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I’ll admit it.

I was always trying to get people in my business.

To no avail.

How’s that working for you?

Are you like I was?

Two basic moods.



Sometimes both at the same time.

Always followed by fear.  Fear of failure, poverty, embarrassment.

If I can’t get people in the business, my business, how the hell am I going to ever build a group.

Self doubt, self loathing……always followed the next day by personal ‘pep’ talks.

Quoting all the moronic motivational crap the self-helpers peddle.

Look, everybody knows quoting people sounds great, profound even…..but it won’t build your business.

One tiny change in thought will.

Once I discovered it………everything changed.



  1. What I was doing was not working
  2. The social proof that I was behaving contrary to this 1 things was overwhelming
  3. I believed living my entire life with this 1 thing would be a great way for anyone to live a life.

What is this 1 thing that will get people flourishing in an organization?

See, while network marketing skills are important, the thing that really makes them authentically powerful……… what gives them vitality, what creates trust in the prospect so they believe you and say the magic word, ‘yes’, is sincerity about what is in it for them

First Step To Success Is Honesty With Ourselves

Get yourself some social proof.  Right now.

Simply and honestly answer this question below.

We’re all told that ‘we help people’ become successful, grow their business……whatever.  We all have some form of it right?

Here’s a question that changed my life……….that and the fact I answered it honestly…….brutally honesty.

“How many people who have turned down my business have I helped?”

And I’m talking about little things…….for just a few.


This changed my life and led me to 2 remarkable documents.

  1. Emerson’s Law of Compensation*
  2. The Master Key System

We combined these 2 astonishing documents and create a course we taught our teams.

You can see what happened here to the last class………

* Emerson’s Law of Compensation is an essay that created that shift.  A massive shift.

Read it once a day for 30 days.

You may think this ‘too long’ or the language is too challenging………most people won’t click on it…..some will, and most won’t read it.

What will those 2 groups do?

Worry about getting people in the business…….instead of investing about 15 minutes a day…….in the one thing that will rid themselves of all that worry AND build a massive business.

Only a few, unfortunately, will read daily for 30 days.

What will you do?


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker



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