get people to join

Get people to join your business?

I’ll admit it.

I was always trying to get people in my business.

To no avail.

How’s that working for you?

Are you like I was?

Two basic moods.



Sometimes both at the same time.

Always followed by fear.  Fear of failure, poverty, embarrassment.

If I can’t get people in the business, my business, how the hell am I going to ever build a group?

Self-doubt, self-loathing, always followed the next day by personal ‘pep’ talks.

Quoting all the moronic motivational crap the self-helpers peddle.

Look, everybody knows quoting people sounds great, profound even, but it won’t build your business.

One tiny change in thought will.

Once I discovered it, everything changed.



  1. What I was doing was not working
  2. The social proof that I was behaving contrary to this one thing was overwhelming
  3. I believed living my entire life with this one thing would be a great way for anyone to live a life.

What is this thing that will get people flourishing in an organization?

See, while network marketing skills are important, the thing that really makes them authentically powerful,  that gives them vitality, that creates trust in the prospect so they believe you and say the magic word, ‘yes’, is sincerity about what is in it for them.

First Step To Success Is Honesty With Ourselves

Get yourself some social proof.  Right now.

Simply and honestly answer this question below.

We’re all told that ‘we help people’ become successful, grow their business – whatever.  We all have some form of it right?

Here’s a question that changed my life… that and the fact I answered it honestly, brutally honest.

“How many people who have turned down my business have I helped?”

And I’m talking about little things… for just a few.


This changed my life and led me to two remarkable documents.

  1. Emerson’s Law of Compensation*
  2. The Master Key System

We combined these 2 astonishing documents and create a course we taught our teams.

You can see what happened here to the last class.

* Emerson’s Law of Compensation is an essay that created that shift.  A massive shift.

Read it once a day for 30 days.

You may think this ‘too long’ or the language is too challenging.  Most people won’t click on it.  Some will, and most won’t read it.

What will those two groups do?

Worry about getting people in the business instead of investing about 15 minutes a day in the one thing that will rid themselves of all that worry AND build a massive business.

Only a few, unfortunately, will read daily them for 30 days.

What will you do?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker



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  • Hey Mark,

    Thanks for shrouding yet another huge Ah ha moment in humor so cleverly 🙂 I so totally believe you are spot on here again.

    I too have struggled in the past trying as hard as my sales person self could to ‘get people into the business’and it simply doesn’t work!!

    More work is required on me yet, but the beginnings of a change in direction are having their effect on me even now.

    Besides, why on earth should’t we go about helping and doing good to and for others?

    Appreciate your wisdom and your own tireless efforts, thank you.

    Peter G

  • Hey Mark

    This is an awesome content…yes I clicked and I am going to head straight back over to read to the end. I read the first few lines and had to tear myself away so I could come by here and leave comment.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Ok, so I’ve just read the Emerson piece, and I’m going to need some clarification on how it applies to us and MLM. It seems to me that the piece says that “there is a balance”, and doing (something) will result in (something), in the way that polarity has two ends.

    However, in Compensation there seems to be a disconnect that I see. For instance, Hype and Quick bucks through trickery ABSOLUTELY works, but this law would say it doesn’t.

    Also, just doing something that may or may not have results in one way may show up in another (like heaven after you’re dead) is in no way measurable, so I reject it entirely.

    Did I miss something here?

  • Simple Bones…..

    Emerson’s eassy is about a fundemental principle that is priceless….

    “Give more, get more”

    And it applies to EVERYTHING…..

    Give more fear, get more fear

    Give more love, get more love

    Give more joy, get more joy

    Give more doubt, get more doubt.

    It works, 100% of the time for 100% of the people….

    The problem arises when we understand the concept but we are not authentically giving.

    If I am ‘giving love to get love’……I’m not really giving, am I?

    I saw a YouTube of you doing a very cool thing for kids at school… were amazing…..while what you did was cool… was clear to anyone paying attention, you loved what you were doing…..and they loved you… were making something wonderful happen and it was obvious something wonderful was happening for you… clearly were in ‘the zone’

    The application to networking is the same….

    Are we telling people we’ll help them to ‘get them in’ or are we truly giving of ourselves?

    Giving to ‘get’ is not giving….it’s just a pitch.

    This elegant spot requires trust in universal law and an authentic attitude of service….we’re not merely ‘doing our duty’ but we find joy in being of service…..and the more we give, the more it returns.

    Think of it this way…..that which you share will multiply ….that which you hold will diminish….like bread on the water.

    The issue we all face is can we give without expectation…..merely with the understanding that Universal Mind looks for the avenues that the most service can be rendered and will create opportunities to those channels……in direct proportion…..the bigger your channel of ‘agenda free’ service….the more opportunities we get to serve…..and all compensation, on all levels is related to service rendered….

    Try it out for a few weeks and notice …..what really happens….within [are you waiting for compensation or a joyful giver?]…’ll be stunned.

    BOTTOM LINE: This is about elevating your game internally and tapping untold wealth in all 13 areas of a life……hustling for nickels and dime with hype and cons is not compensation to any enlightened soul…….yet they are infact PERFECT examples of the Law of Compensation. I believe you and I could agree that without trust, the ability to trust…..we have nothing of authentic value. Nickel and dime hustlers may, for a while, end up with a decent stash of cash…..but they lose the ability to trust…..think about a life without the ability to trust… to another with equal revenue but also the ability to trust. Which life do you choose of the 2….no brainer. Selling one’s integrity to hustle or scam a few 1000 or 100,000 bucks, in fact, is the Law of compensation…..and has been written of for over 2000 years.

  • So true Mark, the more we keep focused on other people and what their hearts desire is, the more we are able to shift the focus onto them and help them solve a problem. Money is earned when we solve other people’s problems. Great information as always.

  • Thanks Mark,
    It really is true, help enough people get what they want and you will have everything you want.I think the hardest thing is getting people to open up and say what their dreams are. If you can do that and then show them how they can achieve their goals you all win.

  • Ok- I getcha,

    Thanks for the great response, and I appreciate the time it took to do that. Let me go a bit further so I can better “get it”…

    Thank you for noticing that I really DO give my A game when I’m out there doing a show. I hear that a lot. When I have done stand-up, I’ve noticed that the people who are trying to “GET LAUGHS!” are usually struggling and angry, but the ones who are up there to share a good time, and GIVE laughs usually have a great time doing it…

    but get paid the same as someone who does NOT do a good job.

    Maybe I’m unclear as to what we’re trying to GIVE here in MLM. In the Guru business, you don’t make more money by giving away “secrets”, you make more by NOT giving them away. This is why I like you so much, but then it’s the only way to “monetize” that type of thing.

    I hear “Don’t do it for the money”, but it seems so contradictory in MLM it just sounds like platitudes and hype.

    So, if the direct proportion of what you give is what you get- WHAT do we give in MLM?

  • Actually, I just re-re-read this, and I guess it’s “Agenda-Free” giving.

    I hear it, I like it, and let’s use the example of your MMA and go90grow-

    You have been giving a lot of content, and it;s great stuff. I love it. I follow your blog, youtube channel, and am signed up everywhere I can be.

    After a while, you started forcing sign-ups and have squeeze pages- all stuff you said you hated, but you recognized that in order to monetize your info, you would have to do it “Sorry, no answer until you give up the email”.

    Then, the MMA and go90grow “secrets” are only available to people who pay- I jumped in immediately, but isn’t it against the “Agenda-free” giving? How do you know when to have an agenda?

    I’m not deriding you AT ALL- I am sincerely asking when to know to have an agenda.

    If I am calling someone to tell them about my business, I HAVE AN AGENDA, don’t I?

  • Thanks Mark and what you say is so true – of course it is, you wouldn’t have written a blog about it if it weren’t. Being aware of this going forward is key – give just for the sake of giving with no agenda of getting anything in return. I must say you must read fast as I did go about reading Emerson’s essay and it took at least 45 minutes and honestly I did find the language challenging. Your response to ‘Bones’ was very helpful. Thanks again

  • Aloha Bones…..

    Not to sure about your police work there…..

    People do not have to put in their email to leverage the skills at the World’s Laziest Networker. The skills there will get anyone to 5-10K a month.

    People who decided to ‘opt’in’ were invited to check out an advanced course, including the 14 week Think and Grow Rich personal growth course. The response is and has been consistent that upon completion …..surveys clearing indicated it was worth, in the opinion of the students….on average 2X-3X what they paid.

    We then gave each member a full scholarship, chopping price and increasing value. These are facts we surely agree on.

    Then during the course we gave each member the opportunity to share their success, and earn back 2-3x what the course ran.

    In addition to an average of 7 hours invested into each member …..we also awarded a scholarship to the 26 week Master Key System Mastermind Alliance and free admission to a $500 3 day retreat and Mastermind in Kauai.

    The agenda ‘thing’ is that it has never been hidden and we shared that more than once on webcasts that folks would leverage what we have to offer and it would not only earn them more money faster in their MLM, improve their personal growth path and pay zero for the course. Success has requirements and the reps who paid the price not only did better in their business but also ended up taking the course at a positive net.

    Regarding agenda specifically, we told people on each webcast if they aren’t willing to do the work or see the value…….do not enroll. Use the free skills at the site and for that not even email is required.

    Regarding Emerson’s “Give more, Get more” …..theme……giving in the package is the unheard [45 Q&A webcasts, live 1:1 support, personal coaching 1:1, conference calls for their teams, advertising themselves, and their company at our site and lifetime membership that includes all updates and additions at no charge, ever] support coupled with a course on how to build a list and recover this minimal investment in themselves…..we feel proud of that. The only way we could possibly do that is limit enrollment…..we refuse to compromise the level of support that stuns people.

    It really is false that we ‘force’ people to a squeeze page to learn and while you may see it differently. The facts are what I ‘hate’ is when people ask people to opt-in for information and they end up on sales page. We give immense content in the 3 videos and 5 bonus pieces for their time. It is only after reviewing the videos and 5 bonus pieces they are ‘invited’ to a webcast with no hidden agenda….take the information and gifts…try them out….

    For some reason you seem hung up on ‘agenda’ versus ‘hidden agenda’ …..

    In our material we ALWAYS preach directness…..”Hi harry, I’ve got my biz partner on the phone, do you have 2 minutes for us?” It is direct, honest, let’s them know it about business and gives them a graceful way to decline.

    Emerson was not opposed to people making a living, by the way 🙂

    Are they getting value when you present the business? Did you pretend to be interested in their life while looking for an opening or were you honest about why you called?

    This is a great ‘give more, get more’ application…..bullshit people more, get more bullshit… upfront more….get more people being up front….

    Always wonderful for you to stop by and share your ideas, keep growing.

    By the way……2 members from the original group will be on Saturdays Think and Grow Rich webcast……you might be interested to see and hear how things worked out for them…..both really struggled with ‘Give more, get more’ but….both were broke……1 living in his in-laws basement is making 18,000 a month by coming to an understanding of Emerson’s Law…..and he is far behind the other, 69 year old you’ll hear from. They followed Franklin’s advice, ‘put your purse in your head if you want to go futher and father faster.

    I really believe it would make a massive difference… most people believe, who do it, that the FREE [giving more] Think and Grow Rich Bonus course is worth 10 times the course. And there’s the real give amigo.

    Hope to see you on the call …..and, again, we love the compliments and challenges you so often bring to the table. Most excellent.

    So, are you reading the “Guy In The Glass” every night?

    mark j

  • I was afraid you;d take my last question as a dig on your stuff- not at all.

    I like the “agenda vs. hidden agenda” that was very helpful.

    No, I do not read the guy in the glass every night. I also do not meditate, do tapping, read the T&GR chapter review, do the Tom Hopkins card for success, and every other thing I’m supposed to do everyday because it would take all day.

    I probably should have kept the analogy on my own performing. I absolutely agree that your stuff is great value for the money- no question about it. I’m very sorry if it seemed like I didn’t.

    I don’t know if you can see this:

    but it’s my library of self-help and sales books- I am DEFINITELY a student of all of this- name it, I’ve read it. Some of the application is sometimes elusive.

    I think I’m getting a bit better on understanding the giving part in MLM.

    So, when I’m on stage, there’s no question about it, I have an unlimited amount of energy, and I’m focused on how I can do the best job at the moment. I give of myself, and people tell me they are amazed at how I always bring my “A Game” no matter where we are. To me, that’s what I’m there for- to bring laughter and fun. It doesn’t matter that the pay is horrendous, and even if we’re performing with people who aren’t at my level, I still pour all of that in.

    Maybe I should be doing that with my MLM….?

    That makes sense to me, but the truth is I got in to NOT have to do it- I got in for RESIDUALS- does that makes sense?

    Ok. I’m going to work on that attitude.

  • This video reminds me of when I first started college. When I truly focused on learning the class content never “worrying” about what grade I was going to receive at the end of the semester. THAT…is when I grew the most as a person…hmm…LOL…so I received a “hard” C in Eng.Comp. 101, BUT I became / grew as writer.

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