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The biggest challenge we face, really ….. is ourselves.

Most of the time it’s our own fault.

Really, just the number of false starts I had was demoralizing…..along with




Avoiding the phone

Those are, honestly, on us.

Turns out a lot of those ‘dilly-dallying’ non actions are triggered by objections……we so believe the the business model, the company we picked, the plan and the product …..that objections just get us so frustrated…..that we stop putting ourselves in a position of having to endure more excuses about time, money, spouses, pyramids….you name it, we’ve all heard it.

So let’s get you off the hook…..this one, dealing with objections and getting frustrated to the point of not engaging, is NOT YOUR FAULT.

See if this makes sense…



The list is endless about how to deal with objections…….none of them work…..

Confrontational ideas like ‘the push back’ …..and ….’the take away’ ….. are so dumb……not in and of themselves…..they are dumb because they simply do not deal with the real objection.

All the “time, money, spouses, pyramids” objections are NOT the real objection…..and the ‘new’ nonsense about ‘NLP’ and ‘stealth selling’ are equally far fetched……

Once you learn what really goes on in a prospects head and what really happens during the recruiting process… will never, ever have to deal with an objection again.

You gotta know this……you simply must know that “time, money, spouses, pyramids” are pseudo objections and trying to overcome them is and always will be….a frustrating, pride swallowing siege…..

On the other hand, once you learn this [and after you open your hand and slap your forehead], not only will you NEVER deal with an objection again…’ll just sit there when collecting decisions and the prospect will do all the work.

Why is that important?

Well, if the prospect will bring up and then answer their own objection ……you can teach to to others because they prospects will be doing the work, not your team.  BAM!

So click this and register  and share this with your teammates and MLM buddies…again, nada for sale

We appreciate you reading and sharing our stuff and want to get you ready for 2014… to know what you think


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing
Mahalo For Stopping By and Sharing

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