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For some unknown reason, people slow down in the summer.

A big mistake that will cost you 90-120 days this year and every year.

2016 can be your life-altering year is you don’t buy the big lie about summer being slower.

You’ve got two choices…

  1. Build momentum in July, nail August and hit September growing vets and excited new people… ensuring a great fall and locking down 2016
  2. Buy the lie that summer is slower and try to get some, (you won’t get more than 1/3rd)  of your people back in the groove in September… which really means October and, boom, they’re done in November (people who pack it in during the summer do the same thing Holiday season).

This is so simple, easy and helpful to your team and yourself it’s astonishing, go for it!



Here are the 5 steps

  1. Tell your team the story about summer vacations outlined in the video
  2. There are 13 steps to success in Think and Grow Rich, all of you read through one per week, same step
  3. You all fill out the workbook for that step and share what you wrote on a 5:30-ish conference call or meeting at your home
  4. Break off from one another and make 20 dials each
  5. Reconvene and share your success; schedule 7 more hours of dialing before the next T&GR meeting

That’s it, that’s all there is to keep focused.

Just think about your team learning the principles of success and dialing the phone consistently…  winn-ah, winn-ah. chicken dinn-ah.


Extend this  in your mind a tad.   By September you’ll all have been through the book and made 104 or more hours of dialing.

Install T&GR Formula
Install T&GR Formula

You won’t be restarting your group, they’ll be pushing you.  I know, I did it with my groups 2x a year (coming into summer and coming into the Holiday season) and we never missed a beat.

Neither will you.

But that’s not the bigger payoff.  The bigger payoff is that your team will be grateful, positive and motivated…

Here is the link to the workbook right here

And here’s the Think and Grow Rich text that matches up

Both are free, but there is a catch.   No, not money.

You’ve got to do it now, right now… get them rolling before the end of the weekend.

keep giving to keep growing


mark j

World’s Laziest Networker

Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
Mahalo for stopping by and sharing this post
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