Get More People Sponsoring In MLM

The frustration of not being able to sponsor more people had me at the point that I wanted to cut my throat… or someone’s throat.

I was mad or sad all the time.

Mad one day because people wouldn’t look …sad the next day.

I wanted to cut my throat…

I remember sitting on my tattered couch at 3: oo AM thinking, “Who the hell am I going to find that will go through all this bullshit?”

My answer was always – NO ONE!   They’d have to be nuts to put up with this much pain, rejection, fear of failure.  This sucks!

Thank goodness I had been given the gift of desperation.

I was trying to sponsor more, and in the previous blog, we covered why that is a waste of time in relation to the real objective of an MLM business – time leverage.

But the real story of how our career turned around (and this is sort of a prequel to the previous blog) is that I had to learn where I was off base.

More guru’s just meant more confusion and frustration.

And, seriously… reaching for a razor seemed like a good idea.


Then, because of a blessing I had experienced 15+ years earlier – working for W. Clement Stone, the guy who really pushed Napoleon Hill to rich and famous – I learned to sit for ideas for 15 minutes a day.  Everyday.

And, something I had heard once popped into my head.

I had just been thinking about how silly it was to think, even in jest, about reaching for a razor, and BAM, Occam’s Razor.  Just the words, piercingly loud.

I remember Mr. Stone talking about it as a sure fire way to find a solution.

Couldn’t remember another thing about it.

Our Occam’s conclusions about how to get more people sponsoring?

We quickly saw the folly in the following assumptions:

  1. Leads build leaders – more leads mean you have increased chances to find someone
  2. Marketing tools will make me a better marketer
  3. Getting people to buy tools and leads will make more money
  4. Multiple streams of income are what winners have going for them….so get involved in commission-able tools and multiple programs

This list is longer but I’m sure you get the point.  There’s an old saying, “If you’re in a hole, STOP DIGGING!”

Why are most people in MLM in a hole?

The above and other assumptions.

So, as the Occam’s Razor suggested, we eliminated assumptions and asked ourselves, and simplified everything.

Occam’s Razor Led to 80% of Our Time In Transactions And Kauai

Q: Where does the transaction take place?

A: Distributors talking to non-distributors about their business.

Q: What is the word we hear that makes us money?

A: Yes

Q: How do I get more people sponsored in my group?

A: Teach reps how to get a ‘yes’ more often.

Q: Why do people get discouraged?

A: The word no, rejection.

So began the successful search to find out how to get a yes 80% or more of the time, rejection free.

Everybody knows you simply cannot teach what you do not know.

There are 2 skills that will help you help your team sponsor more people into your organization.

Look at what you are currently doing.  Have you made assumptions about leads, tools, social media that simply are not paying dividends?

Run the Occam’s Razor test on them.  You’ll be surprised at how defensive we can all be about assumptions others have led us to believe that are bleeding money out of your team and, worse, hope.

Learn the skills, teach them and keep doing it 3-5 levels deep.


mark januszewski

world’s laziest networker

About the Author

  • KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) to the max. Funny how we fail to start driving the awesome race car we already have. We keep looking for a faster shoes to wear while driving!

  • Hey Mark,

    G8t principle! Totally never heard about ever before but clearly very critical in what we do. Again, thanks for sharing your networking skills so freely, really appreciate that.

    Cheers for now, Peter G 🙂

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