … this arrived right on time. Mahalo!

  • Awesomeness Mark, looking forward to the Webbie ! I am going to get my folders too and do this, its amazing! Aloha! 😃

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